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  1. Hello, Me and my husband saw an ad for claiming PPI from black horse, now my husband said that he thought we had an account with them for a car quite a while ago now. and so we went online and gave all of our details to check, but they have written back asking for the account number and paperwork etc that we don't have anymore, I can't even be sure that we had an account but my husband was admant. The question is, shouldn't they be checking that. all of the claims companies said that they can check without paper work. so shouldn't they be able to do it themselves?
  2. Can anyone help please? I really need to get my response back to the FOS today - or they will close my case!
  3. Thanks Bankfodder! Hello again everyone. I received my SAR back from Elderbridge and what and absolute load of **** it is! 1. They did not send any transcripts or recordings of any phones calls - both myself and my husband spoke to them in Aug 2016 (noted in their diary notes) and I called them in Dec 2018 (again noted in their diary notes) it was the same day they sent the reply even though they have mentioned me calling in their notes on that day, so not sure I should let that go or not! I also spoke to them in July 2016 (again in the notes) and I spo
  4. Hi again, I don't want to bang on about it, but I heard there were some changes to overdraft fees that they were switching from daily fees to monthly interest rate. Now as I explained before my fees went from £100 per month to £372 and I tried to come to an arrangement with the Halifax but they were not very helpful. Now I do need to ask the question again regarding the default, I just need to know if they should have sent a Default notice for an overdraft or does this only apply to credit cards? I am not asking if anything would have been
  5. ok but if they never sent it in the first place then that cannot be right. I admit it is my fault that I wasn't able to pay them but it also their fault that their fees jumped from around £90- £100 per month to approx. £370! and they quickly started reporting that I was not keeping up!
  6. but if they never sent a default notice then surely they cannot register the default and it should be removed?
  7. Hi again, well I decided not to make payment to Westcott, as I need to sort out the default. Can Halifax register a default like that? I have checked though all papers received and did not receive a default notice at all. any advise please?
  8. the account is not viewable online with the Halifax and they have told me they've passed it to Westcott
  9. Hi all, ok not been back for a w while had a lot going on. but to catch up, I contact Halifax to explain that I was willing to make payment , thye asked me to complete an income and expenses form etc. due to house selling issues I was having, I neglected to do this and the account got closed and passed to Wescott. Wescott wrote a couple of times and I went to their website and made an arrangement to pay approx. 1 week ago. one strange this is that all letters were addressed to my husband and none to me - (it was a joint account) Anyway, the other day I checked my nod
  10. further to this . Got a letter from Elderbridge saying our signatures do not match and asking for ID! received yesterday but dated 11th Oct (conveniently 1 day before the 30 day deadline) are they seriously expecting me to believe that it took 7 day to reach me!!! come on now! I am absolutely livid (as you may be able to tell!) Now the loan was taken out before we were married so I thought they might says that my signature did not match and ask me for ID but they are asking for both of ours - my husbands signature has not changed for over 30 years!! they are also asking me for a
  11. well it will come as no shock that Elderbridge have not complied with the SAR, I have now complained to the ICO. also still no reply to my complaint re the settlement amount. But got this from the court, which still doesn't make any sense! ‘This is a mortgage case, so the mortgage itself usually entitles the Claimant to add legal costs to the mortgage account. The court therefore does not order costs and the Defendant will need to check with the Claimant what costs (if any) were added to the mortgage account. The case was allocated to the Fast Track by order of District Judge **
  12. Thanks Andy, Not much I can do right now I suppose, I'm waiting to hear from the court that they've found my file, waiting for my SAR to come back too. When he SAR gets to me, I plan to make them an offer, I have already paid around 94k, I borrowed 100k, they can have 6k at the most. Or I pull out of my sale and go to court. I am aware that they have now settled with 5 other customers now. I know things that I don't think they want me to know, it'll be in their interest to make a deal
  13. well if it was that straight forward and Elderbridge believed they are correct to charge the costs or add them to my loan etc, then why has it taken them over 4 1/2 months to tell me so. They still have not responded to me about this, they've treated it as a complaint and have not replied!
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