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  1. Wow, I believe her words were - If a grievance is raised and not mediated, then his next option could be a tribunal for constructive dismissal! you cou,d have a strong case, because of the witholding of wages, and non continuance of employment.- I'd never even heard those words together in a sentence before she said that. Does the 97% failure apply to all tribunals, or just ones for that purpose?, out of interest. Because i've been wandering around the forums looking for general success stories, and there don't seem to be many.
  2. Thank you so much for your advice sidewinder. I spoke at length with ACAS last night, and after going through the finer points she advised that if can't be settled through an informal route, then it looks like a strong case for constructive dismissal. I hope it doesn't come to that, but I fear mediation is a waste of time. These people expect workers to toe the line, do as they're told, and don't even think about questioning anything, and if they do...expect to be fed a load of BS/and or have your job, and reputation ruined. In the meantime, am I right in thinking that my SO
  3. I think I know the company you mean. I have a family member and a friend who work there, and it's an issue for them too. Not only that, but they'll spend 2-3 hours driving around with one order at a time 10-15 mile round trips, and the told to go home at 9.00 because it's quiet.I dread to think how that works out P/H when you take off the cost of petrol and your shifts cut short by 3 hours.
  4. Good Afternoon CAG. Whilst our current situation is complicated and tediously long, i'm going to try and stick to the basics, and hope that someone out there can advise me on what to do next. Very long story short. Partner and brother both work for same employers, which up until spring of 2013 had an equal 50/50 share in a company (boss B bought half the business in 2008). Boss B, bought out Boss A with a regular transfer of undertakings. With all of the rules and rights that go along with TUPE. Boss A, confirmed this to me last night, and is going to help us out with a solici
  5. Ok, thank you for your help, I *think* I understand. He would never wait and not pay it, it just seemed strange to me, since i'd been in the exact same circumstance, with same councils/time of year, and just started paying in April. There has been no refund to his knowledge on the old account, but i'll him to chase it up on monday. Thanks again..excellent forum by the way.
  6. Yeah, I know they're not actually *free*, but both councils operate this method (10 annual payments) , and I actually moved here, to and from the same councils 2 years ago, on march 6th and never had any kind of backdated bill. I just had my march annual bill like everyone else, which is why I am wondering why his is different. No, the sewage and water charges are 100% certainly not part of CT payments.
  7. Hi, thanks in advance for any advice received. My brother has recently moved into the same area as me, under the same council. He decided to move at this time of the year, as feb/march are both council tax "free" months for both his old/new councils, and obviously, the extra money comes in handy for moving expenses. He notified the council within 48 hours of getting the keys to his new place, with the new tenancy beginning on the 15th feb. He has never had any arrears on his previous property, and the account it up to date, and closed., He expected to get the standard, annual
  8. I have just finished reading 10 pages worth of posts, in which another poster was arrested whilst the police let a member of the public enter his home and steal goods. Now i'm a pretty intelligent person, but surely, what i've read CANNOT POSSIBLY have happend again? I don't know what to say OP, I will follow this thread, as I will the other and only pray that someone will have the book well and truly aimed at their heads. As for all of the other caggers, I have been reading this site for a long time now, never usually venture into this part of the forum, but i'm glad I did, because it sh
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