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  1. Hi, I'm after a bit of advice please as I am not sure if I am being premature in my worries... I've been working out a month's notice period and it was my last day yesterday. I have not received my final pay yet in my bank account from 21 March - 4 April and I am worried I'll now have to chase HR for it. Legally, should it have been in my account yesterday? I thought I'd give it until 5pm Monday before I chase to see if it appears on Monday, but it'd be good to know of my legal rights if I need to chase it up. Many thanks
  2. Hi, thanks for the feedback. I have not received my final salary yet - I leave in just over a week's time. My new employer seems perfectly fine with the P45 that the company I'm serving notice to has already issued to me in error. What kind of impact could it have on my final pay please? It seems to me they want to leave it as there's lots of admin involved to get me back on as an employee but if there are risks to my tax etc... I will def push it with them to get a P45 on my final date here.
  3. Hi, I am working out my notice period but in error, my employer has already notified HMRC that I have left and I have received my P45 in the post during the week. I asked them whether I'll get an updated version when I leave but they said as they've already notified HMRC, they won't send another. Is this right and also are there any major implications if I just keep this one in terms of either my final pay or tax codes for new employer, etc...? Also, does this technically mean I shouldn't be in the office!!
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