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  1. Thanks Em! I am definitely overly shy with most things, but I'll ask about receiving 100% for the 3 months and see how it goes! It won't hurt to try at least
  2. Hi Em, That's brilliant, thank you very much for all of your help with my questions and for the questions that I should be raising with my employer as well! At the moment I am leaning towards taking it even if it is the 80% figure for the 3 months rather than 100%, but yes it definitely did feel poor spirited reading that! I had been expecting to receive some new like this at some point because the work for my department has just completely gone at our firm now, but I felt a bit hurt by the furlough figure!
  3. Hi HB, Thank you very much for your reply! I'll definitely check out the ACAS website now - I've used their helpline previously and it was a great help but I can imagine that the call centre is facing its fair share of problems at the moment!
  4. Hi guys, I hope that you're all keeping well. I've been furloughed since 22nd April and I received a phone call from the managing director today stating that, due to the situation with covid-19, the firm is having to cut down on costs and are looking at making people redundant. I was told that I would be offered voluntary redundancy and that I wasn't the only employee that was going to be offered this. I was advised that I'd be paid for the three month notice period, would be given £300 for legal advice relating to a settlement agreement and would receive a payment of £
  5. Thank you very much for your help guys! I can confirm that we are in pre-claim conciliation at the moment and I haven't contacted an employment tribunal as of yet (I will do so if the conciliation service doesn't resolve the issues though). I really appreciate you guys taking the time to read this and to look into everything for me. I will keep you all posted as things progress!
  6. Hey guys, I hope everyone has been well and that you all enjoyed the festive season. Before I give an update as to where I am at the moment, I'd just like to say a massive thank you to ericsbrother for the help that he provided me with. You really helped me get my head around my contract and I can't thank you enough. So since I last posted, I have been in touch with ACAS and explained my matter to them. They assigned me an agent and a case number and we have had a couple of conversations where he has requested more information relating to my dismissal. I gave him a timeline of all th
  7. Thank you very much for all of the advice and the links that you have provided me with guys! I really appreciate all of your help. I've uploaded a scan of my contract for everyone to look at. I really hope everything is okay here as I'm very worried about everything at the moment!
  8. I do have a contract from my employer that just says that my job title is "apprentice" and that my roles and responsibilities are to essentially do whatever the directors of the company thought was best for the business.
  9. Thank you very much for your responses guys. I'm 23 years old and I'm not attending college. I didn't do as well as I would like in school / college so I've gone down the apprenticeship route to try and gain some more qualifications. My NVQ training and progress towards the qualification was provided by County Training which is ran by my local council. I've looked into the ET costs and I think that I would be able to get the fee reduced or waived as I have very little in savings and am now entitled to job seekers but I'd like to use it as a last resort and try and get everything resolved
  10. Hi guys! This is my first ever post on here and I'm in desperate need of help. I was employed as an apprentice from June 2015 working towards my NVQ Level 2 in Customer Service. Originally, my NVQ was supposed to end in October 2016 but as my employer refused to let me work towards it (I was told that absolutely everything else in the office took priority over my NVQ work) the end date was extended by my NVQ assessor to October 2017. When my end date was extended, my NVQ assessor informed me that the minimum wage I was entitled to would have increased in June 2016 (after completing my
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