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  1. Thanks for the reply.. 1. So if you TUPE into a matched role, you cannot opt for redundancy - even if the 'matched' role is not what you had been doing previously? If you are offered an alternative role, you can opt for redundancy, correct? 4. Unions.. I wish. Our part of the company (apparently) doesn't recognize the union that we could use - the communication workers union. I think there are about 2 out of 200 people that are - and these are in the parts of the business that do recognize the Union. This basically means we have little-or-no good, unbiased advice. ...Which i
  2. Hi there I am one of a number of employees that will be TUPEd into a new company that was created to 'hive off' part of the business and provide a specific function. The function is moving it's head office to a part of the country with low wages - cost cutting is the primary reason for these TUPEs and proposed redundancies. There will be over 200 of us TUPEing and we have been already told that there will be redundancies as part of the process (as some of the roles have simply too many people assigned to them). The process has been going on for some time and information has been
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