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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I've just received a very worrying letter from Drydensfairfax Solicitors telling me they will take me to court on behalf of Erudio if I don't contact them within a few days. Can they do this? The debt is from when I was a student in 1996, from The Student Loan Company. I haven't corresponded with The Student Loans Company since 2011. I asked for a complete breakdown of what they think I owe them using the Data Protection Act and the numbers they produced were incorrect! The amount owed was wrong in all their correspondence, it bore no relation to the numbers in the documentation they produced! I've paid, deferred, paid in alternate cycles over the years but according to them, I still seem to somehow owe them over £3000! I moved house. I am not on the electoral roll at my new address and have never been - 4 years and counting - so can they actually take me to court given that there is no proof that I actually live here? Is being on the electoral roll necessary for the commencement of legal proceedings? Can they really take me to court or is this an exercise in evoking deep horror and distress? Also, I am now 49 years old, will this debt simply expire when I'm 50?
  2. Hi all, I have been trawling this site for a while hoping to find an answer to my issue, but nothing with the exact specifics and was looking for some advice. Over 6 years ago now, I was forced to leave my job (long story that is out of the scope of this query!), meaning I was no longer able to afford the lifestyle that I had bought into. Hence, credits cards, loan and car were the victims, and I unfortunately defaulted on all (5 debts in total, to the tune of approx. £20k). The job market being the way it was, I found no further work, and decided to try and enhance my future by returning to education. I informed all creditors that my income had vastly reduced to that of a student, and hence came to the agreement that I could make token payments of £1 to each individual one, and that was that. Since, I have not even attempted to apply for a single bit of credit, and lived with a basic bank account, which has served me well - one thing I have certainly learnt how to do is not to live up to the limit of my means!! since the defaults, I have moved house twice, and have lost track of the debt collection agencies that were involved (I believe the debts were sold on), although I have maintained the token payments as they were simply standing orders set to go out automatically. Hence, I have no idea of any communication that may have been made. This week, I checked my Equifax and Experian history out of interest to see if the old defaults had fallen off, and all looks good, the last two due to go by March. However, I have come to realise that despite this, the creditors may still decide to take enforcement action against me at any point, which is rather disconcerting; I have just begun my PhD, which is due to last for another 4 years, hence a total of 10ish years on a poor income!!! Of course, I have the full intention of settling this money when I finally graduate and get employment (prospects look quite good for future salaries in my field), so don't want/need advice on how to dodge, however, what I want is to break the hold of them being able to take action against me on their terms, as this hanging over my head is a bit worrying. What advice would you give? I have thought of two things, but not sure of there true implications: Cancel the token payments and hope that enough time passes for the limitations act to apply and then repay when I can? Or, make contact and offer lower full and final settlements (family may be able to help with lump sums)? Any other thoughts? Regards AM
  3. Very interesting article for those who follow world economics. http://www.smh.com.au/business/china/chinas-real-estate-credit-and-investment-bubble-risks-global-recession-20150717-giebmc Some of the statistics quoted are alarming. Perhaps the Chinese economy is not as strong as some believe and their conversion to capitalist economics will end up in a bust. If there is a sudden market failure in China, then it will affect everyone.
  4. NOt really asking for advice here but more making a point and wondering about the legality of this. We are currently acting as Executors in a friend's Estate and we have noticed something which to me seems quite worrying. We contacted everyone that we needed to as soon as we could after the death - you know the usual - water, council tax, phone, utilities and the financial institutions. He owed about a £1000 to MBNA and the phone company Talk Talk said they couldn't shut down the phone line for a month. Shortly after we received a bill from Talk Talk with a note on it saying that if we didn't pay it within 7 days then they wouold charge us £10. This was for around £30 ? I rang them and they said it was a standard letter. Yesterday morning we received two letter from two different Debt Collection Agencies - although one of them called themselves Probate specialists both Talk Talk and MBNA had sold the debts on to these people. I rang the Talk Talk one and they were very sympathetic but they began to quiz me on whether the deceased had a property, asking when we could settle the bill and so on; well as some of you know I've had many years of experience of dealing with DCA's and I have dealt with a couple of estates previous to this and I put a flea in their ear and said that we were waiting for probate and as soon as we were able to release funds then they would be paid; they still pushed and were asking about funeral costs, but I told them to go away. I haven't bothered to ring the other one yet. What actually worries me - is this a trend and as both the letters were standard DCA legalese - although a lot less threatening in tone I think someone who is more innocent in their ways and who is grieving then it would scare them to pay the debt from their own funds (if they had them) before the legalities of administering an estate would be completed. Thanks GS
  5. Hi I'm trying to help my partner, who's been living with me but has ignored debts of approx £10k for a minimum of 6 years which accumulated before my partner arrived in my life. My partner with encouragement has tried general counselling but it wasn't long enough time spent to get to the root of the problem. Is reluctant to seek further help. With a MH condition I'm wondering if it might be possible though to get MIND to help.... Doesn't want to file for bankrupcy though. Been out of work, then my carer so can't afford to pay loans back. Is there a risk at my home of bailiffs? Are there any other options I can steer my partner towards? Any ideas are appreciated, thanks.
  6. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/05/04/fully_3d_printed_gun/ theres alot of 3d printers around
  7. Hi there, on advice from my accountant I made a successful claim for tax credits in 2005/6 (self employed) In 2006/7 I updated the claim to inform the Inland Revenue that my earnings were higher, To which I received a reply to say that no credits would be paid. Almost a year later I received notification of an over payment, to which I raised a dispute on the grounds that the income level difference was less than 10, 000 (advice again from my accountant), the dispute was unsuccessful and I began a repayment plan. I stopped this and to be honest became lax with responding to the requests for repayment. I have refused to acknowledge the debit believing the case to be in error, I strongly believe that I was not overpaid. More recently, after a long period of nothing happening, I received a hand delivered letter, which did not look authentic. It implies that if I do not repay the full amount, my goods and assets will be levied against the debit, which is very worrying. I contacted the Inland Revenue about this, I found that my form filling from the 2006/7 period was incorrect and I am able to escalate the dispute again with this information. As to the letter, the clerk advised me that the letter was genuine and that rather than seize goods, the officer who delivered the letter would seek an amicable resolution to the debit, i.e. payment plan. When I phoned to discuss this, the officer did not seem to be interested, They have asked me to meet them in person at a very public location which is closer to where I currently reside. I went to meet them this morning as agreed, but no one showed. I am concerned about the nature of the officer's attitude and am worried about the meeting. Has anyone experienced this before? I live in northern Ireland and am not aware of Bailiff action being permissible ? I am also agreeing to repay the amount whilst starting a new dispute. the overpayment is 3117. I have offered 129 per month which a review to increase in 12 months. all advice would be welcome on this. Many thanks in advance. clayton
  8. I have unsecured debt totalling in the region of 5,000 and I am worrying myself sick. I have been in touch with the debt charity stepchange who have made an appt for me to speak to an advisor, but this isn't for another week. I am not working at the moment, so have no income other than my husband's wages. I am getting letters from debt collection agencies threatening doorstep collectors - I panic every time the door goes. I can't stop thinking about these debts every minute of the day, worrying about what these companies are going to do. I haven't made any payments since defaulting a year ago. What powers do they actually have? The debts are now with collection agencies but were originally to catalogues, and one for bank charges. I have never acknowledged or paid anything towards the bank charges debt on principle as I never agreed with the outrageous charges that they kept piling on and piling on. I am worried sick about what they are going to do since I haven't paid anything for so long. Are they likely to take me to court?
  9. Just wondering if anyone has come across this before: About 3 months ago I got a call off the CSA wanting to discuss my change in income I had reported by phone about 2 weeks previous - I had made no such phone call. The advisor then put me on hold and when he came back apologised and said it was to do with a letter - but the only letter I had written was about me disputing my arrears. I just got a phone call about 20 minutes ago, again asking me about my change in income that I have reported. This phone call had seemingly been made at the end of July - explained to advisor I hadn't phoned, she put me on hold, then came back saying I had definitely phoned twice about my income. To prove my point I then phoned them, and without knowing when the case was started and getting my daughter's age wrong I somehow passed security! (I did this on purpose to see what happened) Now I have found out my ex partner has been with a new partner for about 3-4 months, will know my national insurance number from her bank statements and that is all they seem to ask for apart from her name and daughter's name, which she obviously knows. How can I find out if she has been trying to do something to the case like increase my income details or something? She has lied to them already about the arrears I really don't put this past her
  10. Hi, I am looking for some advice. I have just renewed my tax credits over the phone using exact income from P60's and have notified of 3 other changes at the same time. I am worried that my claim may be investigated again as last renewal, which I did by post, I used estimated income as I did not have the P60's at the time. When my second son was born last September, I rang them to inform them of the change and around a month later, received a letter staing that I had provided wrong income information for the previous year, even though I ticked estimate and still had time to give the proper ones. I then had my tax credits cut, making it very tight for income, so I returned to work early from maternity leave. I am worried that because of last year's investigation, the same will happen again, also because I made 3 changes in one go. Help, this is worrying me a lot and making em go through all sorts of scenarios in my head that I will be sent to prison etc. Thanks
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