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Found 7 results

  1. Hi All, I have just received a large tax bill and i need to free up some finances to make a payment arrangement with the beloved HMRC my Hire Purchase Agreement was started in January 2015 on a 42 month agreement and i did opt for the GAP policy. can you please confirm if i can Voluntary Terminate the agreement and if so how. i did have arrears but these have been cleared and everything is now up to date. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, long time since I've visited this site! I have a car the is financed by British Credit Trust. The car was financed over 6 years!! There is 18 months left of the agreement which has been extortionate in the cost, I now want out of it and wish to voluntary terminate the agreement. What are the steps i need to take? Is there a template? What can I expect from BCT with regards to hidden charges? Will they try and claim any damage to the vehicle? Many thanks for any help and advice offered.
  3. Hello there, Would be really grateful if anyone could offer some advice please regarding Welcome Finance. I Voluntary Terminated and agreement for vehicle finance back in February 2009, all above board paid more than 50%, they collected the car etc etc. They claimed i still owed £465.83 and they had "reduced" the agreement down to reflect this value. Since then i have had various battles with them regarding the outstanding balance they claim i owe which is for the balance on the Gap insurance and amounts charged for damaged on the car which was already there when i bought the car. Having recently checked my credit report as i got rejected for a loan, Welcome Finance have very kindly been continually reporting since Feb 2009 as late payments on the credit agreement which has been voluntarily terminated. They have so far registered 32 number 6 payment records and continue to do so. This is the only poor credit reference i have and it does not truly reflect my credit status and is stopping me from getting credit i am entitled to. My question at the end of all this is, how or even can i get them to put my credit file correct as it was voluntary terminated above board and the remaining balance for damage and gap insurance has been under query ever since. Any help or advice whatsoever would be really really appreciated. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi I took a finance agreement out last yr for my partner from bmw, unfortunately, a yr later we have broken up. I have my own car on finance and can't afford to take over the payments for his. He's being really awkward and refusing to get a loan in his own name. He did put down a large deposit which means that there is approx £12k left to pay and the approx. value of the car a the moment is between 16k-20k as it has low mileage. The other issue is that I've moved back to ireland while the car is in England with him! What are my options? It was a year on finance in april and I think it was a 3 yr finance agreement. And will this get me black listed?Any help and advice would be really appreciated! Jules
  5. Hi, I've sent my letter off to welcome to VT i phoned them today to see what there playin at since they haven't got back to me. The man on the phone said a letter has been sent out to my home quoting the liabilty i'll owe. I said i've payed well over half and he went on to say i'll still owe them for the insurances. I didnt take out PPI but i have got shortfall extra emergency recover and mechanical breakdown. Will i still owe these? Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks
  6. My company is embarking on a program of redundancies as a cost saving measure. We are currently coming to the end of 'collective consultation'. We asked the question "Is there a voluntary redundancy programme?" the answer was that there is no official program, but you can put yourself forward and the company would consider it. The cuts are drastic (about 70%). Some people would prefer to be made redundant. I am considering putting myself forward but I am not really sure what the risks are? Where does that leave me afterwards, if I am declined? i.e. once I 'show my cards' as it were? Collective consultation ends quite soon and then I guess we will find out who has been 'put at risk'. If I am NOT selected, perhaps that would be the best time to put myself forward? Or is there any downsides of leaving it until after collective consultation? Would be grateful of any advice esp. if there are risks I am overlooking. I have been through redundancy programs (and survived) several times before, but I have never wanted to leave before. Thanks.
  7. Hello im new here. i sent a letter to bct recorded del and kept a copy 26th october 2010 stating i was vt the agreement. i explained the car was in storage and they had 7 days to collect the car before it would begin to incur charges at £20 per day as i had no tax on the vehicle or insurance. i had a letter acknowledging my letter i had sent that contained a price list for damage/dents/scratches and a letter to sign and return abot a collection charge or if i was taking to the car to the auction site in leeds(yorkshire). around 70 miles away. (i live in warrington cheshire.) i sent a letter back recorded saying they could not charge me collection fee and it was in resonable condition for a 2002 car. (52 plate). i heard nothing back until 18th january 2011 saying they could not collect the car now as there were storage charges. i rang and asked why they hadnt collected the car within the 7 days and they said they didnt recieve the letter until 18th nov2010. i know this is a lie. i will get the date, time and name the 1st letter was signed for later. (from royal mail) i have recieved a letter of termination today saying the total arreas of £500+ and outstanding balance of £1,660+. i had already vtd the agrrement in october 2010 so can i have advice as to where i stand please. sorry for adding to this thread, i dont know how to start 1!!
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