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  1. Thanks for all the replies. In my advert I included: "It's far from showroom condition but if you want a reliable runaround this is for you" I never had any problems with it so that was a true statement. Plus 2 garages never mentioned anything which is weird!
  2. Hi there, i recently sold my 2008 Vespa scooter as was hardly being used - only 350km in the 4 years I've owned it. I'm not mechanically minded at all, so every year I've taken for an MOT I've had all the work done that I've been told has been required - over £1000 of receipts during this time. The MOT had expired so I dropped it to a garage. They took it to a MOT centre 16 Aug and it failed on sticking brakes and faulty indicator. which the garage fixed, they then took it back to the MOT centre and it passed with no advisories on 22 Aug. I sold the scooter privately on 19 September after the buyer came to view. On 21 September I received a text saying the head gasket was blown and water pump failed which would cost £4-600 to fix. I explained that it had just had a new MOT, been to a garage and an MOT centre and nothing had been mentioned to me. I offered £100 as a goodwill gesture around 3 weeks ago. Yesterday I received another text saying it has been with a local dealership, they do not know what the issue is but need to strip down the engine to find the fault and have suggested a new engine or sell for scrap. Buyer says he has done less than 1 mile since purchase and wants a refund? Thanks in advance
  3. Okay, thanks!! Hopefully I will be back with some good news in the near future!
  4. Hi everyone, I have just been pointed to this site, and on reading through the guides and FAQs sounds like I may be able to recoup a bit of much needed cash! The main focus seems to be on bank charges rather than credit card, relating to overdrawn fees, unpaid DD's and unpaid cheque fees. My situation relates to a Capital One credit card and late payment fees. I have incurred a number of late payment fees because Capital One have claimed to receive my standing order payments after the 'minimum payment to have cleared into your account by' dates, even though on my bank account shows that it left my account before. So my question is simply - can I claim for these fees that I have incurred? Thanks in advance
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