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  1. Hi OK All started September 2014 when my old company started to have cash flow problems. We have been all promised that we will be paid on weekly basis but that didn't happen. In the middle of December i have been made redundant as " we cannot justify your current position any longer" true is that I was on daily base asking them when i will be paid and that's why they have made me redundant - as my old boss said to my colleague "he didn't adjust to current policy" what policy not being paid!!! anyway since that day I had to get ACAS involved in January as they didn't want to pay me - no reasons given plus no payslips no p45 Got my COT3 in February as we got settlement and i have agree to get my salaries to be paid in 4 payments across 4 months. Got only two payments and they do not want to pay me any more . I email them that if i'm not pay I will take action and enforce this as recommended by ACAS and also told them that I will report them to HMRC as they didn't provide me with P45 and my payslips next day got email with my P45 and question is can they give me p45 without first paying of my outstanding salaries? P45 looks ok - all numbers match to what i should get if i'm fully pay off by them Thanks Jan
  2. Hi Guys Hoping someone will be able to help me with this Can my old employer give me P45 without first paying my outstanding salaries Regards Jan
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