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  1. Evidence is fine and PCN is a legitimate case. Envelope isn't dated and it's from the council. 27th May is the issue date of the letter. Contravention date was the 15/6/16 I think. I don't have the letter to hand right now.
  2. Hello, need some help on this one. I just got a PCN in the post. I stopped in a yellow box, they have evidence and I was in the wrong - That's all fact and that's fine. The problem is, the issue date of the letter was 27/5/2016. Today's date is 15/6/2016. That's a 19 day difference and means I have not had a chance to pay the 50% reduced fine. What do I do? The envelope has no date on. It's from hammersmith & fulham council. :-x
  3. Thought I would come back and let you know the outcome so this thread can be closed! It turns out, that my old Sky account did in fact have a remaining balance that needed paying off, HOWEVER, this was not my fault. I asked them to check my account history for when any advisors had been on it, and they could confirm that a request for it to be closed had been made. When the request was passed over to the cancellations team, they rejected it saying they needed more information. The advisor I spoke with was supposed to re-contact me to get this information and then re-submit the account closure. This advisor did not contact me and my account wasn't closed (I had already cancelled my direct debit as I was told this was fine to do by the advisor). When I was told this, I kicked up a minor fuss telling the lady that she clearly just pointed out that an error had been made on their side, however she was having none of it and said it was my fault for cancelling the direct debit without my account being closed. I refused to let it slide and asked for it to be escalated to a higher level.. after sitting on hold for 10 minutes she returned and informed me that they would be clearing my account of the "debt" and they would inform Past Due Credit Solutions not to continue contacting me. So just be wary when you call up to find out information about your "debt". If I didn't argue, Sky would have happily got me of £89.
  4. Thanks for your reply. I accept that they are pieces of dirt, however I really do just need to be sure that there isn't a problem. I don't want to have any credit rating issues.
  5. Hey everyone, another thread about this company. I'll outline all the contact that's been made and what I have done so far and the hopefully you can answer some of my questions To begin, I am a student and last year I was living in a shared house with a Sky account under my name. I cancelled the account well before we moved out, in order to ensure that I would not end up being billed further. This was confirmed to me on the phone and I never had any more bills or contact from Sky after that. About 3-4 weeks ago, I received a text from Past Due Credit Solutions, saying the standard kind of stuff from what I have read. "Please contact immediately... you're account number is... etc etc", I ignored it because I had no idea who they are and they mentioned nothing about this supposed debt in the text. About a week later, I got an email saying pretty much the same stuff. After receiving this email, I sent them a reply - "Hello, I shall not be contacting by email or telephone regarding this subject. I am unaware of any issue I may have and if there is one, I kindly request that you send me the full information by post. Thanks" Now a couple of days ago, I got a phone call from my mum saying I have received a letter from this company, stating a debt of £89 that I owed Sky.. Great. The letter also says, you must make payment by 03/01/2015 or they will recommend that Sky take further action against me. (this is where I have got a tiny bit worried). Finally, today I have received another generic email asking me to contact them. Here are my questions: Should I contact Sky, ask them to bring up my account history and find out if I owe them money? Is there anything to be worried about when they say "You must pay by the 3rd....." Also, I can't afford to be a credit check, yet alone pay for this bill.. Thanks! EDIT: The letter they sent to my parents house detailing the debt, also mentions the CORRECT address where I had Sky.
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