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Found 5 results

  1. Good Evening, I have been following some other advice on some of the other threads but it has come to the point where I need some extra help. Here is the story thus far... I am away at university in London and have been since the beginning of 2012 (February). Whilst away from home i have only been in temporary accommodation and have not changed my log book over to any term time addresses I have had. I can still receive post at my permanent address (Birmingham) albeit every 2-3mths when I return home or when my parents send a bulk package of letters to me. In March I woke up (in my London home of 8mths) to my car not being on the driveway and I immediately suspected it was stolen. I called trace and they had no record at the time of any car so I proceeded to liaise with the police with regards to reporting a crime etc... Later on in the afternoon I receive a call from the police stating that my car was impounded by BAILIFF A - on behalf of Newham Council!! When I rang the bailiff on his mobile, he did not give me details other than a grand total for 2 'No Right Turn - CCTV' fines dating to July and August 2012. He stated I had to pay to full price to get the car released and it had to do it online. I asked him where my car was taken and he refused to tell me the impound details. After securing an extremely high interest loan I paid the full amount and they gave me the location of where to pick up my car a clean 8 miles on the other side of London, and I went and collected it the same day! I read on here that a OOT Stat Dec should be filed straight away and I did that as obviously I am away at university and did not receive the documents in time to file at the time of the fine. That has been refused and I am in the process of filing an N244 with added information and photocopies of me living at the London address and my student status... I informed the council that all correspondence should be sent to my London address and they sent copies of all 'fine' paperwork they have on my vehicle. They have not sent any paperwork to me regarding the OOT Stat Dec although my address would of been stated as my London address... I would like to progress to try and cancel the CCTV ticket from Newham Borough Council due to the inadequately stated wording with regards to viewing the CCTV evidence they have but am not sure on the next stages to take post filing my N244?? I have contacted the bailiffs and received the following breakdown: 10/01/13 - Penalty £202 10/01/13 - Postal Request £11.20 13/02/13 - First Visit Levy £57 14/03/13 - Levy Visit Fee £60 14/03/13 - Auction Room Storage £15 14/03/13 - HPI Check £18 14/03/13 - Tow Truck £120 14/03/13 - Vehicle Seizure £200 14/03/13 - Visa Debit Commission Charge £1 VAT on above - £96.24 Total £780.44 28/02/13 - Penalty Charge £202 01/03/13 - Postal Request £11.20 14/03/13 - £13.64 VAT on above £13.64 Total £283.84 I did not receive any paperwork at the time the car was taken from my driveway, and I did not see any bailiff although I was in the house of the morning the car was "stolen" (asleep at those early hours - I'm a student!). I have the bailiffs names and they check out as certified at the time but they say they are not obliged to record the times of the visits or any other information as they are in the public record... I have also contacted the council for all details held on record and they have given me the standard reply of them doing nothing wrong administratively and they have received payment from the Bailiff company for the fine. If anyone can help with this massive fee recovery I would be very much so grateful... MJ P.S. Is there also a way to claim back the interest charged on the Loan I borrowed to get my car back?
  2. I have a residents permit for parking in my street. I was parked legally within the residents bays on my road with my permit clearly on display. My road is on the outskirts of a football ground and occasionally the police / council place yellow cones on the street when there is a match and we park elsewhere. Today when i left my house there were no cones and i left at 7am. When i returned home my car was gone!. i called the police and they stated they had towed my car because it was causing an obstruction!. They now say i have to pay for the towing and release of my own car. Can they do this? My car wasnt causing an obstruction. It was parked where i always park, clearly in my bay. How can they tow it stating its an obstruction when its in my own bay for which i pay a permit. The cones were not there when i left my house. and i did not know there was a matchday. I cannot believe that they can make me pay for it when its not an obstruction. Can someone please help me figure out first whether they can legalllly tow my car when its not in an obstructing position and when i left my house there were no cones in the road to state this day would be a restricted parking day.
  3. Last year my friend and I parked in a what we thought was a parking bay only to find the car had been clamped and towed away because it was private land. The only problem is it happended last year and I did send an appeal letter but it was obviously a waste of time. After reading some of the posts about the same firm I find myself becoming increasingly annoyed at being charged so much. Does anyone know if there is a time limit on taking action? It happened last november but back then wasn't sure if we had any grounds to take it any further.
  4. Hey there Need help... How does this sound: FORMAL COMPLAINT I am writing to appeal against my recent ludicrous fine of £395.00 to get my car released from the CES compound. Firstly, there is not adequate warning in the private car park that the car will be towed away if it is left there. The signs that I find actually look more like Neighbour Hood Watch signs. Secondly, the car was presumably ticketed, then clamped before it was towed. So why was I not given warning before it was towed away? Thirdly, the amount charged is the same figure that may be charged for a very serious offence such as drink driving. Under no circumstances would parking in a private car park, causing absolutely no obstruction, and not taking up any space (given that the car park was near empty) be considered as serious an offence as drink driving. Fourthly, when I called the number 0844 800 4944 I was met with a very rude response from a man, who also demanded this extortionate fee off me. It then took me a long time to get to Edmonton. The instructions of where the compound was were extremely unclear and so it took me an extra half an hour of walking around a strange part of London alone which - as a young, single female - is extremely dangerous. I am appealing because I am outraged and think the whole situation is disgraceful. Despite parking on private property, I didn't park in anyone's bay and I wasn't causing an obstruction. I have only VERY recently (two weeks) moved into the flats by the car park, so I was unaware of the potential threat to my car and had simply parked there briefly while I carried up heavy bags. Unless I get a full refund of £395.00 within 14 days I will be taking court action. My address is (blah blah) I look forward to receiving a cheque for £395.00 made payable to *****, before Tuesday 12th October 2010 ________ Any advice is MUCH appreciated on this. I have to send the letter tomorrow (Tuesday 28th) to be within the 7 days limit
  5. On Monday 6th Sept 2010, 7.10 pm I parked on a single yellow line in Charlotte Road round the corner from The Tram Shed Theatre, Shoreditch. I went back at 10,30 and my car was gone. Cut a long story short it had been towed away to Hackney pound. £260 release fee. Yes two hundred and sixty pounds! Unbelievable. And so inconsiderate and uncharitable.Pouring with rain, no tubes ( on strike) and I had to go back to Edmonton to collect my photo licence then go all the way back to Hackney again. I eventually got home at 3.00am. Digraceful on all accounts. Excessive release fee, unclear signs and no thought for a person stranded. Disgusting behaviour all round. Shameful.
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