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Found 10 results

  1. i have just had a letter back saying my credit card around 2001-4 is outside of banks retention period so they cannot provide the data i asked for for my sar. so i assume the ppi complaint i sent will also be declined.... shocking.... they are of course lying through their back teeth any suggestions of how i should respond???
  2. Hi quick query. been looking at the unfair terms in consumer contracts regulations 1999 to see if it will help me. my daughter cancelled her wedding, there are still over 8 months till the date, its peak wedding season so i have no doubt the venue can get a new booking. her total cost was £3200 she had to pay a deposit when booking of £1000 which is non refundable. true the terms do state it is not refundable however the Act says the contract may be unfair if irrevocably binding the consumer to terms with which he had no real opportunity of becoming acquainted before the conclusion of the contract; unfair if requiring any consumer who fails to fulfil his obligation to pay a disproportionately high sum in compensation; also i think there is a 1977 law that states it is unfair to retain a large sum if the losses incurred by a company are not proportionate to what they keep? I've written briefly to the company and their response is sorry, you signed, tough luck (not quite so blunt) I wonder should I just cut my losses or write a sterner letter? I appreciate they may have incurred some costs, but no food bought etc, plenty of time to rent out the venue again etc... thoughts anyone? thank you x
  3. Hi all. Recently my parents decided to move their Phone/Internet/TV over to Sky from Virgin Media, as there was an offer available from Sky for Free Family Package TV, £10 Unlimited Fibre Internet and £16.40 Line rental per month, so basically £26.40/month as opposed to the £56/month they were paying to Virgin for 100Mb Internet, basic TV and Phone calls/line rental. The day before Sky were due to install the TV, and a week before they were due to take over the phone line, my parents got a call from Virgin Media and handed it to me (as I tend to do all this kind of thing for them) and it was someone from a retentions team. I discussed the package we were going to get with him, and he offered to lower my parents monthly bills to £24.50/month for the same Internet and TV, but upgrading the phone package to the top XL package. We weren't too bothered about the phone upgrade, and my parents weren't bothered about the Sky Family package, they were fine with the basic Virgin TV package (basically Freeview with catchup), the whole point of the exercise was to save money. Plus the Virgin Media broadband was 100Mb rather than 40Mb from Sky, so we agreed to stay with Virgin Media and cancel the Sky installation. However, the following day my parents turned on the TV and found that all channels except 1-5 were now greyed out on the Virgin Media box. Upon logging onto the online account I found that the TV element of their package had been completely removed when the phone package was upgraded. I immediately called Virgin Media up, explaining the situation to them, however the person I spoke to said that the only ones who could do the package for the agreed price were the retentions team who spoke to me originally, however they could only call out and I couldn't be transferred through to them. He advised he could see the notes on the account fo what was discussed and there was no mention of TV, which there wouldn't be as we never discussed altering it at all. All he could do was send a form requesting they contact me within 48 hours. This was a bit of an issue as availability at home was going to be spotty over the weekend, then during the week everyone was going to be away from home. There was no call that day, so I called again the following (Saturday) morning, spoke to someone who said they'd mail the person I spoke to directly in order to advise them of our availability and again explain the situation. No call again late that afternoon, so I called once more. This time the person I spoke to discussed with me the possibility of re-adding the TV package as it was before, and downgrading the phone package back to what it had been previously, at a price of £26/month. I agreed to this, though asked for the contact request for the original person to be left open. The advisor assured me this was now all done and the TV package would be back in 24-48 hours. However, today, More than 48 hours later, no TV package showing on the account when I login online (and now nobody at home until Friday evening). I suspect the cause of the issue is simply some misunderstanding or mis-communication, but the main problem is the poor service I've received when attempting to resolve the issues. I know I know, should've recorded phone calls or got confirmations in writing and the like. Well that's exactly what I intend to do now. Does anyone have a good Virgin Media e-mail address to contact to explain the situation and attempt to get some resolution to this? E-mail contact is going to be the only viable option for the week anyway.
  4. I swear by GOD SAKE I Vodafone Customer Service is HORRIBLE (well, some of you would probably know that) But I can't still believe I waited for 1hr 48 min and got nothing at the end after a failed chat conversation with an RETENTION Agent that seemed to be a comedian, even using LOL in front of my face. I do honestly need some serious advice on this as I am planning to take this to even the last consequences. I can't believe they hire this people and then they just said they are having a friendly approach :!::!: Please help me and advise me how could I counter attack and what could I say in tomorrow conversation...
  5. I recently spoke to Vodaphone about leaving them as my bills at £50 a month were too high for me. of course, their Retentions team were falling over themselves to help keep me. They offered me a new contract at £21 a month with free texts, free calls and alot more data to use. I also asked if they could replace my iphone 4s for an exact same model as part of the deal as I had dropped it in water awhile back and although still working, it occasionally turned itself off and lost sound etc. When my new phone came I was really pleased but it took just over a week to realise that I had hardly any memory. Thats when I realised that i had been tricked into receiving an 8G phone instead of the 'exact replacement' that they had promised. Although I dealt with them via live chat and have full transcripts of the conversation, they will not replace the phone. Looking back at the conversation, each time i asked if the phone would be the same they said yes and dodged around the issue. I didn't realise to check the memory when it came until all of a sudden I took a few pictures and was out of memory. Surely its almost false advertising to not mention any differences when I explicitly asked? Any advice anyone could provide I would be grateful as im apparently now stuck in a 24 month contract Amy
  6. We hired a dog friendly motorhome for a few days and the hirers said they would waive the dog cleaning fee (£75) if we did it ourselves. When we picked the motorhome up the carpet was stained, the door was open and it wasn't until later that we realised it smelt of smoke. Going down the road the windscreen wipers stuck at the edge of the windscreen & we had to pull up 4 times in wind and rain on the hard shoulder of the motorway to release them....fortunately we weren't going too far. The water in the onboard tank tasted bad too. On cleaning the motorhome out one of my granddaughters found a syringe and lighter in a cubbyhole. At the end of our period of hire we cleaned the motorhome to a high standard, it took us 40 minutes and was probably cleaner than when we picked it up, and I called the hirers to arrange to drop it off. I got a call back to say they weren't expecting us that day and to leave it outside their premises. I do have an email that confirms dates & times of collection & drop off. I got an email the next day with a picture that shows hair on the carpet that doesn't even look like our dog's hair and certainly wasn't there when we dropped the motorhome off. They also informed us that they were charging us £75 deep cleaning fee because of that hair. Where do we stand with this, do we chalk it up to experience or threaten to take them to small claims court? I am pretty disgusted really as we are always very conscious of not wanting to mess things up for other dog owners and make sure any place we stay is left immaculate. I have asked them to post the hair to us so we can check it....they have conveniently ignored that. Thanks for any help.
  7. Hope this in the correct part of Forum. My Mother went into hospital with a urine infection and has slight Parkinsons. She was with the aid of a zimmer and my sisters help able to get around the house. Due to the fact my sisiter also has her own problems (bone cancer) it was decided initially to provide a care service at home for my Mother on her return there. Her bed was to be brought downstairs and carers would come in 3 times a day to hoist her in and out of bed etc. However due to her deteriation in Hospital (the ward has a tummy bug) a "Social Worker" has now come on the scene stating. It would be best if my Mother was to go for 6 weeks into a Nursing/Care Home as it's now felt that "they" could not supply adequate care at her home. I suspect that this is a ploy to get her permanently of their books and into the Care Home system. She would have to pay for the Care in a "Home". However my 50 yr old sister has always lived with my Mother and the question was asked "Does my Mother have her own home" Ans. "yes" So to finally get to the point. How does my sister stand. Will they force the house to be sold etc, or does my sister have any rights to what is "her family home" or just kick her out. She herself is on DLA etc due to her conditions. Advice appreciated. Peter
  8. My apologies if this posting is in the wrong slot. I recently paid a small bill for someone online using a debit card (under £10) to avoid their domain name being lost. Bill paid at webfusion (123-reg). To my surprise I was prevented from deleting my card details on their system and they refused to remove them when contacted until alternative card details were supplied. I subsequently sent an extremely powerful letter (legal, clean and decent) threatening immediate action of various kinds. They promptly removed my details within hours as demanded. What is the law on such details been retained ? I have since asked staff at two banks and they had not got a clue (so they said).
  9. This briefing summarises the consultation paper by section, and provides some initial analysis and comment. The LGA will make its further analysis available to member authorities to assist with the preparation of consultation responses. These are due with DCLG by 24 September 2012. http://www.local.gov.uk/web/guest/briefings-and-responses/-/journal_content/56/10171/3651530/ARTICLE-TEMPLATE
  10. Hello, I've just paid off my 2 year contract for my mobile phone with T-mobile and set up a new one with T-mobile via Tesco . I have a PAC code because I need to retain my mobile number but T-mobile wont agree to transfer my old number to my new mobile contract. If I went to an alternative network I could take my number but I'm informed by T-mobile I can't do it in my case. I thought there was legislation to the effect that the number was mine to move as I like. Am I wrong? What can I do? What rights do I have? Thank you.
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