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Found 8 results

  1. Brunowales

    Mbna ppi

    Hi All Just got my SAR back from MBNA. CC taken out 1998. Defaulted 2003. Informed no CCA which is good to know as DCA chasing and have been cca,d. My question is the statments show payment protection insurance as well as penalty fees for late payments and over limit. Is it too late to claim these back? Many thanks
  2. Hi just wondered if anyone can help i made a claim for ppi well PBP from a old Monument account, bit strange really just found my old card one day and then found this forum then within a couple of days all this happens i made a call to monument made a claim for pbp they said yeah no probs we will deal with your claim you need to do nothing, and to be honest so far after 3 weeks i have spoke to them only twice then the other day a letter arrived dated 05/08/2014 Final Response Says Dear Mr I write further to your recent correspondence we have reviewed your account and can confirm you subscribed to the payment break plan ("PBP") product Without admission of liability, we are prepared to refund to you these fees plus compound interest (at today,s account interest rate of 28.82%) from the date of the fee, as shown below: Charges £624.54 Account rate interest £417.27 8% statutory compensation £477.46 less income tax at 20% £95.49 Total Refund £1423.78 (charges plus interest) Now i thought great happy days Then i remembered didnt i owe them a couple of hundred pounds so i called them up at customer relations and the lady said a cheque was rasied on the 06/08/2014 for £963.00 (about that) because you owed us money on the account (big jump from £200) which was being chased by a third party company called JCIA now the reason for my long boring post is, is this legal ?? can they take this money without first showing me what i owed them second take money from me to pay a third party company that they sold the debt to ?? i would have thought they should be made to pay me and then i do a deal with JCIA who i do recall sending me a letter once 5 years ago if anyone knows if Monument can do this please let me know Cheers
  3. Hi Guys Can I request a company remove an Overlimit Fee of £12 if the account is still running? If so, what do i need to exactly quote them to get them to remove it?
  4. Hi Guys, Sorry I got a letter from aqua a week ago saying they are going to increase my credit limit to £1750 from £1000. As my car has just badly failed the MOT i thought this was ideal. The letter stated contact them if I do not wish to increase my limit. So I looked at the beginning of the week, and sure enough my limit was £1750 I then paid off a bill onto it. Today, i came to pay for some car repairs and it got declined twice. On checking my balance, not only has my limit miraculously been put back to £1000, I have been charged an over limit fee!!! Before I call them, what rights do I have? Surely I needed some notice before a decrease? I haven't spent on the card since I got the letter until I checked my balance was increased at which point I paid the debt (put me £20 or so over £1000). Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. Hi I have printed off statements for my Capital One Account, which only has a credit limit of £200 on it. Looking at charges since April this year alone, I have paid £48.00 in Late/Failure to Pay Default charges and £36.00 in Overlimit fees (let alone app £20 in interest which I can live with). So my balance now stands at £289.47. I have recently negotiated a repayment plan of £10 for the next 6 months which is affordable; however is it worth persuing them for a refund in the charges as, it would, obviously contribute to a reduction in balance meaning the account would be settled quicker? If so how do I go about this?
  6. I previously had an Egg card which was taken over by Barclaycard with new card etc issued. The account is completely online and is paid off fully by direct debit. Statements are intermittent and not always notified by email. I have been hit by overlimit charges on several occasions - something which Egg also did whereas other card companies do not authorise transaction. I know that Egg managed to justify such a charge with the FOS by some means so there is little point in making a complaint there. £12 seems an excessive charge for what is an automated process Has anyone any experience of these charges and any challenges to them? Any success in small claims court?
  7. Hello Everyone, I had an MBNA Credit Card in the early 90's. I have recently started reading about reclaiming the "penalty charges" and looked through some old paperwork I have. I have managed to find a few statements where these "fees" were applied. I have sent them a SAR and was wondering if they will come back with all the statements from the start date of the account or whether I will be told that they don't have them. I should state that I am still paying the debt off to a 3rd party to this date. I hope someone can help me with this.
  8. I have recently sent off my initial letter to Barclaycard claiming that I had been missold my PPI on my Credit Card. they have responded with a letter containing a questionnaire. Some of the questions refer to how I made the original application etc... Sadly I do not remember a lot of the information they are requesting. Is it my responsibility to answer these questions (even though they presumably know the answers themselves) or should I ignore it and go to the next stage? In addition I would like some advise regarding over limit charges. I have ALWAYS paid the minimum repayment on my card each month. however, at some stage a year or so ago my card has gone over its limit. This must have been to do with charges as I have not paid for anything on the card for many years. As my direct debit is instructed to take the minimum payment surely this should always take enough to avoid my account rising above the agreed limit. I am now being charged £12.00 per month along with PPI insurance and interest. It is staggering and because my card is over the limit I am unable to take out a 0% deal with MBNA. My credit file is otherwise unblemished and (for what its worth) currently reads 999/1000 with Experian. Please advise!!!
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