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  1. Hi All just to keep thread updated I have telephoned the court and the claim has officially been discontinued So happy days
  2. Hi All - bit of an update I have now received my mediation letter (even though I said no to mediation) from the court.. I have telephoned the court(for second time) and they have still not received the discontinuance. I have telephoned BW Legal who have said they have definitely discontinued but they checked and noticed they had an e mail bounce back off the court. They are going to sort it I don't know if they are playing silly buggers but I have the letters they have sent so they will have an issue if they do anything untoward.
  3. OK so have rang the court they haven't heard anything form BW Legal regarding the discontinuance and have told me to ring them?
  4. Surely if they do this you have proof of underhanded tactics and you can bring it to the courts attention? I will ring anyway if it hasn’t been discontinued I will bring it up if it does go to court hearing
  5. I will ring Monday but surely if it continues to hearing and I present this paperwork they won’t have a leg to stand on?
  6. Yes it’s a copy of the notice sent to the court by BW signed by their paralegal looks legit as I’ve had one before for a different claim
  7. Hi All Quick update sent off my DQ in March and received theirs and awaited a court date. Have just received a letter off BW Legal to inform me they have discontinued the claim and have closed the file. Anyone dealing with these parasites hold your nerve even if you think you are going to court - they nearly always buckle in the end. Many thanks to everyone for their advise and help - another win for CAG Happy Friday everyone
  8. Thanks FTM Dave I will get on it straight away Hi All - finally managed to log in to MCOL - my AOS and Defense are showing that both have been submitted. Does this mean that BW cannot now get a judgement? Thanks for help so far donation on its way.
  9. Couldn't get through to MCOL yesterday afternoon - looks like the claim was issued on 15th December not 21st like I was told. Will try again today but not looking good time wise.
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