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  1. the p45 is needed to proove i have worked in uk once i get my p45 i'll have to send it to the HMRC who will resend me my U1 with this U1, the french government can see i have worked in uk for 3 years and i can get allowment + retirement points... i havent got this paper so for the french governement its like i never worked in 3 years... i will ask around in France what are the laws
  2. Hi everybody I need your help, but first of all sorry about my english... I am french and i lived and worked in UK for 3 years in march 2010 i decided to move back to France so i resigned from where i worked, received my last payment but not my p45 In france i kept asking to my ex employer for my p45 because i needed it in france otherwise i couldnt find a job! but i didnt receive it June 2010 my ex employeur sent me a salary of 1200 pounds??? i called them asked them what it was?? error from them!!! I sent it back and asked for my p45 July 2010 still no p45 but another payment of 1200 pounds i called them again...error again and i sent back the money! August 2010 still no p45 yet another 1200 pounds in my account this time i called them but i keept the 1200 pounds! i want and need my p45!!!!! but nothing...today we are end of january 2011 and they ask me for the money and more apparently i havent sent them the one of july!!!! 2400 pounds!!! what should i do?? i dont wana send it because i havent got my p45 and if i wasnt honest with them they wouldn't have known! i want to ask them to pay 50 euros per month + bank fees in france...they'll get the total money in 2015! but is it legal? and is it legal from them? i mean what about the taxes in that salary, how did they justify to keep paying me after i left?? help please!!!! i am in france now and i dont know what to do!!! thanks a lot for your help!
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