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Found 6 results

  1. Concerning the issue of whether we are a casual worker or a an employee there is many criteria to consider for example the time we work for the employer, our skills, whether he employs us only in case of shortage or during peak time or he uses us in the normal running of our business...etc. However I would like to know if the conclusive evidence is not when the P45 has been issued because if it has been issued one year after the start of employment this means that we are now an employee. It is up to the employer to decide if he need us anymore or nor and as a consequence if he send us our P45 or not. If the employer decides because it is not convenient for him not to issue a P45 at the end of each project we could be consider as an employee There is also the issue of HMRC and in order the employer not to pay tax maybe a worker has to work only for a small period of time and not come back for a long time There is also the issue of the difference between temporary employee and a casual worker
  2. I purchase a car on 29th Sept 2016 from a garage in Surrey. The car is a "lemon" when I went on the companies house to see where to send my letter of complaint under the Consumer Credit Act 1985 I found that it was dissolved in Nov 2016. I downloaded the DS01 form and found that it had been signed and dated 22 August 2016. It means that the garage sold me a car when it should not have been trading under that name. Am I right ? They may have got away with me claiming my money back from their Limited Company but has the director been acting according to the Law ? If not , who should I notify so that he gets prosecuted ? Companies House ? The Inland Revenue ? Your valuable expert advice is appreciated . Many thanks !!
  3. Would anyone be so kind as to tell me what wording I should use to apply on a County Court Order to make an striking out order absolute. The Claim was Struck out by the Judge and gave the Claimants the right to apply to get it set aside within 7 days. The Claimants who happen to be a firm of solicitors did not apply to get it set aside and are now a long time outside the 7 days. Yet they are still chasing me for the debt and saying they will get the order set aside if I do not pay. Would anyone be able to tell me how I can go back to the Courts and now get the order made absolute. I have the Order I am just not sure on the wording I would have to use. Thank you so very very much for all your kind help.
  4. Hi - would appreciate any advice on how to proceed given the following situation: A few months ago I was dismissed on the grounds of "some other substantial reason". I followed the company's appeal process and was unsuccessful and a result I have lodged a claim at the Employment Tribunal. I submitted my claim and at the last possible moment, the Respondent submitted their response. The document bundle was due last week but has not been submitted. The Respondent has proposed a new timeline with the bundle to be submitted at the middle of next week. My legal representation has been through my home insurance. They have said that we may as well go with the new timeline as to get the claim struck out due to the delay would take just as long. My thoughts are that I am not worried about the reasons for delay by the Respondent. They have not adhered to the timeline and we should pursue the option of getting the claim struck out. Please could you advise on this? Also - I am worried about the capability of the legal representation as there were a number of errors in the claim submitted to the Tribunal. They didn't come back to me with this update despite me emailing them on Monday and only found out the current situation on calling them. Are they just busy or poor? How can I find out how effective my representation actually are? TIA
  5. Hi guys, Would be grateful for some advice. I have made a claim for unfair dismissal against my ex-employer as their restructure and redundancy was bogus. I am not here to dispute the validity of the redundancy but how the ET process works. Case management orders have been made to which I have complied with but the respondent has not. They (their lawyers) have asked for a variation to the orders which have not been granted (to date). I objected to this when they requested it. They have not even adhered to their variation of the dates when they made an application to the ET which I made the ET of aware of. I asked for documents which they dispute as irrelevant to which I requested an order for disclosure twice before eventually got one (I think it was granted on the application of my first request). They now want a case management hearing (because of a lack of "clarity") and want the hearing to run over several days (there would be cost implications here). I objected to this on the grounds that they were aware of what I was alleging and are trying to buy time. They now want a further extension so that they can exchange witness statements as they want the case management hearing first. I have given mine (naturally due to the case management orders) and have objected to their request again. For me all that is left now is the hearing (unless they are granted the case management hearing) and for the company to disclose the documents. They seem very unwilling to give these documents and to be honest with you it would have been easier to give them and then argue about it in court. What I would like to know is how can I get part if not all of their responses struck out - what do I need to do? Its unfair that I have adhered to the orders and have spent so much time even to the extent that I am spending evenings and weekends working on my case. They obviously know how the rules work and as I am representing myself, I am at a disadvantage. I have stated to the ET that they are being unreasonable. I'm personally getting fed up with whatever game they are playing. Many thanks.
  6. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2160388/Controversial-plan-stop-striking-workers-receiving-tax-credits.html?ito=feeds-newsxml
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