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  1. I wrote to HMRC and sent it recorded delivery and they received and signed for it on 19/09/16 but I have had nothing back from them. I offered to pay an amount per month. Today the wife has received a further letter from Past Due Credit Solutions demanding payment!
  2. Hi My wife has received a letter today from Past Due Credit Solutions saying that HM Revenue and Customs have asked them to contact my wife on their behalf. It asks me to call a number and pay in full or if I am finding it difficult they can discuss whether I can spread the payments. It says all discussions and payments now need to be made through them. Any advice about this would be welcome as there is no way I can pay the amount that it says off and also I do not know if this debt is my wife's. Please advise? Thanks in advance.
  3. They stopped the payment and we add to restart it So we just changed it as it was more convenient.
  4. Hi guys My wife has received a council tax summons for £203; £163 for he council tax and £40 for the summons. We had been on to them earlier in the year saying a payment hadn't been taken as we changed the payment date and they said it will show as debt because of the date change. I agree we owe the £163 but feel aggrieved at having to pay the £40 summons especially after asking them about the payment. The summonsis the only letter we have received about this and my wife also works for the local authority. Any advice will be welcome thanks in advance.
  5. Still not had a response from CP Plus I guess they will stretch it until the final date!
  6. Had an email from POPLA to say it has been sent to CP plus, thanks for all the help guys I will let you know when I have had a response. Thanks Gary
  7. OK thanks for your advice ericsbrother much appreciated and I will try and put an email together to them today. Guys thanks for all the advice much appreciated.
  8. http://s304.photobucket.com/user/gh0108/library/ This is the link to the photos Armadillo71 thanks for your assistance and also to you DJ67
  9. They do not mention POFA 2012 or schedule 4 at any point. I have taken photos and will try to add them. What is RK?
  10. Hi My wife has received a reply to the letter sent to CP Plus which says: That the PCN was issued legally and correctly according to the British Parking Association Approved Operators Scheme and given that the signage is displayed in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations the fact that you were seemingly unaware of this is not considered a mitigating circumstance for appeal. In light of this my representations have been considered and rejected. It then talks about the POPLA appeal and the cases they will consider. They then give the POPLA number. Any advice would be greatly appreciate, thanks in advance guys.
  11. Hi I sent the above letter as advised by ericsbrother it was sent recorded delivery and a signature was got for the letter on 13/07/15. Today my wife received a charge notice reminder saying £100 is now due. Do I need to do anything or wait for them to respond to my initial reply? Any advice would be welcomed. Thanks in advance.
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