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  1. tried the letter before action route, asked all the relevant questions, ie did they take part in dispute resolution etc. Got the same bog standard response back from the hotel then pretty much word for word from someone higher up the food chain in the company, if you will.. basically my daughter signed the terms and condtions, she knew it was non refundable,, tough luck. this was before I found out they had rebooked the date, so I may give it one final shot pointing out its a disguised penalty etc. Think they won't care though ..
  2. thank you, I will read it now. I have learnt (by being a little sneaky and firing off some wedding enquiries as an interested "bride" that the venue has managed to fill the empty slot now, so effectively they have made a profit as there is no way their time and effort came to £1000. My daughter is concerned small claims would be tricky to do and risky, im wondering if the office of fair trading would be able to assist...
  3. Hi quick query. been looking at the unfair terms in consumer contracts regulations 1999 to see if it will help me. my daughter cancelled her wedding, there are still over 8 months till the date, its peak wedding season so i have no doubt the venue can get a new booking. her total cost was £3200 she had to pay a deposit when booking of £1000 which is non refundable. true the terms do state it is not refundable however the Act says the contract may be unfair if irrevocably binding the consumer to terms with which he had no real opportunity of becoming acquainted before the conclusion of the contract; unfair if requiring any consumer who fails to fulfil his obligation to pay a disproportionately high sum in compensation; also i think there is a 1977 law that states it is unfair to retain a large sum if the losses incurred by a company are not proportionate to what they keep? I've written briefly to the company and their response is sorry, you signed, tough luck (not quite so blunt) I wonder should I just cut my losses or write a sterner letter? I appreciate they may have incurred some costs, but no food bought etc, plenty of time to rent out the venue again etc... thoughts anyone? thank you x
  4. Thank you Nystagmite! Very nervous, its been a while! But if I don't give it a try, I will never know! Exciting times x
  5. Hi, I have been on incapacity for a while, for depression and back problems. I have been doing some voluntary work, and tentatively looking for work to get back "out there". Well, I have now been offered a job! I think I am well enough to do it, its not physically demanding so will not affect my back and I think my depression might be less if i had a reason to get up everyday! But how do I get off incapacity benefit? Do I just ring them and say I have a job? And what happens about getting a P45? I will not be financially better off, but I would rather be working and boost my confidence and self esteem. Help!!
  6. hope so! it is my opinion that this woman tried to [problem] me by just not sending out the vouchers. should i contact the police about this matter as well, or would they not be interested? i am just spitting mad that she could do this!!
  7. hi, dont know if this is the right place to post this but maybe someone can advise. I recently saw some thomas cook vouchers advertised on a website for sale. I am trying to save money on my holiday as we all are, so I made an offer to the seller which they accepted. She said she wanted payment through paypal as this was safer all round for both of us. So I duly sent the money, including extra to pay for special delivery signed for. She said the money was received and entered a tracking number to show they had been sent. On trying to track the item i realised it was not a valid tracking code. i contacted her asking her to send me the correct royal mail tracking code which is 13 digits. she said she would contact royal mail. initially she said royal mail could not trace it. I was insistent she send me the tracking number but she still did not, kept fobbing me off. I contacted paypal who have put a dispute on her acct. she now says the vouchers have been sent back to her address by royal mail. she still hasnt given me the tracking number so i can validate this. ive said why dont you just send the vouchers now, once i receive them i can call paypal and tell them the matter has been resolved. but no she wants to issue me a refund, then send the vouchers as she "trusts me" then when i receive them i can pay her again. its all a bit dodgy. my question is, paypal have told me if she does not provide a reciept, they will issue me a refund. but what if she has spent the money already, and there are no funds in her bank account? can they still take the money back off her, even if there are no funds in her account? I also wonder if I should contact the police, as her refusal to send me a tracking number is worrying, its an easy enough thing to do and i have asked several times!!
  8. oh sorry, fault it went in with was low power, car starting up but not being v powerful and then stopping, low compression i think.
  9. hia, no we didnt drive it, as it wasnt driveable! my bf has a recovery truck, which we drove from plymouth to bristol and back. bf is still trying to find what the fault is. im not a mechanic myself so excuse me if i dont put the right words down but think i have described what the situation was. also the timing was all out as well. it may be that we have to buy a second hand engine for him to fit, hes looked at the pistons, head etc, had a thorough look over the engine, tightened bits etc (again sorry if im not being very technicial here but not my area of expertise!!) but whatever it is, new sparks and leads were not the problem and therefore not necessary.
  10. hi, my daughter lives in a different area from me, and when her car developed a fault she took it to a garage. they told her it "might" be the spark plugs and leads so they would try that. this didnt fix the fault, and the old ones would have been fine. the car still does not drive. they wanted to do more work to see if something else was the problem, we said no take it out the garage, and we recovered the car ourselves and drove it to where we live (my chap is a mechanic). not only have they not found what the fault is, they have fitted parts that did not need fitting. they have also broken the catch on the bonnet and did not secure the rocker cover - and they had put the hg leads on the wrong way round!! they told her they could not give her a refund on the parts as they had now been fitted and they could not return them to their supplier, they also did not offer any compensation for the part they had broken. Wonder if there is a template for a letter I could send???
  11. phew. as it was when i did phone i did tell him that i had no recollection of signing for it anyway. i probably did but oct 05 is a long time ago, i cant honestly remember! my ex sponged off me as i was working full time and he did not have a bank account, wish id made him get one, still you live and learn!! so il hope there is no correspondence till july or ignore correspondence then respond that i have no knowledge of signing for it and its SB anyway.
  12. the DCA is transcom, im surprised they found me as ive reverted to my maiden name and moved a lot since my divorce. i havent responded to them, wish id not contacted carphone warehouse now and just waited a month Im just going to ignore any letters for the time being. if it comes down to it, maybe i could argue that CW were negligent, they were fully aware from the time I stopped paying that I was not the user of the phone and that my ex was still using it as he told them and tried to swap the contract over to his name in july 06, yet despite this they continued to provide a service right up till dec 06 which is how the debt was accrued. surely they should have disconnected it as soon as they knew it was not being used by me.
  13. the debt was in england. the last payment was made from my account in june 06, though the account was not disconnected till dec 06. i myself had no contact with carphone warehouse apart from when i (apparently) set up the contract in oct 05. the only other contact they have had since then was with my ex when he tried to change contract to his name as he was the one using the phone. apart from phoning carphone warehouse today i have had no contact. i said to the man i had no recollection of setting the acct up, thats not to say i didnt, as it was coming out of my account, just oct 05 is a long time ago and i really cant remember!!
  14. hi, i got a letter from a dca this week, thats why i went to carphone warehouse and they gave me the info about the old account. i wish i hadnt now as this acknowledges debt doesnt it? suppose i could write and ask for copy of CCA, maybe they dont have it from that long ago?? technically it never changed ownership, it was always in my name but used by the ex, never me; he didnt have a bank acct so muggins got to take all the bills on (one of the reasons i left!!) carphone warehouse do have on file though that he was the one using it, as he both wrote in to them in jul 06 and called into the shop to see if he could change it over, which he couldnt without my consent. but he never mentioned it to me, and to be honest it was the last thing i was worried about as i was dealing with moving, a marriage break up and recovering from major surgery! wasnt a good year lol.
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