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  1. Just one question - Do i treat this as another Interview as in putting the glad rags on?
  2. Update : Letter just received from my now ex-employer, the hearing for my appeal is tomorrow.
  3. Unless you have it in writing don't be fooled into thinking that your bosses talking about future work means you may keep your job, i may be a tad cynical but bosses could be trying to glean as much information from you before taking your idea's, passing them off as their own & getting the credit.
  4. Letter of appeal was emailed to the MD yesterday, received & acknowledged. Now just have to wait for his decision.
  5. Personally money has never been a driving force for me, would just like my job, been redundant for 2 days & i'm extremely bored!
  6. Becky2585 - 4 people at present have been made redundant. The Company have so far appointed 1 of the 3 required Quality Auditors & he is unable to carry out audits as he does not hold the required certification, so much for this section of the Company handbook which states that : The associates attained are those best matched to our future requirements. But, at least he can talk highly of himself!
  7. The selection criteria used were a set of questions, these were asked during an interview that lasted about an hour yet no mention of the many years previous service where i was actually carrying out the responsibilities that are listed in the job description.
  8. Unfortunately Emmzzi i am not part of a Union but, i am due to speak to the Manager who conducted the interviews today where i will indeed ask him for his reasons & a copy ( If i'm able to ) of the criteria which enabled to him to make his decision.
  9. After working for a Company for the past 18 years, holding many, many different positions within the Company. I was informed 2 weeks ago that the Company were restructuring again & my job role was being made redundant. 4 'new' job roles ( 1 Quality Manager & 3 Quality Auditor's ) were created & i along with others were encouraged to apply for these jobs & after various one to one meetings & an interview i was finally informed yesterday by telephone ( Due to being off sick ) of the Companies decision that i had failed in my application & therefore would indeed be made redundant. I am currently on 12 weeks gardening leave where at the end of this period i will receive 19 weeks redundancy money. Now, my bugbear with the Companies decision is that i am, in my honest opinion the most qualified ( Having Certification & Experience of all aspects ) person who has been doing most of what the job role entails for the past several years & to not be deemed good enough for one of these 3 roles beggars belief. When informed of the decision i took it gracefully & without complaint or argument but, the more i thought about it the more irate i have become, i have decided to telephone the individual who carried out the interview & ask for a one to one to ask the reason(s) why i was not chosen & then to appeal the decision & then if need be claim for Unfair Dismissal. At the present time this is more of a rant & to vent my frustrations than a thread asking for advice ( Unless someone has any advice which they would like to offer ) Thank you for listening.
  10. Took me just over 3 months to get my money back from HSBC. Sent the 1st letter explaining why i believed that the PPI was mis-sold, received a letter stating they would get back to me in 4 weeks, then received a letter 4 weeks later stating that they were still investigating & will take a further 4 weeks, i received a letter 4 weeks later detailing all the PPI amounts that i had previously had on several loans dating back to 1999 & the amounts + 8% interest that they were going to pay back. If you need any help, just ask.
  11. Update : Well he received a letter from LloydsTSB over the weekend with a breakdown of all of the loans, the attached PPI & 8% interest added & he will receive the sum of £1500.00 within 21 days:D Thanks for all of the advice.
  12. This is my tale - My girlfriend purchased a used Daewoo Matiz from a private seller on Saturday 17th April 2010, he told us that the car was given to him for some IT work that he had carried out at a local garage ( Who were unable to pay him the full amount!! ) He saw my girlfriends 'Car wanted' advert & telephoned, we travelled there, he took her for a drive around, she was happy & handed over her money, anywho yesterday she found a small ( Saucer sized ) spot of oil on the road below the engine & booked the car into our local garage to get their verdict. The car went in today & they found that the sump has a small hole in it where it has rusted through but, they also found that the Catalytic converter has recently been 'bandaged' up & will require a new one, total estimated cost of between £300-£500. The question is do i have any grounds to get in contact with the seller & either return the car or get him to pay for the repairs? or do we not really have a leg to stand on, your thoughts please.
  13. Send them a CCA Request & a letter of Harrassment ( Both can be found in the Templates Library ) send it recorded delivery, include a £1 postal Order. They have 12 + 2 days to reply. Good Luck:)
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