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  1. Thanks a million dx100uk. I think I found the Statute Barred letter in the library but it seems rather old as it's dated 2013. Is this still ok to use as I know the law can change over the years, especially in light of DOYLE vs PRA Group? Cheers Fevr
  2. Hi Everyone, I just wanted a bit of info on what Robinson Way could do now that the debt they have been chasing is over 6 years? btw, I'm pretty certain it is now finally over 6 years as I can't see the Hoist Portfolio 2 Ltd (they bought the Barclay card debt I think and then RW got involved) RED mark on my credit report check with either Experian or Equifax - my credit score has shot up to "excellent" now which is something I haven't seen since before the financial crash of 2009!!! I believe the 6 YEARS deadline was around the end of FEB 2019/ beginning of MARCH 2019 I was getting a lot more text messages, calls and email recently (starting more in JAN/FEB2019) and even got a text message today - when do they stop?? I had someone call me last week (I normally don't pick up numbers I don't recognise and ignore all RW emails/texts) from Robinson Way and I'm pretty certain this happened after the 6 years. He asked me to confirm my address which obviously I wouldn't give to him for Security and compliance reasons which stumped him. Certainly didn't want them knowing my new address. Back in 2012/13 I had disputed the inflated debt amount with BarclayCard so I've ignored Hoist/RW for years and years without them taking any legal action at all. I just want this lot to move on really as I don't really want to have to change my mobile number due to the harassment going on forever Below is the previous post I put up on CAG back in 2016
  3. Hi Honeybee13, thank you very much for your kind words. I'm also sorry to hear about your mum, it is indeed difficult to see our parents like that:sad:. It is bad enough when these companies treat us so badly but when it's our loved ones and they don't have the strength or use the internet to find out, through forums like CAG, how to tackle the tricks played by so called trusted financial companies it enough to make your blood boil:mad2: BankFodder - I found the link for the SAR here https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?387306-Full-Subject-Access-Request you suggested I start the process with. Two questions 1. Would it make sense to send a covering letter with the LPA at the same time as requesting the SAR. I realise they will drag out acknowledging my sister and myself with discussing the account but that process can be running slowly in tandem with the SAR request. However I'd be expecting the SAR to be satisfied within the month time frame. 2. Also, at that letter stage would it be worth trying to "appeal to their better nature" to help by stopping the interest and charges, I don't think my 88 year old dad is worried about a black mark/default on his credit file, we just want to stop the "cash cow" that my Dad has become and make a sensible arrangement so he has a pension and doesn't have the mental stress that will only make his condition worse. With that it mind, I would imagine that the SAR template could be reworded slightly so it doesn't appear confrontational so early in the process?
  4. Hi BankFodder, Great to speak to you yet again and thanks for all your help in the past - it really did help me. I'm indebted to you. Yes he is still functioning but he has good and bad days. The Power of attorney kit link doesn't seem to work. It just takes me to the Forum home page - is there another link? Thanks
  5. Hi All, Thank you for all your help over the many years - been a long journey but almost there. Now that I have the strength and knowledge (from here) to take on the financial system in this country, I'm now trying to help my elderly Dad fight back. My Dad was always in control of financial affairs in the past but for the last few years now has become less able to deal with the modern world and now he is showing early sign of dementia. It came as quite a shock to find out that he has 6 credit cards which are now leaving him with no pension to live on. It became noticeable last year when he was a victim of identity fraud. His bank account was cleared out twice and so he ended up with loads of penalty payment and a few defaults. I want to "put the brakes" on the charges and interest with all these companies and now feel I'm in a position to do so now that I have LPA (lasting power of attorney). My idea is to send these companies a letter saying that my sister and I are taking over financial affairs for Dad, enclose a copy of the LPA, and also start the ball rolling by asking for the original signed Credit Card Agreement. Some of my Dad's cards go back to the 80's I want to see if he has an agreement and if they don't at least put them on the back foot when I ask them to freeze his account so he can just work out a manageable payment plan. Should I do it this way or does anyone have a better idea? Best regards Fevr
  6. Hi Rover6699, I'm actally in a similar situation to you with this car park at the moment. Can I ask what day you parked on, was it what they call a match day? If this is what they call a match day, I have a way of you going above Smart Parking and have the PCN cancelled. I'm having some fun with them at the moment as they won't check my claim and they've still sent me another letter. Exactly what Ericsbrother and Silverfox said. I will post this up when I get to my computer. They certainly won't win against me. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?471667-Smart-Parking-Greenwich-shopping-park-Charlton-Overstaying-or-Not!
  7. Hi Ericsbrother, Many thanks again, I realise I'm inviting harassment from them but my motive is to get them to give more detail - hopefully you will approve of the draft I would post to them by recorded post? I want to then cause at much trouble as I can with the landowner, shops we visited and our local MP so they lose their contract with the shopping park. The "next mug" could be someone like my elderly father who nearly gave in with a similar situation. He only held firm with a lot of convincing from my Brother and I. Dear Sir/Madam, RE: ref4xxyyy dated 8th November 2016 - but only received 11th November 2016. "the letter refxxyyy you sent is not compliant with the POFA so no keeper liability has been created. Example: You allege that there was a contravention of "Over Free Time" stay but do not state what this limit is within your letter. If you wish, reply with this information including any supporting evidence that would have been advertised at the Greenwich shopping park? J xxxxxxxx (registered keeper)
  8. Many thanks for all the Advice guys. Ericsbrother, I haven't sent anything back to Smartparking yet as I wanted to make sure I got as much info from you guys before sending any reply. The important thing for me is not to incriminate myself or my wife so your point is well understood. I could indeed do what Silverfox1961 has said and just ignore this letter, I've done this in the past so know these PPC go away in time. However, in this case I feel that they need to be challenged and to explain where it is indicated (on the signs in the car park) about "match days" whatever this means! I guess what I'm trying to do is send a letter that isn't too legally worded so they think I'll be an easy target. Give them "enough rope to hang themselves" when they try to explain how I should know about "match days" - is there a way to write a letter like this?? *I went to the car park yesterday and could see no further signs about "match days"and when they occur, I asked in a shop that we'd been in on the 29th but they didn't know. Someone told me there was a security office at the bottom of the car park above the shop so I asked the guy who came out and he said there were no other signs but that I would somehow be able to know that a local football team plays nearby. I explained this was really satisfactory that I should just "know"this stuff and conceded?!! Ultimately I want this lot closed down and have already contacted the landowner (not in until Monday) and then my local MP. I will point out that we spent over a 100 pounds in 5 shops and that we assumed were had 3 hours. I can also give them an example of a system that doesn't try to catch shopper out with ambiguity as the next retail park next door has an electronic display system that shows your number plate and the time you need to exit by - I wish I had parked next door on the 29th!!!
  9. Hi ericsbrother, I've just uploaded a better copy of the letter. Is it POFA compliant?? Your reasoning is exactly what I was thinking, what exactly is defined as a "match day" and how would I know! The signage around the area doesn't have a calendar showing (at least on my visit to the car park today) what these days are and there wasn't any special sign displayed on the day of the contravention that I can remember telling me "match day" only 90 minutes. Surely there should also have been an operative of Smart Parking there to inform people but I guess that costs money. I'm a bit annoyed to be honest as this is very sharp practice so I will challenge them. I think I will just say the following to see how they'll play it. I note your point of not mention who was driving - I can't even remember if it was me or my wife driving. Dear Sir/Madam, My wife and I did indeed visit the Greenwich shopping park on the 29th October and can confirm your observation that we stayed within car park for 2 hours 34 minutes and 31 seconds. You allege that we contravened the "Over Free Time" stay but do not state what this limit is within your letter. Please could you reply with this information including any supporting evidence that would have been advertised at the Greenwich shopping park? Regards, Annoyed shoppers
  10. Hi All, Hope you can help with the parking charge notice that I received this morning. According to the PCN letter, on the 29th October I stayed in the car park for 2 hours, 34 minutes and 31 seconds before leaving. Smart Parking operates a ANPR camera system with static notice boards (non electronic) dotted around this car park. I can't see on the letter what the time limit was for this day which I feel should be stated so I actually drove to the car park to read the signs - my assumption being that I had 3 hours like most of the car parks in that area. The main sign entering the park actually has TWO time limits displayed (I've attached a photo) "Maximum stay on match days 90 MINUTES" - "Maximum stay at all other times 3 HOURS" Please see signs for details I’ve looked around the car park and can’t see any other information about how/when the times are changed. Should I challenge this as it must have been a “match day” on that day although it isn’t clear what that means? Many thanks
  11. Thanks for coming back to me dx100uk, Yes, both the old marital home and the new address that I'm renting now are showing. Btw and I don't know if it's relevent, there is the mortgage on the old property showing on the report that is still being paid by my ex but the property is in both names, she is also shown as financially linked. We haven't been able to resolved the financial split even after these years.
  12. Just started a free credit check with Equifax - Credit score is poor at 332 with Barclay being the only problem area. The info given has certainly jogged my memory. Sorry guys for being so vague. OK, so I was communicating and making intermittent token payments of between £50 - £100 pm to Barclay Card up until July 2012! I didn't make any further payments after that month and they gave up with the account in FEB 2013 and marked it as settled on that month (see screen below) but it isn't marked as being defaulted, rather it shows as being passed on to a company called Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Limited (see 2nd screen shot) 2nd screen - company who took over the debt. I can't see any CCJ against my name. Sorry everyone.
  13. Thanks Catquest, The higher figure is why I'm disputing it, I just don't recognise it as being a true figure. I'm sure there are some added on "fees" that bump this up. Is there a process to get the facts fom either Robinson Way or Barclay Card without acknowledging that I owe the debt? I'm bitter that these debt companies are making a business out of people so that's why I would prefer playing "hard ball" - paid thousands of £ during the down turn in interest and late fees. Who does Barclay Card use as a Credit Reference Agency?
  14. Many thanks DX100UK, Is there a way of finding out if I've got a CCJ - don't they have to go to court to get one of those or at least a letter from a court? I've found a website called TrustOnline http://www.trustonline.org.uk/ which seems to offer a way of checking for CCJ's without having to resort to using Experian or Equifax. And is there a system for finding out when the date of when I defaulted without talking to Robinson Way, do I talk to Barclay Card? Thanks so much
  15. Hi All, Been a long time since I've been on the forum but need a little advice if possible. I believe I defaulted with Barclay card back in 2010 but I'm not sure of the exact date. Had personal/business problems back in 2010 (actually before if you see my posts) which ended with me becoming divorced. After this point I "stuck my hand in the sand" and ignored a lot of the relentless letters from them (and others) as the recession had wiped my business out and I had far bigger things to worry about. Over the years I haven't heard much from BC seeing as I'd left the marital home. Some letters did go to the old house but were ignored/binned and some of these were from various debt collectors. I know - not clever. I've started to to get a few letters recently from Robinson Way at my new home address that I'm renting (on the electoral role) and even an email to my business email account. To date I haven't replied to them but can't work out how the debt they are chasing for has gone up to £7684, my original credit card limit was £7k I think. As you can possibly gather I'm not in good position with facts as a lot of this got lost all those years ago. I've moved on in life and have remarried and don't want all the relentless hassle these companies make however I do want to fix my credit file. How/should I communicate with them? Don't really want all the pestering of paying them this inflated/made up figure with the penalty of them marking my credit file for another 6 years:evil:!! Thanks guys
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