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  1. After looking at the new tenancy agreement it states that the deposit will be a non-refundable deposit where as the original agreement was a deposit. so am I right in thinking this is a Smart deposit and we will not get it back?
  2. Hi all, Just a quick question. Can a private landlord charge tenancy fees every time they renew your tenancy? Only asking because we have been living in a property for just over 4 years. The original tenancy we signed upon moving in was for a period of 1 year after which it was never renewed. The landlord has now popped up after 3 years wanting a rent increase and to renew the contract (BTW we have no issues with the increase or the renewal) but he wants £50 the renew the contract and an extra £25 so he can top up our deposit to a higher amount. Can these fees be charged even though we are not new tenants and can he request a top up on the deposit to a new amount? Thanks for reading guys
  3. Hi all! Just need some advice. Myself, fiancee and kids found our selves a private rented house on Monday and the move in day was set for yesterday (Wednesday) so i bank transferred 1812.50 pounds that's the deposit and month up front I sent him scanned pics of our passports and he sent me the tenancy agreements to look over and sign ( all this was via email as he lives out of my town ) we he called asked me to meet him at the property, i turned up he wasn't there I waited 45 mins still no one. I tried calling 8 times but his phone was switched off. I get home check my emails to find he had sent me one while i was on my way over saying he was going away until Friday and he was apparently reminded to do credit checks so will have to be Friday. I sent an email back explaining that i would not pass a credit check and that it would have been nice if he had of called to cancel. As of now i still have no email back!!! So i am now stuck with a rental van because it was to late to cancel and a day off work i need not have taken. SO any advice, have i just been stitched up? Can he take my hard earned money and then decide about credit checks? Can i actually demand my money back? what can i actually do because at the moment i just want to pay him a friendly visit!!! he hasn't signed the agreement yet either that was supposed to be done at the house yesterday evening!!! Sorry for the long post but as you can imagine i am very annoyed
  4. Hi all need some advice, just over a week ago i was on my way to collect my mothers death certificate and was pulled over by the police for having no insurance now these payments had been coming out of my then but now ex girlfriends account and as it turned out as i found out after apparently she had got the hump with me and cancelled the standing order without telling me thus leaving me with no insurance , now i have had my car seized, 6 points on a very clean licence and 200 quid fine, should i just go straight to court and hope they feel sorry for me because i do lol cheers
  5. Many thanks stu, would telling them about the arrest and such like really help my case, did i mention i have 2 kids with her that i want to carry on seeing and be part of their life?
  6. Thanks, thats most helpful , forgot to mention a few days before she had me nicked she also cancelled a standing order from her bank for my car insurance didnt tell me and i got done for that and my car taken away , some people are so charming!!
  7. hi , i am currently living with my girlfriend of 16yrs and we have just moved into an association house 3wks ago, now she keeps saying she wants me out and last weekend she had me arrested for apparently hitting her ( 2 days in the cells and released without charge , her statment was floored and my sons statment tallied up with mine ) both our names are on the aggrement but if she decides to lock me out ( throw me out ) would the local council rehome me as i have no where to go!!!! This doesnt make things any easier as i wanted to start my own buisiness, any advice whould be helpfull thanks scott.
  8. thanx for ur input but when very wide cracks run from one side of the room to the other side ( thisd is on the ceiling ) in all the room at the front of the original property i think its indicates a problem
  9. also i forgot to add the cracks running across the ceiling also run down the walls , and even the cracks on the walls run for a fareay ( in other words not ur usuall 4cm hairline cracks but between 1-5 foot)
  10. hi all thanx for the replys, the think that makes me think subsidence is that the are cracks (big cracks) all over the ceiling that have been filled in but u can see that the sections where the ceilings have cracked are very uneven , like bits have shifted but the point remains why should i have to pay for damp , my only opition is to not pay the last months rent i have a family to think of and i should not have to pay for the poorly maintained building i rent , there damp there problem, also when i first moved in it took a good few months to even warm the place up , to which i have a hugh gas bill. thanx all
  11. yes it does but at most of the points around the house that we are suffering damp the wall on the outside have been re pointed , also the the property looks like it has suffered subsidence, whould this be a contibuting faxctor
  12. hi all, moved into a bungalow around 6mths ago apparently the place had not been lived in for a few years so while the place was empty the landlord decided to add an extension to the property, so we moved in and after a few weeks we noticed black mould (damp) developing in the corners for the original outside wall and running along to skirting board, so we contacted the landlord, who eventually got some ppl out to check the pipes in the loft(wtf). then afew weeks l8r our now 16month old developed quite a bad virus cold type thing which the doctor felt needed an immediate visit to the childrens ward at the local hospital ( landlord does not know about this), when we got home we pulled away his cot from hes bedroom wall and suprise bad damp mould stuff, so foned the landlord again and he got someone to test and look at the damp, he went away then the landlord foned and said it was our washing machine causing it, the washing machine is in the new back part of the place and the mould is at the front original part of the place all on outside walls, so yesterday a man came round wanting to check and foto graph the patchs and basically admitted the washing machine wasnt the cause and said something needed to be done, then this morning w got our eviction notice, foned letting agency they said we had done nothing wrong he needed it back for buissnes perposes, when questioned about our deposit and the damp the reply was you may get alittle bit back ( so there trying to stich us up), i did forget to mention the landlord was constantly hassling us for our contents insurance policy number because he say its our fault and the insurance should pay ( we dont have contents insurance the was nothing about it in the agreement). sorry for the long post but just wanted opinions and advice. Thanx guys scott
  13. hi all, i have a problem with powergen i recently moved from a property i was renting for around 8 years i had a prepay meter installed around 5 years ago in the old house due to an outstanding bill anyway a few weeks ago i recieved a letter from capquest say despite there previous letters ( of which there was none ) they wanted £191.00 refering to my previous address , i sent a letter to capquest stating i did not know what the money owed was for but got no reply now i have a letter from another debt collector company saying basically pay up or u go to court. question is will a cca or sar help with finding out what debt is for , and if i recieve court papers do i state that i am currently trying to find out what this debt relates to (basically tell them i dispute it ) thanks in advance , scott
  14. My complaint is cap quest, sent me a Big Red Demand today that even the postman could see, telling me to pay up within seven days or it could be court action in big letters LOL should i not have got some letters prior to this anyway capquest are a bunch of limp wristed twaddle talking bullies
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