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Found 7 results

  1. Ford


    anyone into/follow football? your team, their team, no'ones team. all footy related comments/issues etc. post up. good result for the reds tonight. despite Rodgers aka David Brent re the 'envelopes' etc. top four? doubt it. Downing to go? Henderson? new manager? Messi worth 200m? Goal line technology? Diving? RefCam.... etc?
  2. There is this bunch of local kids around the ages of 6-7 years, definitely not more than 8 years playing very very noisy football right next to our house. All sorts of swearwords flying around between themselves as they play and they kicking the football into big metal garage doors (they use that as the goal). It is a huge bang at every 'goal' (every minute) and they do this for about 2 hours on most evenings from 7pm till 9pm and on weekends in good weather also on bank holidays and any other school holiday times when they go on for even 5 or 6 hours. It is insane! The position of our house is on a corner where 2 streets meet and these metal garage doors are located at the end of our garden. The houses of other residents located past these garage doors and I guess that is enough distance for them not having to 'enjoy' the racket these boys make. As far as I'm aware kids of that age are not even supposed to be let out from home without adult supervision. Been in touch with police on the 101 phone number. First time 3 months ago they were very helpful, they asked a lot of details and came out in 1 hour to deal with the kids. The boys obviously tried to do a runner but I think the police did manage to speak to 1 or 2 of them.... The kids started coming here again a few weeks ago and now their numbers are growing (last night 6 of them) and in line with that the number of loud bangs we have to suffer grows too as well as the general kids' shouting noise. They play on the road and there are garage doors on either side of the road so they just kicking the football around right on the road and kicking it into these metal doors on either side. This is a quiet residential area with not much traffic - moreover there is a park 5 minutes from here! The football obviously often lands in our garden (at least 3 times a week) and they just climb up our fence from the street, sometimes by pulling to the fence an object they find nearby as people do flytip on this particular street corner and the kids just come into our garden to look for their football. The football also goes into other people's sheds that is next to these garages and those only got wooden doors with a padlock locking it down but with large enough gaps under and above. These belong to residents in other streets nearby. The kids do climb in there too to retrieve the ball and been causing more than a little damage to the some of these shed doors. Last night I got home from work at 8pm only to find that 1 of these boys is ramaging around in our garden whilst the other boy is sitting on the top of our fence giving him directions which way to look for the football. I've obviously told them off as this is not the first time nor the second. I've then called the police on 101 again. I got an answer from the officer that 'what exactly do you expect from the police to do about little boys playing football?' So not so helpful this time.... Tried to explain the case of trespassing and how much of a nuisance they are but the officer just shrugged me off and hung up. Have contacted my local council 3 months ago with this issue but they said it's not in their authority to act (I asked if they could put up here a No Ball Play Area sign) because it is a normal residential area and not a council housing. I know that reading this might sound like I'm just some grumpy, old hag who just doesn't like kids but that is totally not the case at all. In fact for a few weeks after the police talked to them, the kids only came here 1-2 times a week and did not kick the ball into the metal doors and that was absolutely fine. Just wondering that if this is not the council's authority to deal with and neither does the police care then where shall we turn to change the current situation? Social services....? By the way we did talk to these boys a lot before on a friendly way to convince them that it's not safe to play football on the road like this and please don't kick the metal doors with the ball but obviously they don't give a flying monkeys....They claim but it might as well just be a lie that their parents don't allow them to play football in the park because they don't think it's safe.... Park only 5mins walk from here!!!
  3. After Nigeria was eliminated from the world cup the Nigerian captain personally offered to refund all the expenses of fans that travelled to Brazil . He said he just needs their bank details and pin numbers to complete the transaction.
  4. Three days ago I purchased football boots for my son. After wearing twice one of the studs came out. On inspection it is clear that the thread is damaged so I duly went back to sports direct because they were faulty. I had cleaned most of the mud off, but there was a small amount of dried mud on the sole of the boot. I was advised by the manager that due to health and safety, the boots need to be cleaned before they could accept them. I questioned this and was advised that Nike won't accept them dirty and it's due to foot and mouth. Is this the most ridiculous health and safety or are they correct?
  5. Hi guys, just a light hearted piece of advice needed, im having a classic head says one thing heart says another, i know the ultimate decision is up to me but what would you do. Im 29, Not very fit anymore at all, I used to play a lot of football (goalkeeper) from the age of 6-22 then stopped, have always missed it so looked at getting back in to it, Had my first 90 minutes the other day, i did ok, but the problem is obviously after/the next day, I had aches and pains and places i didnt know existed. I guess throwing 16 stone through the air and landing on elbows, back ect.. will do that. The team want me to sign up and be there keeper for the season starting but i just dont know if i am up to it physically, will these aches and pains get better, will recovery time improve or am i just to old, fat and out of shape. Help, decisions decisions
  6. I have a residents permit for parking in my street. I was parked legally within the residents bays on my road with my permit clearly on display. My road is on the outskirts of a football ground and occasionally the police / council place yellow cones on the street when there is a match and we park elsewhere. Today when i left my house there were no cones and i left at 7am. When i returned home my car was gone!. i called the police and they stated they had towed my car because it was causing an obstruction!. They now say i have to pay for the towing and release of my own car. Can they do this? My car wasnt causing an obstruction. It was parked where i always park, clearly in my bay. How can they tow it stating its an obstruction when its in my own bay for which i pay a permit. The cones were not there when i left my house. and i did not know there was a matchday. I cannot believe that they can make me pay for it when its not an obstruction. Can someone please help me figure out first whether they can legalllly tow my car when its not in an obstructing position and when i left my house there were no cones in the road to state this day would be a restricted parking day.
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