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Found 8 results

  1. On the 30th of June. I handed in my two week notice at work. To my surprise I was asked not to come back (after further questioning I was told it was because I was a system administrator for their database) and to also hand it my ID and door key. I was told I would be paid for the 10 days of my notice. When negotiating my salary I was told by my manager that they could not increase my salary but will offer me 2 bonuses. First installment, on the 1st of July and the second next year January. Quote from a written e-mail from my boss "Please be aware that from July 1-2014, after your training period has finished, we will offer you a one months bonus (£*,***) to be earned on top of your salary based on set targets." So i sent him this email asking for my bonus "As per agreed in my employment contract, I am due a bonus of £**** from the 1th of July after successfully completing my 3 months probation period, training period and meeting my set targets. Can you please pay me in 7-10 days including my month’s salary (plus notice period pay) and my accrued holiday pay ?" He replied Saying he disagrees that I have no right to a bonus this period. Please help and advice me. I settled for the small salary because of the extra bonus included and promised. I feel like I'm entitled, due to the fact that I met and completed all the requirements.
  2. Hi, I'm after a bit of advice please as I am not sure if I am being premature in my worries... I've been working out a month's notice period and it was my last day yesterday. I have not received my final pay yet in my bank account from 21 March - 4 April and I am worried I'll now have to chase HR for it. Legally, should it have been in my account yesterday? I thought I'd give it until 5pm Monday before I chase to see if it appears on Monday, but it'd be good to know of my legal rights if I need to chase it up. Many thanks
  3. Hi, I am working out my notice period but in error, my employer has already notified HMRC that I have left and I have received my P45 in the post during the week. I asked them whether I'll get an updated version when I leave but they said as they've already notified HMRC, they won't send another. Is this right and also are there any major implications if I just keep this one in terms of either my final pay or tax codes for new employer, etc...? Also, does this technically mean I shouldn't be in the office!!
  4. Hi, I'm looking to see if anyone has any experience in the following situation. This morning's post brought written two months notice that the Landlord requires possession of the house (assured shorthold periodic tenancy). We have not yet formally accepted the notice but we have already found another property. Ideally we'd like to move within two weeks; this will allow enough time to complete the necessary administration and vacate the house with two calendar months remaining in the notice period. Now naturally we don't wish to pay rent on those two remaining months. Current thinking is in the formal acceptance of the notice period we state that the house will be vacated in two weeks and this date shall be the end of the tenancy. If the Landlord does not accept this date what options do we have? Thanks for your replies in advance! GT
  5. Hi, I have recently been (unfairly) dismissed and among many issues in regards to this employer, I have one issue, which I am not quite sure how to deal with. The contract states “if the company does not provide you with any work during the notice period, you will not be entitled to access any premises of the Company but you shall continue to receive your full remuneration and other benefits there under. Instead of crediting my bank account as usual, the company sent me a cheque for the week’s notice payment based on the Net Pay – an amount that would be correct if they had deducted tax and NI contribution. However, as this payment is not included on my payslips or the P45, I am left to suspect that the company pocketed the taxable portion and paid me the Net Pay equivalent. In hope to clarify this situation I wrote many emails and they replied to all of them but without being clear as to why the sum is based on the Net Pay. When I have asked them to provide me with details on how much exactly they have deducted for tax or NI contributions, they’ve simply ignored that part of the question. The company’s latest explanation is as follows: “The Company has paid you that sum equivalent to the net value of one week's wages as damages for you not being permitted to work out your notice period, this is not subject to tax and national insurance.” It seems that no matter what way I approach the question they deliberately do not tell me the details of why this is based on the Net Pay. Neither have they given me holiday pay that was accumulated for the week. Anyone has any advice on this? I thank you in advance for any help or advice you can give me.
  6. My job is currently at threat from redundancy - which has given me obvious cause to check my contract in more detail. It appears that my notice period is not in line with my colleagues. I joined 5 years ago as a junior straight from university. Whilst my responsibilities, seniority & salary have increased during this time I have not signed a new contract. My contract states my notice period to be 5 weeks (1 week for every year served). However of 20 in our team 17 are on a 3 month notice period as they joined as 'experienced hires'. We all have the same job title / responsibilites and I know for a fact that I am paid more than 6 others. In other words I believe my contract has not been changed through the years to reflect the 'normal contract terms' for a person of my seniority. Do I have legal redress to have my notice period increased to bring me in line with my team? They will obviously not want to change the terms right now as they are in the process of making half our team redundant!
  7. Hello, I would really appreciate some advice. I have a new job starting in January and am wondering where I stand in terms of my notice period and the Christmas break / pay. My contract states that I am required to give one months notice to leave, therefore does this mean that if I hand in my notice on 2nd December, with my final day being 2nd January, that I will receive holiday pay for the Christmas period? Or is there a loophole that means the company will not have to pay me for this time? At my current company we are given 20 days holiday and 8 public holiday days per year (1st Jan - 31st of December) additionally the office closes during the Christmas period (23rd December - 3rd Jan) with my contract stating that "you will receive this time in addition to your other holiday entitlement" I have also already taken 18 of my allocated 20 holiday days. Thank you!
  8. I work for one of the big 4 accountancy firms and resigned to join a competitor on 15 June this year. I am on a 13 week notice period and it was mutually agreed that I could leave on 9 September. Last Wednesday I was suspended on full pay following an allegation that I had downloaded a large volume of confidential data (client and firm data) and the firm is now conducting an investigation which will involve, amongst other things, the Forensic IT team coming to my house on Wednesday to scan my home PC for the files that I am believed to have taken, email accounts to verify that I have not sent them to a third party and then to delete the files to their satisfaction. I have told them that the reason for the download was to back up files as a precaution when I believed that my work laptop was about to fail. This happened a) before I resigned and b) before I even had an offer from my new employer. I am confident that none of this has been sent anywhere and I am really not bothered about the data at all - they are welcome to that. What concerns me most is that this may be followed by a disciplinary hearing and dismissal for gross misconduct. What I am hoping for is to be able to delay any disciplinary hearing beyond 9 September as I know that they can't sack me after I've left. I want to use any legitimate means possible to achieve this. I am helped by having w/c 15/8 and w/c 22/8 booked as holiday and can't be contacted during that time. Realistically they will not complete the investigation this week so that leaves w/c 29/8 and w/c 5/9 (9 working days) for them to get me to a disciplinary hearing. I have thought of the following: Sickness - I am able under the firm's policy to self certify myself sick for 1 week. I understand that they should re-arrange once if I am off sick. Companion - If my chosen companion for the hearing is unavailable they have to rearrange if they are available within 5 working days. I suspect that she is on holiday during w/c 5/9. Extended holiday - is there anything to stop me extending my holiday or shifting it to eat into more of the time at the end of the notice period? This would be easy to do as it not something that has been booked. Any other suggestions? Given that I am going to a competitor I'm not convinced that they will be willing to believe my reason for taking the backup in the first place. Thanks.
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