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  1. HI LW, Thanks for your kind reply and sorry i have been slow in responding, i have been self employed as a taxi driver for a couple of weeks now and my, the hours are very very long, which is making delaying with UC service staff slightly more tricky. I've taken your kind advice and registered a complaint, was amazed to see an online form and even more amazed to see I'd apparently be responded to with 2 working days of receipt! Whether this happens or not based on my previous experience I hold little hope. I will be calling the service centre again tomorrow in the hope that some
  2. Hello Guys, Just after some advice regarding the housing element of Universal Credit. Its a complicated tale so ill just post the bare bones and if you need any more info i can certainly provide it. I was due my payment of UC today, this was my first payment after waiting the 6 weeks odd time it takes to process ect. No payment was received so contacted them and told they do not have a copy of tenancy agreement. (This has been an ongoing farce as its been posted twice and handed in at the job centre three times which apparently they can see on there system its been given in but
  3. Sadly I did be it part time. The biz only opened 9 days ago after a months delay in my starting date.I think the guy must have either been delusional or stupid to believe it would be in a profitable position after only 9 days. Reckless with other peoples security has been my main feeling.
  4. Thanks for your reply, I am obviously devastated but I guess I may just have to take this on the chin. Thanks
  5. Hi Sorry if this post is misplaced or echoes another previously posted also I wont mention any names or any personal details in this as I am purely after guidance and dont intend to cause anybody any trouble. I was offered and accepted a job in a small catering business at 40 hours per week. The buisness only employed three full time staff. After nine days of work I was informed by the buisness owner i would be let go due to slow business. Effective immediately I was made redundant and have in writing it was due to no fault of my own. Nether other members of staff knew about this
  6. Hi Mikey Dabodee, Any chance you translate the abbreviations for me please. Cant work out the I.S or S.M.I ones (although as a betting man i am plumping on I.S being income support
  7. Hi Thanks so much for your reply, you have given me more info in two answers than I have got all day from DWP websites ect. Will now look into C.A as it will be so much more useful than having to go to not be negative some frankly useless JSA meetings and look after my famaliy for a period. Also thanks for morthage info as its not been mentioned to be by my JSA advisor I will raise this with her.
  8. Hi , Sorry if this thread is very simaler to one already posted or in the wrong place. Newcomer here and woul be grateful of any guidance for my issue. Will try to keep this as short as possible and to the point. I have two grandparents who live in their own home. My granddad of 90 has severe demtia and has also been fitted with a catheter due to health problems. My Nan of 85 looks after him but is also suffering from dementia and chronic bowl problems and is having aa very difficult time coping. I have been looking after their household duties for the last couple of months to the be
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