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  1. Many thanks for that, I've managed to download the PDF. If you google "[2018] EWHC 2798 (QB)" (including the quotation marks"") then the pdf should come up. I think why I wasn't finding it was that I was searching on the names rather than the citation.
  2. Thank you so much for this. I've tried searching for it but can't find anything. Do you have a link? Or, if it's not allowed to post links here could you send me a PM? Thanks
  3. I got a reply back from them this morning - I was surprised by how quickly they responded (less than a week). But not surprised about their reply. They sent a copy of the sealed writ and a copy of what they allege was the Notice of Enforcement that they sent. They made no reference to the video. what are my next steps? I assume that this will need to be done at the High Court? I would much prefer not to do this as a litigant in person (but will do so if necessary) while I'm sure that you aren't allowed to give recommendations for particular firms here can anyone send me a PM? Maybe the firm that handled the case mentioned here? If I do have to go the litigant in person route can anyone give me an idea of what order I need to apply for (and would I use an N244 or some other form)? If I'm going to be a litigant in person then I would rather start sooner than later as I currently qualify for full remission of court fees
  4. Thank you very much for this. Do you happen to have the case citation by any chance?
  5. Hello, As you asked, I have outlined my experience on that link that you sent me for the Ministry of Justice. I'm happy to do my bit to help. As to next steps, I'll wait until I get the reply to my SAR back. But can anyone give me advice on the next steps? Is it through the County Court or do I need to go to the High Court?
  6. No, nothing at all. and as I say, when I looked at the forms in more detail they entered the premises at 7:00am and by 7:15am they were charging the Sales Fee after my credit card payment had been blocked. I don't like to names names in case it identifies me in any way but, as the old saying goes, if it looks like a duck ...
  7. OK, I've just got them. One says "Action Taken" and there is a tick box for "entered premises" with a time of 7am The next says "Notice after entry or taking control of goods (on a highway) and inventory of goods taken into control" which shows the enforcement fees for stage 1 and stage 2 added together as one fee. There is no time on this. The next says "Notice that goods have been removed for storage or sale". It then goes on to say "This is to tell you that I have removed the goods listed at the back of the notice to secure storage or for sale" but there is nothing listed on the back. This also adds the Sale Stage fee and is timed at 7:15am Then there is "Payment Receipt" for the amount paid in cash.
  8. They left two pieces of paper showing the two different amounts of money they wanted (as I mentioned above) and a receipt showing the total amount that I had paid in cash
  9. It's from four months ago. I don't really want to be specific about the amounts but it was slightly under £2k and the total fees came to about the same amount. Yes, it's a small comfort. I've requested details of the fees and camera footage, but I didn't ask for a break down of the times that they were charged.
  10. I'm a bit confused? I didn't say that. I said "they barged in" Yes, I know now that I should have shut the door and locked it while I went to get my glasses, but as soon as I turned my back they simply walked into the house - that's what I meant by barging in.
  11. No, I went to get my glasses to read the documents and when I stepped away from the door they just walked in
  12. Hello, a couple of days ago I had two HCEOs barge into our home around 7am demanding money or they would be removing goods. Not having experienced anything like this before I just panicked and paid whatever they said. I've just found this forum and have been reading the posts here. From some of these earlier posts, it appears that this firm of HCEOs are well known for charging all the fees in one go which they did to me as well. Does anyone here have any advice or suggestions as to the strength of my case? This is what happened:- First off, I was aware of the debt and do not dispute that I owe it. It's not council tax or anything but a private individual that I owe the money to, I've been attempting to agree a repayment schedule with them but they declined my offers and the next thing I know the HCEOs turn up. I have just made a subject access request to see exactly what data they have on me. From reading the section on vulnerability I believe that I have a strong case to be described as vulnerable (I don't want to go into details as it may identify me). They never sent a Notice of Enforcement. When they turned up they initially demanded an amount of money that, now I have had time to read up on this, I now realise included both the Stage1 and Stage 2 enforcement fees. I tried to pay this via credit card a couple of times but that was blocked (I later got a phone call from my cc company as they thought it was a possible fraud). I then told them that I could contact a family member and they could get cash out of the bank when it opened. They agreed to this but said that the fee had just gone up. I now understand that this extra fee was the Stage Sale fee. Eventually they got their money and left. While they were in my home they just looked around the place and said that there was nothing really of value (at that time I wasn't aware that certain goods were exempt and I thought they were going to take all my furniture). I would welcome some advice on this and I also have a couple of questions. My two extra questions are, firstly, what exactly does "taking control" actually involve? At no time did they try to secure any of my property, they did not write anything down, they simply started walking around the home opening all the cupboards etc. Secondly, I read on another thread here:- Is this something that will show up as part of my Subject Access Request?
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