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  1. Thanks slick123 I will write them back. Can I mention Trading Standards or the gym sectors ombudsman? I don't know who their authoritive body is, does anyone please know?
  2. Thanks slick123, I'm finding it hard to prove what I should of been paying if/when the rate changed unless I email the Deputy Manager again and ask but by then he will be wary to release this information. If I accepted that their salesperson said the corporate fee was £56 at the time in good faith, does that not give me a leg to stand on for a refund of the difference when/if the rate had changed? If not then fair enough but if so then I'm flabbergasted how I'm being palmed off by them
  3. No their corporate fee isn't on their website, from what I gathered they have a big file with each company's corporate discount amount. No one else I work with goes to Nuffield Cheam and HR and Facilities departments don't know either, this could prove tricky.
  4. Thanks CrappoMan but how would I find out the fee at the time I joined? I have asked my company and they are not aware of what gyms charge as their corporate fee Should I ask Nuffield themself?
  5. Hello, I currently have a grievance regarding overpaying my corporate membership fees at Nuffieldhealth Cheam and was wondering if someone could please help if I have a case here. I've been a member of my onsite corporate Nuffield gym since 2011 which I pay £10 per month for. Wanting access to a pool, I decided to take advantage of my corporate discount at other Nuffield gyms and joined Nuffield Cheam in 2012. When I joined Cheam in 2012, I took my company ID badge and was told by the salesperson that their discounted corporate rate at Nuffield Cheam would be £56 per month, which I have paid every month since. Recently, I thought I'd inquire about a swim only membership as I thought £56 to basically just use their pool was excessive. I spoke to the manager at Cheam who advised they don't do a swim only membership but in fact my corporate rate was actually £35 per month and he would complete a new membership form for me to sign to adjust my monthly direct debit. I felt that I had grossly overpaid and emailed their complaints contact regarding a refund of the money I had overpaid over the past 3 years, I didn't hear back from them so inquired about this when I next went into Nuffield Cheam. I was provided with an email address of the MD of Nuffield Cheam and emailed my complaint. I heard back from the Deputy Manager who said that they were unfortunately unable to refund any overpayments but would amend my DD to £35/month and provide me with some free guest passes. As my next step, could I take this to Trading Standards (or whoever is the gym's sector ombudsman)? Surely this can't be right to not get a refund for a mistake they have made and where I haven't breached my contract terms? May someone who knows about this please steer me in the right direction if I have a case. My calculations show that I should be refunded around £756. Apologies for the lengthy read and thanks in advance for any assistance:)
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