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  1. [ATTACH=CONFIG]40162[/ATTACH] I hope this has worked
  2. Thank you. Time to stop burying my head in the sand and face up to them. I have emailed my CASHflow statement off together with a token offer letter and a request for details of all charges on the account. I will also be sending the email that Brigadier kindly posted regarding the stat demand threat, and I will also forward a copy to the OFT. I know I am in the wrong for ignoring them, but they shouldn't be allowed to get away with the blatant lies they tell to try and bully people into paying. As a matter of interest, why/how do they get away with this?
  3. Ok thank you. I will email the CASHflow statement, and will follow it up with a copy in the post.
  4. I don't know I just feel intimidated by them I guess. I have health issues which cause anxiety, so despite knowing they are likely just full of hot air, it doesn't stop me fretting.
  5. It is Red, part of Lowell Group
  6. 'The next contact you receive will be from a process server who will be serving you personally with a statutory demand. If you fail to comply with the terms of a statutory demand, we may petition the court for your sequestration. Alternatively, you may receive a letter from the court regarding legal proceedings, or a debt collections agent' This is despite the debt being less than £400, and I am not a homeowner, nor do I have any assets. I am in Scotland, so I know that they cannot make me bankrupt if I owe less than £3000.00, but I still can't help worrying over it. I haven't made any
  7. I am just wondering if it is advisable to contact a DCA via email? I have had a financial statement CASHflowed by National Debtline detailing what I can afford to pay, and want to get it sent off asap as I am being threatened with a statutory demand. Is there any reason I shouldn't send it to the DCA via email?
  8. This is the only one I have to the Lowell Group. The debt is 18 months old and it is roughly a year since I made any payment to it, as I was made redundant. Are they obliged to accept £1 per month if this is all I can afford at the moment? I have had letters from Lowell which then passed to Red. I have been ignoring the letters. Once I am working again I hope to clear the debt. I thought as it was a relatively low amount I could stall them until I was in a position to pay.
  9. Hi I have received a letter from Red threatening that the next action they are going to take is to issue me with a statutory demand. The debt is a catalogue debt, and is around £378 in total. I have not been making payments to the debt as I am unemployed at the moment and I suspect a large portion of what they are claiming I owe is charges. I can't afford the monthly amount they are asking for. National Debtline advised me that based on my income I can only afford to make token payments of £1 per month but I can't see them accepting that. I hope to find employment in the New
  10. It is a catalogue debt. I am not currently working, I have been in touch National Debtline and they have advised me to make token offers. I am a little surprised they are claiming they can access employment details, I thought only Bailiffs had the authority to do this.
  11. Hi Have received a letter from Red claiming they are in the process of obtaining my employment details, and that once they have them they will decide on further action. Do these DCA's have the right (or means) to obtain my employment details? I am not working at the moment so they aren't going to find anything, but how would they be privy to that information anyway?
  12. Yeah they are all relatively recent. I was made redundant so I fell behind. I have just spoken to the National Debtline who were very helpful and reassuring and are sending me out some information, and are going to help me with some template letters to make token offers for the moment. I will hopefully be working again in the New Year and in a position to make 'proper' payments. I was just working myself up into a panic because the letters are getting a bit more threatening. I wish I had posted here and contacted them sooner.
  13. I think they got involved about 6 months ago. I then got into difficulties with other payments and it all just snowballed from there.
  14. October 2011. I had been paying these on time every month prior to this
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