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  1. I called them and they said ill have to speak to police customer services Who arent open until monday. Ive also called the garage who said i cant collect the car until monday... This means im left without a car today, and dont have a car to get to the garage. I think ill call the police customer services on monday and ask about their policy as you've suggested. I just thought if i have a permit to park for a whole year somewhere, and there was no signs saying there was football when i left my house, i shouldnt have to pay for the recovery. If they had to move it because of football and i have
  2. I have a residents permit for parking in my street. I was parked legally within the residents bays on my road with my permit clearly on display. My road is on the outskirts of a football ground and occasionally the police / council place yellow cones on the street when there is a match and we park elsewhere. Today when i left my house there were no cones and i left at 7am. When i returned home my car was gone!. i called the police and they stated they had towed my car because it was causing an obstruction!. They now say i have to pay for the towing and release of my o
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