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Found 11 results

  1. Hi I have had an offer from LTSB regarding a loan dating back to 1995ish. They say that because of the time-lapse they cannot find any details even though they have the loan account number. Their offer is £1200 which they say is the average. Any thoughts on this? suvin50
  2. I'm at the stage where the adjudicator has found in my favour on two out of three loans (I'm still fighting hard on the 3rd one). On reading through their letter to the bank (the bank has until the 3rd September to reply), I've found the PPI figures the FOS are quoting to the bank are way off from my own knowledge of the loans (£777 as opposed to 36 payments of £35). The bank have quoted all figures supplied to the FOS are from their insurance provider, who I have SARed and been told they have nothing on record. These loans go back to 95/98 era. How much work is it to get the FOS to fall back onto their £1200 "average" figure, which isn't that far off what I actually paid? Any of your own experiences, suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! One last question, is SAR purely for financial institutions? or can I SAR an old employer to get details of their sickness pay scheme?? from the same era btw
  3. I am on the understanding that Average Holiday pay back pay can now be claimed for 2 years back.This ruling by the British Government, was made in January 2015, but I am on the understanding that it doesn't become law until the end of June 2015?. How does an employee get the back pay?.is it going to be made legal that an employer automatically has to pay it. or will the employee have to make a claim through the Employment Tribunal, or a county court claim? I am also aware of a ruling from the european Court of Justice on holiday pay back pay.This will be given in May 2015. The ECJ could make it law that up to 6 years back pay can be claimed to 2009 when the AHP came in as part of the Working time Directive.Would the ECJ decision make the British governments ruling defunct, and the new ECJ ruling the precedence? Is it best for employees to wait until the ECJ make their decision as this may pave the way for back pay up to 6 years instead of the governments current 2 years?.
  4. Hi guys, Early last week, I was suspended until further notice for an incident involving negligence on my behalf. The HR Manager informed me that I was to be suspended on full salary while an investigation to takes place. All this was confirmed in writing, and they said that they would be in contact at a later stage. It's been nearly a week and there hasn't been any form of communication whatsoever. In 17 years of working this has been a first time being suspended and also facing disciplinary action of some sort too. Is there a rough time period that it takes for something like this to be resolved, or is it more incident specific? Many thanks for your time.
  5. Hi All I have got caught going 57mph in a 50mph average speed camera in the UK. I have been reading online that a lot of these are not actually legal or enforceable, as they are quick, temporary, changeable and have not been passed through parliament. Is there any way I can check if this is linked to the camera I went through? I also read that they may not have a set speed limit in the legislation - i.e the camera's can be set between 50 and 60mph, and in this case they are not enforcable? Is there any way to check? It was on the M5
  6. Hi All We live just off junction 4 of the M5, and they have had some average speed camera's installed for a month or os. My dad is a salesman and has 10 points on his license already. He actually went over 12 points, served a 3 month ban and now is on 10. But he just got a letter through with another 3 points - this time for doing 46mph in a 40mph average speed check. I didnt think they could prosecute until 47mph? Is there anything we should know that could help us?
  7. I telephone HSBC last summer regarding PPI on a credit card which I ordinarily took out in 1997 and had until around 2004. They wrote back and said that I was not eligible and closed my case and I left it at that. Last month they wrote to me out-of-the-blue and said that they had decided to over-turn their conclusion with my case and would write to me with a month with an offer. Today I received the letter offering me £900.68. However I am confused on how they came to this amount. I have not kept any records due to the dates, but do know that my card was max'd out for the majority of the time I held it £3,000 limit and I was a student. They have said that £508.02 is the refund of Card Protection Insurance based on an average creditcard balance and £392.66 is Simple Interest at 8%. they have said that this in full and final settlement, should i accept???
  8. I'd be grateful if anyone has any advice. I got a police "Notice of Intended Prosecution" this morning, for driving through an "average speed check" camera on the M1. At no place on the route does it say anything other than an "average speed check". There are dozens of cameras on that stretch, and all are clearly labelled as "average speed cameras" which are claimed to be only there to regulate traffic flow by monitoring the average speed of the traffic. I admit I probably could have been doing the 67mph on the M1, in a 50mph zone, as they claim. However, in my somewhat limited attempt at mitigation, there were no roadworks being carried out at the time throughout the whole of my short journey on the M1, no workers nor even any machinery present, and absolutely no other road users in sight as it was just before 5am. I was still driving under the usual speed limit for a stretch of motorway with no actual roadworks happening. There are no actual clearly marked speed cameras, only cameras marked as "average speed check" cameras. Surely claiming a camera is only carrying out an "average speed check" is a lot different to it actually being a camera specifically targetting a speeding driver? If there is a genuine speed camera on that stretch, targetting specific drivers, it is clearly not labelled as such, as they all just say "average speed check". Every last one of them. I know because I and my daughters went back and checked. I drove while they videoed all the cameras, and every single one of them was clearly marked as "average speed check" cameras only. The letter says it is going to prosecute me, despite my never having had a speeding ticket or even as much as a parking fine for the whole 20 years I've been a driver. Why not just a fine for a first offence on an empty motorway, going past "average speed check" cameras, rather than threats of courts and prosecution? Anyone have any ideas how to proceed on this? Thanks.
  9. Just trying to get a sense of whether I'm paying too much or not... I'm paying £135 per month direct debit. I'm a single man living alone in a one -bedroom flat. I have gas central heating and a gas cooker. No TV or hi-fi, but my computer is on all day. As a single man, I don't do a lot of cooking:), so the oven doesn't get used much. I have a washing machine too. The property is rented, so I can't change suppliers: they're set by the landlord. The supplier for both gas and electricity is e.on. I've just been reading about a family of 6 who say their combined energy bill is around £80 per month. How can my bills be £50 more than theirs? OK, maybe they don't all have computers and hi-fi's, but they must cook, and wash? So, how does my bill compare with other people's? What do you pay? Is mine about average, too little, or too much?
  10. Despite the number of interest-free purchase and balance transfer deals on the market, the average purchase rate on credit cards has hit its highest peak for 18 months. The average credit card purchase rate, which dipped to 18.1pc a year ago, had risen to 18.9pc one month ago and today stands at 19.1pc. This is the highest it has been for 18 months, according to Moneyfacts.co.uk. Consumers taking advantage of the abundance of balance transfer and interest-free purchase deals on the market should be aware that the purchase rates are being pushed up by lenders needing to maintain these offers. Coupled with the interest rate hike, providers are also allowing customers to pay back less each month, therefore keeping the debt on the books for longer and acquiring interest for a longer period of time. With Christmas looming ever closer, many consumers will be relying on their credit cards to see them through the festive period financially. Rachel Springall, of Moneyfacts.co.uk, advised: “If in doubt, shoppers should opt for an introductory interest-free purchase card, which gives them some breathing space so they can focus on repaying solely the amount they have spent. Link: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/borrowing/creditcards/9671826/Average-credit-card-purchase-rate-hits-19.1pc.html
  11. Hi All, I am about to start the process of extending the lease on my flat (currently at 73 years). I am not sure whether to go down ther formal or informal route yet. Is there a difference in cost? If the cost is the same I think the formal route would be best as I get a longer lease and peppercorn ground rent. I don't have the valuation to extend the lease yet but I have made an inital enquiry and the Freeholder/landlord has recoommended extending to 99 years with a £250 a year ground rent. Is £250 a reasonable and standard ground rent for a converted 1 bed flat in Brighton? I have heard conflicting opinions from local extate agents. Some say £150 is more accurate. Any advice on the formal or informal route costs and ground rent would be very welcome. The Lease advisory service were a bit vague. Thanks Jay
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