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Found 9 results

  1. Just a brief overview.. I received a PCN from ES Parking Enforcement about 10 days ago. I attempted to make the payment a couple of days ago now, both by calling the number provided and on their website. It is saying that the number I have entered isn't recognised. They don't seem to make it easy to contact them, as they provide no email address (just an online form, which stated for business correspondence only. . and directs you elsewhere if you want to dispute the ticket - IAS? - but I don't want to appeal it I want the correct reference number!) I don't know how to go forward with this. I have no 'proof' I have attempted payment, so if it did go further it would be my word against theirs. I was thinking of writing a letter requesting the correct PCN reference number from them, but how much information should I include on this letter? Should I put my car registration number and date and time of issue, or just the original number they've issued me and let them deal with it. I know that sounds awkward, but they don't seem to make it easy for you, and the more I have read about them the more anxious I am getting about their response, as I don't imagine they'll still 'honour' the £60 'discounted' charge as by the time I've written to them and received a response it'll be outside the 14 days. Do I have a right to refuse to pay the 'full' amount of £100 based on the fact they have (presumably) written the wrong number on the ticket? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. The Department for Communities & Local Government today issued a Consultation Paper giving the public and businesses the opportunity to challenge yellow lines and unfair parking charges. The full details and the Consultation Paper are below: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/right-to-challenge-yellow-lines-and-unfair-parking-charges https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/348848/140830_-_Right_to_challenge_parking_paper_FINAL.pdf
  3. Hi all, Need help, I lived in a flat owned by Derwent Living who employed VCS parking to patrol the residential parking. I had recieved numerous parking tickets in the past whilst driving my mums car (often lose the permit), but ignored the tickets as I wasn't tresspassing and was parked in may own parking bay. Later on someone started parking in my space so I parked in an unofficial communial parking area well out the way of everyone else and causing no nusance. Then VCS came along and slapped a a wheel clamp on the car and then asked for £1600 wanting money for previous tickets, didn't have the money so searched the flat and put in parking permit hoping that this would prove I was resident. The buggers towed it anyway complete with parking permit on full display then asked for £1860. Derwent Living's stance on the matter is its beween me and VCS parking. The only thing stated in the contract between me and Derwent was: Residents must show their parking permit at all times or be liable for any penalties or costs incured. Thats it. Managed to raise the money through family to get the car back. Would like to claim the money back but have been unable to get a solicitor (no one has replied to my emails). If I am going to represent myself in court what is my best legal argument. Probably best to keep it simple. I would prefair to go after VCS parking as l moved out a month later and never gave any notice, Derwent may also put in a counter claim for (made up) dilapidations, I dont trust them. This all happend late October last year if this makes a difference. Had to move house get new job etc so had my head up my arse whilst I sorted things out. Does anybody know which address I should write to for VCS parking to make the claim. What happens if I win, how do I then get the money back? Oh and I lost my contract with Derwent so do I need to obtain a copy. Does Derwent have any legal obligation to send proof of me being resident? I get the impression they want to stay well out of this. All in all one fine mess. Plz Help Thanks DB
  4. Hello everyone, I have been reading some other threads with interest, I have received a parking charge from UKPC stating I have been charge £90 for Parking in a permit space without displaying a valid permit, however I have the option to pay £60 if paid within 14 days. The other treads i've read show that others unfortunate enough to have received a charge, their options for paying early are half of the total charge, why do I get £60 on mine, and not £45? Thanks
  5. I was parked in my boyfriends allocated parking space in newton abbot, but recently without me knowing Premier Parking Solutions had put up signs and you had to display a permit, my boyfriend didn't tell me until I got issued with a charge of £75 if you pay within 7 days or £100, I appealed and sent in a photocopy of the permit but they said I had breached the conditions of the notice and still had to pay the charge. I'm a student and really cant afford to pay it and my boyfriend is on minimum wage and cant afford to pay it either. It says on their website that they enforce the charge so I don't know if I can get away with not paying it. Can anyone tell me if they do actually enforce it and I would be better off paying it or not?
  6. I have a residents permit for parking in my street. I was parked legally within the residents bays on my road with my permit clearly on display. My road is on the outskirts of a football ground and occasionally the police / council place yellow cones on the street when there is a match and we park elsewhere. Today when i left my house there were no cones and i left at 7am. When i returned home my car was gone!. i called the police and they stated they had towed my car because it was causing an obstruction!. They now say i have to pay for the towing and release of my own car. Can they do this? My car wasnt causing an obstruction. It was parked where i always park, clearly in my bay. How can they tow it stating its an obstruction when its in my own bay for which i pay a permit. The cones were not there when i left my house. and i did not know there was a matchday. I cannot believe that they can make me pay for it when its not an obstruction. Can someone please help me figure out first whether they can legalllly tow my car when its not in an obstructing position and when i left my house there were no cones in the road to state this day would be a restricted parking day.
  7. I have just received a so-called parking charge notice, complete with black-and-white checkered border, from Parking Eye for overstaying their limit of 90 min in the carpark of a local supermarket by 17 min. Their extortionate charge for those 17 minutes is £40 if paid within 2 weeks, £70 and escalating threafter. There is no charge for use of the carpark, though a limit of 90 min is stated on signage. How should Parking Eye's parking charge notice be dealt with? trappist
  8. Parking Eye (private car park operator) If the photographs on the parking charge notice PCN do not show the driver of the vehicle then there is no evidence of who the driver was. It is up to the company to discover this. You could telephone them on 01772 885800 - this is their office number not the automated one on the letter! The contract agreed upon entering the car park is between the Driver and Parking Eye. The Driver agrees to abide by the terms and conditions listed on the sign which must be legible, obvious and clean too. Any court claim would be Parking Eye v 'The Driver' . It is Parking Eye's responsibility to actually prove who the Driver was and send the Parking Charge to them - rather than the details sold (they pay for this) to them by DVLA of the Keeper of the Vehicle. Read the Code of Practice for parking operators on the website of the British Parking Association (BPA) . If any of the terms have been breached then complain to DVLA , the BPA and Parking Eye. Perhaps even your MP. The BPA may exist just to protect its members - it is not an independent Ombudsman...
  9. Hi, I received a private parking charge yesterday from a company called OPC and it had official stamp saying BPA approved operator. I had used a car park a couple of weeks before, one that I have used regularly for past 4 years, and is a free car park, and I had stayed for less than 20 minutes longer than the maximum stay. The letter confirms that they have photographic evidence of me entering and leaving the car park which proves that I had stayed over the maximum time. The PPC is for £100, £50 if I pay within 14 days. They state if I do not pay they will take me to court and I may have to pay up to £400. I had never took any notice of the signs in the car park previously and so I honestly did not realise there was a time limit for parking there. I re-visited the site and there are quite a few signs in the car park showing maximum stay and confirming you will be fined if you overstay the maximum time, I do not know how I failed to notice this, although the signs are quite small - but you don't expect to be fined if parking is free? My question is should I pay up quickly to avoid higher fees, but the fee seems very high especially as it is a free car park and it was not busy the day I parked anyway. I am an honest person and I do not want to get into trouble, the thought of court is scary but this seems very unreasonable to me. I am concerned as I am the only person insured to drive my car so it is obvious who would have been driving it, so I do not think I could argue this as suggested in other posts. Please can someone offer advice, even if it is to pay up! I have heard that they can only sue for actual losses so if it is a free car park wouldn't that make the losses nil??? I am very frightened about just ignoring this as I can not afford £400. Thanks
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