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  1. Hi Renewable John, No am not yet free from my contract with Blemain,, but like you I am about to take them to court for the unfair treatment and high interest charges they are levying against me. I've had enough of them that's for sure!!
  2. Renewablejohn Thank you for getting back to me. I will check the agreement for clause 14 as suggested. Are you now free from your contract agreement with Blemain now, and if you are what did you do? I am planning to go to court as I believe I have a good chance, because the high interest charges Blemain has been levying on me. any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Hello renewablejohn: Am really sorry but I have just seen your message in my email by doing a search of the name Blemain. I can only apologise for not seeing your email before. I am not very good at navigating around the consumer forum site. I know its been a while, but how did your situation go with your case? When I first received my agreement it didn't show a signature by anyone at Blemain, but later on a signature appeared and they said it was signed after because they needed my signature first. I do have a copy of the unsigned agreement. My situation with Blemain is ongoing. I have been struggling to pay the monthly installments to Blemain, who are now trading under the name Together. I am planning to sell my home as I have no other alternative, as I am going deeper into debt. I did an audit recently of what have paid Blemain since 2006 and it accumulates to £45000 for a loan of £25000. I asked Blemain for a redemption figure in December 2017 and they quote £47000. Am finding it really hard to pay £93000 for a £25000 loan, so right now am at stand still. I recently got a letter from Blemain, which states that the monthly interest being added to my account is £510 . My monthly installments to them is £522 how is it possible that they can get away with charging such high interest. I was considering taking Blemain to court (but this is costly) on the grounds of what the consumer credit act Section 140A, states, that if the relationships between creditor and borrow is unfair in favour of the creditor the courts could deem this unfair if creditor is lobbying high rates of interest on a loan or mortgage, and make a judgement against creditor. I not sure what to do really, in one sense I think it would best to sell and get rid of them from my life, but I feel cheated by this company and what they have put me through deserves a fight. Sorry for my ranting but am sure you understand. I look forward to your reply Best wishes Bdoubleu
  4. Thanx dx The last court hearing was in May 2017
  5. Thanks for your reply dx.. The repo claims are still pending. If I break the agreement made in court, they can still evict me from my house. Yes I did have ins, as this is an ex council property. My insurance part of the service charges. How do I move to the bellman forum?
  6. Hi all, I am new to this forum, so please bare with me as I get hang of how it all works. My story dates back to 2006, when I took out a secured loan with Blemain/Together finance for £25k. This was to pay additional bills and to do some repairs on my property. I brought the property in 2003. This was the first time I took out a loan, I had no real knowledge of the best type of loan to choose, which is why I did the loan through a broker, who pass my application to a third party Loan Options, who recommended Blemain finance. They were both paid a commission at the start of the loan and that was deducted from the loan amount. Blemain also added £2000 in charges for handling my application, so at the start of the loan I was already £4000 in debt. My understanding from the start was this was a loan, but over the years it is now referred to as a mortgage, with added legal clauses such as remunerations. None of this information was made clear to me at any stage of my application. There is no way I would taken this loan if I knew the interest rate would be so high. I am now paying more to this loan then my actual mortgage. In the last 11 years Blemain has added charges to this loan for building insurance, Telephone calls, Letters, Arrears and court fees. Yes they have taken me to court on 2 occasion to reprocess my property. Each time adding extra charges to the loan amount. I have recently had a audit done on the amount I have already paid Blemain and it totals to over £39k, I still have 4 years left to pay off this loan. I have been in financial hardship since taking out this loan, with very little to live on. I have been to solicitors, law centers, etc, none them has been successful. I can’t afford the monthly charges of this loan any more, I am compelled to sell the home I lived in for over 33 years. I recently asked Blemain for a redemption figure and they have quoted £46k to pay off this loan early. I am horrified that they can charge such extortionate interest for a loan I took out 11 years ago. If I pay the £46k redemption figure It would total £85k for a £25k loan. How is this possible:???: I would appreciate any advise or guidance from the forum. Thank you! Bdoubleu
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