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  1. Sorry Andy forgot to mention that. I went with new lender as with Northern Rock
  2. Hi I was in same situation - sold on debt Robinson Way chasing. CCJ and Restriction type K still in original creditors name. I had to get the restriction removed to remortgage. There is no getting away from this. Believe me i tried everything but all mortgage companies will insist on restriction being removed. I used money from the remortgage to settle the debt - conveyancing solicitor sorted this out. Remortgaging is really the only time a restriction will cause you an issue. Its easier to get shot of if your selling and you have a solicitor who understands the process.
  3. Hi DX Natwest have just contacted me and admitted they have made a mistake - they checked with the wrong ATM(the one I used a couple of minutes later) They are refunding the money and have offered me £50 compensation so at least its been sorted - mnay thanks
  4. Hi DX I have contacted ASDA who have said they have no involvement with the machine and need to contact the owner who are Barclays - they could not give me any contact details. I rang Barclay's who were no help whatsoever and could not give me a number to contact - they told me to check the contact details on front of the machine. However there are no contact details on the front of the ATM. There is only a sign saying ASDA have no responsibility for the machine and to contact your card issuer in the event of any problems. I am going round in circles with this and think my only option may be a complaint to the FCO?
  5. Hi DX Its outside an ASDA - apparently Barclays own it
  6. Hi I tried to take £120 out of a Barclays ATM using my Natwest debit card. The machine gave my card back but didn't issue any money. The machine made a noise like it was counting notes then stopped and a message popped up on the screen saying unable to issue cash please see card provider. I had to get cash out of another machine near by. However the money was taken from my account - I raised a dispute with Natwest of which the outcome was the ATM provider found no error and the bank wont refund. I have complained to Natwest and they will not have any of it and told me to contact the ATM provider. I find this very unfair as I have done nothing wrong yet they will not refund the money. Any ideas on where I can go with this - many thanks
  7. One of the photos they sent in during my appeal shows the machine taped up - clueless liars! They also stated as the machine wasnt working we should have used alternative payment methods.
  8. Hi Bris2wales Many thanks for all the info. At present I have only had a letter before claim but will probably get a claim any way. I am not bothered by a claim as they have many issues not least the fact there is no sign in the car park regarding the contract - they even admitted this when my wife appealed. I dont think you will have any problem beating them in court - please let me know how you get on.
  9. Hi All I have received a letter from BW Legal regarding the PCN. Its addressed to me even though my wife is registered keeper and stated this in the appeal she submitted as well as stating she was the driver. They have also said that we have failed to make a payment (true) or raised an appeal within 28 days of the PCN (false). They are demanding £100 for PCN and £60 in legal costs. The letter states that these charges are detailed in the car park signage terms and conditions that are clearly displayed in the client signage - there is no such signage - during the appeal they sent a jpeg image of what a sign looks like there isnt one in the car park. Shall I respond to this letter pointing out the flaws in their findings - could someone please advise - many thanks.
  10. Hi ericsbrother I have not sent them anything. The only correspondence was the 2 appeals my wife made thats it.
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