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  1. Hi Renewable John, No am not yet free from my contract with Blemain,, but like you I am about to take them to court for the unfair treatment and high interest charges they are levying against me. I've had enough of them that's for sure!!
  2. Renewablejohn Thank you for getting back to me. I will check the agreement for clause 14 as suggested. Are you now free from your contract agreement with Blemain now, and if you are what did you do? I am planning to go to court as I believe I have a good chance, because the high interest charges Blemain has been levying on me. any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Hello renewablejohn: Am really sorry but I have just seen your message in my email by doing a search of the name Blemain. I can only apologise for not seeing your email before. I am not very good at navigating around the consumer forum site. I know its been a while, but how did your situation go with your case? When I first received my agreement it didn't show a signature by anyone at Blemain, but later on a signature appeared and they said it was signed after because they needed my signature first. I do have a copy of the unsigned agreement. My situation with Blemain is ongoin
  4. Thanx dx The last court hearing was in May 2017
  5. Thanks for your reply dx.. The repo claims are still pending. If I break the agreement made in court, they can still evict me from my house. Yes I did have ins, as this is an ex council property. My insurance part of the service charges. How do I move to the bellman forum?
  6. Hi all, I am new to this forum, so please bare with me as I get hang of how it all works. My story dates back to 2006, when I took out a secured loan with Blemain/Together finance for £25k. This was to pay additional bills and to do some repairs on my property. I brought the property in 2003. This was the first time I took out a loan, I had no real knowledge of the best type of loan to choose, which is why I did the loan through a broker, who pass my application to a third party Loan Options, who recommended Blemain finance. They were both paid a commissio
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