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  1. Hi, Got a bit of an issue here with an employer. My employer isn't allowing me to take my accrued entitlement and will loose them as of December 31st! I started working for them on the 18th September 2012 as a door supervisor working average 4-5 nights a week (roughly 20 - 30 hours a week) and have accrued just over a weeks holiday. Thing is, I'm on week 11 of my 12 week probationary period which means I cannot take holidays until after the 11th December. Due to the nature of the business and it being Christmas time, my employer has a strict NO Holidays after the 10th December and is
  2. Hi Guys, Hoping for a little bit of advice. I worked for a large security company, who shall remain nameless at the moment (they have however prominently featured in the news lately). Basically no payday has been right since August. Also, HR don't have a direct number for Payroll due to the size of the project that was being worked on. On 13th August, I got my payslip, noticed there were shifts missing and that I was paid at the wrong rate (both from July), I contacted HR who got me a callback from Payroll, who informed me that they would make this paymenton the 15th along wit
  3. Are you saying that you cancelled Contract A with T-Mobile and then either went to Tesco and signed up for Contract B on the T-Mobile network? If the above is correct then T-Mobile are correct, You CANNOT port a number from the same network to the same network. Basically porting is transfer a number from one network to another. So T-Mobile are unfortunately completely right. If you still have your PAC code, as JohnVernon has said, purchase a PAYG sim card on any other network (Not T-Mobile) transfer your number across (3UK would be the best bet as they don't have a minimum port-out t
  4. Hi all. Wondering if I could get a bit of advice here on a situation I'm facing with Barclays. Basically I called on the morning Thursday the 7th due to dodgy transactions on my account, the card was cancelled and a temporary credit applied to my account (I've contacted the police etc). I was told that my new card should me with me Saturday or Monday at the latest. Come Monday - no card! So I call them on Tuesday and they say the system was slow and to allow until Thursday, if it hadn't arrived by then I was to call up and they would cancel the card that I had not received and
  5. While it can be possible, it is highly unlikely! The fact that they were received over a year ago, the number of texts and other data received on the handset will no doubt have written over the raw data multiple times, meaning that there would be very little( if infact anything) left to be retrieved!
  6. Yeah the email is executive.office@orange.co.uk . It takes them a couple of days to get back to you. Yes, you should be able to use the wifi free at home etc. In order to use the internet capability on a mobile there needs to be certain settings to enable you to use the network, deleting these prevent the mobile internet facility from working and in order to restore them Orange would need to send them again or you would have to manually input them, which is not particularly difficult.
  7. Ah! That explains it, you purchased the handset to pop his sim into it. The Virgin Plan to my memory didn't allow any add-ons or bundles. It was simply a case of use and pay the following month (the concept was brought up before they even imagined the usage and features phones have nowadays). The £60 airtime would have been a Pre-pay credit and couldn't be applied to his account anyways as his is a Pay Monthly. The advisor should have explained that the handset will always attempt to access the internet and that the plan he was on was unsuitable for the phone. The premise of the complaint
  8. The Virgin tariff on Orange is an old one that's no longer done (or has been for atleast the past 6 years). It works like a standard landline with the exception that you pay no line rental and pay for what you use the following month. You say the upgrade was done online, were there any costs related to the upgrade? As from memory, a customer upgrading on the Virgin tariff would have to pay near enough full retail price for a new phone? Also you say it was for roaming charges, what location was he in when the data was being used by the phone? As it's an 3G Android handset that b
  9. Try giving the complaints department a ring on 0800 358 4916. Tell them that you haven't received a response within the allotted timescale. They are usually quite good at resolving issues.
  10. Hi all! Hoping for some help here as my solicitor is absolutely useless! I received a week ago today a 'Charge for Payment of Money' from a Sheriff Officer/Messenger at Arms giving me 14 days to pay. Basically in 2010 I was looking at serviced offices and looked at Regus in Glasgow, I was given the sales spiel but never agreed or signed anything. Fast forward to July 2011 I received a summons from Regus' solicitors with regard to Coventry County Court. I filled in my defense and sent it off in the envelope and heard nothing more from it until the Sheriff Officer showed up
  11. They told me over the phone that both defaults would be removed as soon as possible. I also received a letter this morning from Arrow telling me that an urgent amendment has been sent to the CRAs to delist Arrow from my account. Although it only mentions one reference number on the letter rather than both.
  12. The reason for not checking the CRAs afterwards was the fact that I was caring for my mother, and also that Experian said that the information would be removed.
  13. Cheers DX - How do I go about it? What steps should I take? Is there a standard letter template?
  14. Hi all, Looking for a little bit of advice here. I recently (last week) accessed copies of my credit file online with the 3 CRAs and found to my horror TWO defaults by Arrow Global for Mail Order catalogues - which turned out to be Simply Be and one of their sister catalogues that had been registered from 2007. I never opened these accounts as I would have been 16 from when they where first opened. Now I had contacted Experian in February 2009 when I first noticed these accounts and supplied them evidence to forward to Credit Account Management (the people that had been managing the
  15. Thanks Gbarbm, so send the same letter to both parties (i.e. 2 letters)? How long should I give them to reply? Do you have any suggestions on how to word the question?
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