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  1. ok, thank you for your assistance and I will do as advised. So, just to be clear, in-case the UC staff at the jobcentre were persistant or refusing to accept without those documents, I understand that i dont need to provide a P45 or payslips if i dont have any ?
  2. Hi The company i used to work for has closed down, I do not have a P45 to claim benefits and I am unable to contact them by phone or in person. The company no longer exists, theres another shop there instead which has opened up. I only have payslips from December 2017 which is another company i used to work for (and I was paid cash-in-hand). These small busineses did not give us payslips but only when we needed one and asked for it they would supply it. Will I able to get universal credit if i dont have a P45 or payslips ? What will happen now ?
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