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  1. thats reassuring to hear, it always worries me with hm.rc but have put my faith forward with & went ahead. thanks again!
  2. Are you certain of this? Can i still claim back tho if most likely to be recovering from my injuries on benefits, at the end of the year? It still seems like a load of hassle, thinking of just ignoring the amount just in case. thanks v much btw.
  3. I used to have a have a minimum waged (UK) job a few years ago. About 3 years after leaving, they're contacted me to tell me that I was underpaid. I am currently not working because I am recovering from an injury (about 2 years ago) so am on PIP and ESA benefits. I've emailed them to query this and they said its just for an hour's salary (which isn't much!) which will have to be taxed, so I am worried if I accept the amount it may somehow interfere with my benefits. Does anyone know if there is a possible risk of this, or since it's over a small amount, can I just not accept late paymen
  4. Would using the SPP pay slips or amounts of SSP gone in to my bank statements in that tax year till it ended, for the amount of the 'total pay' of the day job 'from P60' part, and for the 'tax taken off' part to leave as blank, be adequate tho?
  5. Sorry i don't understand, would my current strategy for 1. work? For 2. would it matter that I made '0' from self-employment work as I closed it on the 12th April, and that the benefits started well after I ended self-employment (but in the tax year)? I have got ESA on, but is there a spot to put the PIP on the self-assessment I can't find it? Many thanks again.
  6. ..My thinking would be to use my pay slips or amounts gone in to my bank statements in that tax year till my SSP ended, for the amount of the 'total pay' of the day job 'from P60' part, and for the 'tax taken off' part to leave as blank. Though my dilemma, not 100% sure the SSP would already be part of the ESA to leave out? I'm also using the PAYE reference code from my P60U as my 'day jobs' reference. I think this strategy is correct.
  7. ^Thanks (yes, online): 1. Am not a fan of ringing them up as the time/cost getting through in the past, etc. am not in a rush atm, so would like to explore whether an alternative method if possible? 2. For my PIP, didn't receive any forms/annual statements so would have to look at my bank statements to work it out but am assuming its not a taxable benefit as I can't see anywhere to put it on the SA anyway, so atm I'm leaving it out. Hope this is right.
  8. thanks for your info - I already have the figures from my P60U in the later part of the SA. But for the income amount for the 'total pay' of my day job 'from P60' and 'tax taken off' part, I have just got '0' amounts - as I didn't get a P60, so does anyone have an idea whether it would be okay to leave it as that?
  9. Hi there, do you have any idea on filling out self-assessments (uk) - My background.. Basically, I had an injury with left me unable to work before the 2015-16 tax year started. I was self-employed with my own business which I officially ended a few days into tax year, and had a day job but didn't work the entire year due to my injuries so was on SSP (Statutory Sick Pay). My boss held the job open for when I recovered after the tax year, the SSP ended, and went in to ESA and then also later in that tax year PIP. So my query: 1. At the end of the year instead of a P60 my boss
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