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Found 6 results

  1. My daughter's nursery has asked for payment of arrears which is considerably large, i.e. greater than £1000. However, they have sent a hand written letter without a date setting out a payment plan (without consulting with me or my soon to be ex). They further state that if the payments are not made on the dates stated, they will apply am additional charge. I've read through similar threads and understand that the additional charges cannot be applied unless I have signed an agreement that mentions additional charges. Strangely, they have also given me a blank agreement and registration form for the nursery requesting that I fill it in so that they can "update their records". This was given to me along with the letter regarding fees. I am willing to pay the outstanding amount in reasonable installments based upon my total monthly outgoings, but I am planning to write to them regarding the additional charges. I also plan to write to them asking for a copy of the original agreement and T&C's that I may have signed at the start. WIll they be able to take me to court for this if there is no agreement signed? Thank you for any replies!
  2. Hello, We have had a terrible experience with a local children's nursery and I wanted some advice before I submit a case to the small claims court for a refund of our fees not used. After researching various nurseries we chose this particular one which ticked all of the boxes for us. A relative worked there, we were assured at the initial show around that communication with parents is key and a sheet is filled out daily containing all of the details of the day (food eaten, wet/soiled nappies/milk consumption/activities). A key worker would be allocated so we could have a smooth settling in process. Being new parents all of this was very important to us. We felt happy with our decision, read through the policies and procedures which detailed the above and signed the contract along with paying the deposit. Unfortunately none of this materialised when our child attended the nursery. Two settling in sessions were held where we dropped our child off for 2 hour periods. We did not meet the key worker nor did we receive the information sheets - given it was for a short period we didn't question the report sheets however we did question when we would meet the key worker. The key worker allocated was on long term leave with no immediate date of return so the other workers would chip in and help. We therefore did not have the chance to bond with a particular individual at the nursery. I should mention this nursery has children of all ages mixed together in one room. After this our child spent 2 full days at the nursery. Both times we again did not meet the key worker, communication was poor, no report sheets provided and therefore at pick up no-one could give us details of what our child had eaten/drank/nappies changed etc. This was not the service we were promised when we signed up. We were feeling very uneasy and wanted reassurance so we asked for a meeting with the nursery manager. The meeting got unnecessarily heated. The manager felt attacked by our concerns and was very defensive. It was confirmed that the production of the daily report communication cards had been halted for 2 weeks due to the hot weather - something to this day which still baffles us. This had not been communicated to parents. Additionally the allocated key worker still had no return date. At the meeting it was clear the relationship had broken down and the manager confirmed the nursery was not right for our child. We followed up with an email later that day confirming our child would no longer be attending the nursery. I should mention too that during all of this we received information from an ex worker there that safety standards were not being met (child to adult ratios), poor hygiene was observed (feeding babies with same spoon at mealtimes). This person has chosen to remain anonymous however a complaint may have been submitted to Ofsted by them - something I am unable to confirm. This information coupled with our experience clearly resulted in a loss of confidence in the nursery. Monies - we had paid over 500 pounds on what ended up just 2 days care (48 pounds per day). We requested a refund due to the breach of contract as they did not deliver the service they agreed. Within the contract they request one months notice and we would therefore not be entitled to any money back. A goodwill offer of just 150 pounds was proposed to us which we reluctantly agreed. When I have chased for the monies a week later they have responded confirming they have changed their minds and they will not be refunding any money to us. Clearly frustrated I feel I have a case to pursue this however would like some advice. Thank you in advance for your help on this.
  3. Hello I am hoping to receive some initial guidance/advice on the following situation in relation to my daughters nursey place. In brief summary; We were hoping to secure a place at a nursey, where our son had spent 2 very pleasant years before moving to reception at school proper. We received and she signed the registration forms as attached. ( I hope) As you may, in reviewing attached, see, Jxx, as a lecturer, was unsure what her hours would be and was happy, after discussions with a deputy manager, that the situation was flexible and we could amend the dates time in due course to suit our needs. As it happened the number of days reduced from 3 to 2. We contacted the Nursery immediately on hearing this. We were astonished that they were going to charge for 3 days for the T&C's 3 month notice period. We attempted to negotiate with no success. I can upload this correspondence if it will help? As the uncooperative and entirely inflexible attitude of the nursery had destroyed our original high standing of the establishment, we have decided to withdraw our daughter completely. We are now being told that we will have to pay in full anyway for the sessions we will not use for a 3 month notice period. This amounts to somewhere near £1000. on top of the deposit! This all appears a little unfair. Particularly in noting the following; we have not both signed the form the paragraph about making every effort to accommodate changes the fact the T&C's are separate The fact that we have even noted on the form the level of uncertainty the fact that we were assured a change in dates due course would be accommodated they are apparently oversubscribed and the place will most likely be filled anyway In any case I’d love to hear thoughts and advice where possible Many thanks Juzz
  4. Hello all, I stumbled across this useful site and now here I am asking for some advice if possible. Our daughter was at a nursery for just over two years, it was okay but we never really loved it. A new nursery opened which we really liked the look of and after a tour decided we would move our daughter. My wife emailed the current nursery manager on the 29th Feb asking for a copy of the terns and conditions, specifically with regards to giving notice. The manager emailed back a very short paragraph stating: The notice period is 2 full months from the 1st of the month.’ She did not send or mention the terms and conditions as requested. Because it was the the first the next day, we emailed the notice that very next day. Because her email stated two full months from the 1st with no mention of including the 1st. We also gave a written copy of the same email when my daughter attended on the 2nd, which was a Tuesday. She only attended Tues and Weds. The manager saw my wife the next day on the Weds and asked her into a room to discuss why we were removing our daughter. We kept it polite and said it was just for a change etc. There was no mention of the notice period. A week or so later the manager spoke to my wife again and stated that the notice had been received on the 2nd of the month, and it needed to be a full month. My wife stated she sent the email on the first as per her response to the request for a copy of terms and conditions. She resent it at their request. Our daughters last day came and went which was the 31st March (she only goes two days). We then get an invoice for the extra month which they have then used our advance payment to clear. There was no prior warning of this. My wife emailed asking why and was told it was because we did not give 2 full months as per the terms and conditions. We explained that they were not provided to us when requested and we simply acted on the email sent form the managed when we requested them. We have now sent to letters of complaint requesting our advance fee back. They are refusing to and have also stated that we did not fill out a leaving form. Although there was no mention of this form after we gave notice or in the discussions my wife had after. The ironic thing is that on there last response they enclosed a copy of the terms and conditions we signed two years ago along with a request to remove my child from nursery. Completely useless now our daughter has left. They also state that notice should be in writing as email is unreliable, which is kind of comical as they send emails out every day stating what illnesses are doing the rounds and other important updates. So there you go, we feel aggrieved because we feel we are being penalised for acting on the information they gave us. - they never supplied us with terms and conditions as requested - they never gave warning they would not be retuning our advance fee - They never gave us or mentioned a cancellation form until after we had removed our daughter - They had several opportunities to discuss it with my wife face to face but never mentioned any issues until after leaving So we are at the stage where we need to decide if we send a letter before action etc. Any thoughts on where we might stand? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi There, Looking for some information really. My partner received a Claim Form from County Court Business Centre the Claimaint is my son's nursery. Particulars of Claim: Unpaid Nursery fee's Miss XXX has received 4 letters from us requesting that her or her partner to contact us about the arrears and late payments. Both Miss XXX and her partner avoid having any communication with office and attempts to intercept their speedy departures is unsuccessful as they refuse to engage in any discussion about non-payment. Both parents are working. Now yes both my partner and I are working. We've received 2 letters from the nursery regarding arrears in Nursery fee's however the statement they've tried to intercept our speedy departure and avoid communication is a total lie. The person who has submitted the claim (the owner) is rarely there. I myself used to collect my little boy after work and in the 3 month's he's been there I've seen this lady twice. We did indeed fall into arrears due to issues with our cars to which I myself spoke with another lady (management) in the office and verbally agreed payment plan to which we were sticking too. I got an email last monday morning saying they've withdrawn his place with immediate effect and legal action has been taken to recover the money. I've emailed this lady back twice with no acknowledgement whatsoever reaffirming my concerns about her comments on the claim form and to remind her that I've spoken with another colleague. The problem my partner and I have now is that we've to relocate our son's nursery setting therefore the money we'd set aside to pay the previous one has gone due to paying his new nursery. The MCOL form states we must provide my partners. Not both just my partners financial particulars incoming and outgoing and send to the claimaint. I guess sending this recorded post is the only sure fire way of proving we've done it incase she decides to escalate the case. Sadly we now can only afford around £7 per month back of a debt she's claiming of £1199 Any guidance on how to proceed would be gratefully received.
  6. Hello My sister in law requires some advice and I don't really know where to go with it. She was in work and her daughter was in nursery. Out of the blue she was sacked from the small company she worked for as she worked part time and they wanted someone to do full time. Therefore she had to take her daughter out of nursery. Speaking with the manager of the nursery she explained she is in financial hardship and on the verge of losing her house and having just been sacked did not have the finances to keep her daughter in nursery (£300 a month). The manager said that she had to pay and give 4 weeks notice which is in her terms and conditions. Although my SIL appreciates this it was a case of not physically having this money - you can't give what you haven't got. The manager just said, 'tough you have to pay' and then went on to say as it was the 8th of the month not the start of the month that she would have to pay the remainder of the month plus the following month so that it was a full months notice. This is clearly pathetic and cruel having just disclosed problems with finances. This was 8 weeks ago. My SIL has since been out of work, has had to sell her house and could not afford the home they had moved into to save money and were renting. Her partner does work but they have got other debts looming over their heads due to the tenant at the house they owned stopped paying the rent and then would not move out so they had to pay their mortgage too for 6 months before they could sell it. They have now had to move with their 2 kids into their parents house. She has had a letter at the old house delivered and it appears to be a court 'claim form' one of these £35 fee ones claiming for the entire month that the daughter was taken out of nursery. I know that their T&C states need to give 4 weeks notice, but she was not in nursery during this time, they were told that she was going through financial difficulties and yet they were not happy to come to any kind of agreement and want her to pay the full amount. They would not even engage in any other discussion other than 'you have to pay' and 'you might even have to pay 2 months worth' Does she have any rights? does she have to pay this money? Can the nursery enforce their T&C? Even if my SIL was taken to court and ordered to pay the money, she does not have £300 and it would take her a while to save this up. So what would happen here? Please someone help
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