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Found 11 results

  1. Synopsis Public Sector temporary employee suffered loss of income due to Sector restructure. Background Lloyds loan taken out November 2008 for £7.5k for 7 years. Failed to make repayments from January 2011. Default August 2011. The debt has been round the usual houses: SCM -> MHA -> Moorcroft-> Iqor-> Robinson Way->Horwich Farrelly->MacKenzie Hall->Arrow Global Ltd->Debt Managers-> Rockwell-> Moorcroft-> Westcot->Arrow Global Ltd/Restons. No communication entered into with any. Claim On 8th May 2017 Arrow Global Ltd issued N1 against me through Northampton. Particulars The Claimant claims payment of the ovedue balance due from the Defendant(s) under a contract between the Defendant(s) and Lloyds TSB dated on or about Nov xx 2008 and assigned to the Claimant on Nov xx 2013 Particulars a/c no – xxxxxxxxxxxx Date Item Value xx/03/2017 Default Balance xxxx.xx Post Refrl Cr NIL TOTAL xxxx.xx • 10th May 2017 AOS submitted • 12th May 2017 unsigned request pursuant to s.77 of CCA 1974 sent by recorded delivery including £1.00 postal order sent to Arrow Global Limited. • 24th May 2017 reply received (letter dated 22nd May 2017)…acknowledged request for documentation “We do not accept we are the creditor as envisaged by the above statute” (CCA1974). “However, we are willing to assist in obtaining that which has been requested. We will now process your request for documentation from the creditor and will revert in due course. We confirm that all collection activity will be suspended pending provision of the documents. Please find enclosed your £1.00 fee. Yours sincerely Arrow Global.” Am seeking most pertinent verbiage to defend above. Many thanks for all of your help R
  2. This doesn't relate to a specific case, but may be helpful to the many people defending claims in court. If POFA is not followed to the letter, the only party that can be the lawful defendant is the Driver. While I understand the need to refer to the Registered Keeper in the third person in all communication with the PPC and their lawyer of choice, so you don't negate the protection you have under POFA, how far are you permitted to go in court to deny that you WERE the driver? There was a case on here just last week where a judge required the defendant to state whether he/she was the driver or not. If you say not, but you know that you were (or there is a strong likelihood that you were), are you committing perjury? How do you get around this (as civil cases need only to be proven on the balance of probabilities)?
  3. I am trying to decide whether to claim carer's allowance or income support. I intend to become a carer for my mother who gets attendance allowance. I am 50 and claiming income based JSA. I live with my mother in a council house.
  4. Evening ladies and gents. Got a few questions that's being introduced at our place. Essentially it's a 4 on, 4 off 12 hour pattern, equating to 1932 hours per year, plus we owe 13 shifts so it's 2088 hours. So at 2088 hours the legal entitlement is 252 hours or 21 shifts holiday, which they are giving us, however, this is where it's getting a bit 'grey', we are given the 21 shift allowance, but we also have to cover an additional 21 shifts, essentially making it shift 'swaps' as opposed to holidays, which in turn means our yearly hours are now at 2340 hours with effectively no actual holidays? There are no contracts for any of us as of yet, I've only been here 6 months, others have been here years. Finally, what's my notice period if I've only been in employment for 6 months? Cheers, Darren
  5. Six year old Annie returns home from school and says that today she had her first family planning lesson at school. Her mother, very interested, asks: "Oh... How did it go" "I nearly died of shame!" she answers. "Sam from down the street says the stork brings babies. Sally next door said you can buy babies at the orphanage. Pete in my class says you can buy babies at the hospital." Her mother answers laughingly, "But that is no reason to be ashamed." "No... but I can't tell them that we were so poor that you and daddy had to make me yourselves!"
  6. My father had a £5,000 alleged debt bought outright by Equidebt some years back, who didn't seem too bad as debt collectors go, though others may of course have had different experiences. Before Equidebt bought it it was last with Intrum Justitia, acting as Cahoot agents 'from memory', and with a couple of other Cahoot agents before that I think. He sent one of the early mobs a CCA request with the £1 fee asking for proof of the alleged debt, copy retained and sent recorded delivery, and they sneakily recorded the £1 fee as a payment towards the alleged debt. He then wrote them a letter, copy retained and sent recorded delivery, explaining that they shouldn't have done this and it certainly wasn't a payment towards the alleged debt. The alleged debt eventually became statute barred, but Equidebt obviously didn't realise this. A few months before Equidebt assumed it was going to be statute barred they got a solicitor involved, a genuine legal threat I think and no 'in house' bluff, who was swiftly dispatched after receiving copies of all the relevant letters and proof of deliveries. Equidebt were not amused and I almost felt a bit sorry for them, but it wasn't my father's fault and he couldn't afford to pay. Like I said, Equidebt believed that the debt was not statute barred and if no records had been kept. If they did initiate a court case, then a judge could possibly have found in their favour on that front. My father and I have dealt with multiple debts over the years, being taken to court a combined 5 times in the process (never lost), so I have a pretty good idea about what is regular auto-poop and what might be something to take seriously. I obviously can't definitively state that Equidebt would have taken my father to court. However, the thing that struck me most about the letter he got was the timing of it. It was just a couple of months before Equidebt believed the debt was to become statute barred. On 2 of the past occasions that we were taken to court, it was done in a similar fashion with a solicitors letter being received just a couple of months before a debt was due to become statute barred. I hope that you now understand everything I have said fully. Are you of the opinion that Equidebt never took anyone to court? I honestly don't know if they did, not from forum memory, and don't have the time to trawl through old threads to find out at the moment.
  7. Hi guys, Thanks in advance for all your help over the years, I don't think I have ever posted but have managed to sort things just fine by searching the forums. What an amazing site! Thank you. I have had 2 debts with Lloyds for a number of years now, 2 loans taken out to help me set up my own business. When my business fell upon hard times, Lloyds refused to help and told me that my PPI didn't cover me if I was self employed, unless I dissolved the business. Customers to my business were few and far between at the time but dissolving the business would have been fruitless, I was just having trouble meeting the payments from the little work that was coming in. I suspect I have a case for claiming back my PPI seen as the response to my question "will it cover me if the work falls off" was "Yes, that's what it's there for" but that's a different matter to the one in hand. Eventually, Lloyds collections department agreed a repayment plan and I paid a reduced payment each month so to clear the 2 loans. After about 4 months of paying this reduced payment (I did not default on these payments and seen as they stopped taking the money, I presumed they were happy with the amount I had paid), I started receiving letters from debt collectors and that's when I arrived at CAG, and followed the advice on here asking them to provide credit agreements etc. This saw them all off up until now. Do I owe Lloyds bank money? I would say on paper, yes but am so annoyed that A I was told PPI would cover the loans if I was to fall on hard times B. I was paying my debt back to the collections department under a payment plan we agreed and without notice, they passed on the debt. I don't really know where I stand and have just fended off the debt collectors with credit agreement requests up to yet BUT..... I received 2 letters this morning from 1st credit, 1 for each of my previous loans. Inside each envelope was a letter from Lloyds and one from 1st Credit. The Lloyds letter saying they had sold the debt and the 1st credit one saying they had bought the debt. My first question to the wonderful world of CAG is: 1. What do I do now! I haven't aknowledged the debt for many years though I did see one of my £1 postal orders sent to a debt agency appear as a payment off one of my loans even though the letter clearly stated it should not be used for any other purpose than to provide the original credit agreement. 2. Am I looking at this all wrong ? and should I just write to 1st credit and arrange a payment plan that I can afford? 3. Is it worth claiming PPI , I thought in the past that if they did refund me then it would probably go towards the debt automatically and I wouldn't have a leg to stand on in the future if I started shouting " I would never have taken out the loans if I knew I wasn't covered!) Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me
  8. I was with the AA for years, no problems, but switched to RAC. I called them three days ago, because of a problem, and I only got the tyre replaced tonight. They seem to have contracted a lot of their work out to local garages. Anyone know any different?
  9. Slightly unusual question here- my daughter had a minor bump that caused no damage as she rolled into the car in front of her in a queue of traffic. Exchanged details with other driver and expected him to bill her for possible scratches that couldnt be seen. However, 4 months later gets a CC summons for £770 for replacement bumper and other parts that were unmarked. Now, knowing about enginering and physics I worked out the speed needed to cause the damage claimed needed to be at least 5 times greater than the speed she was going and given the strength of the materials cars are made of it is beyond the realms of physics to actually cause the damage claimed in isolation . If the impact had caused the damage claimed both cars would be crunched and the drivers in hospital with broken bones. She is obviously insured but what are the chances the insurers will bother to contest this claim? Does anyone know if once admitting liability for the accident it automatically follows that all of a relativley minor claim is paid out without referring it back to either the driver at fault or their insurer. She has passed on the necessary details and a letter saying advantage is being taken in this case to her insurers but will it make any differenec that the claimant is asking for something that is not connected to reality.
  10. I wrote to HSBC to ask for details pertaining to a loan I had with them. The sticky details are: * the loan was over 6 years ago. * it was a former account number, but I've remained a customer. * I do not have any details or paperwork. I do, however, vividly recall being told by an advisor who I remember by name that 'it'll only go through with insurance'. Anyhow, HSBC have written back fairly promptly with the over 6 years jobby. Is it worth sending and SAR, since I've already 'politely' asked for details? I know there's a solid justified claim for a number of thousand pounds, so I'd very much like to pursue. Many thanks in advance for guidance.
  11. Have finally got my data after Sar-ing them and having to threaten them with a little court action after mucking me about. Totted everything up and did a little reading around on here. I've had a break from things due to getting married and that kind of took over my life for a while. But I am back to this with a renewed energy! So it would appear that Cap One have won a few cases in court recently regarding credit card charges and people claiming Compound interest. Now the Compound interest at the time of my CC was 34.9% (I actually can't believe I went for a CC with an APR of that but I think that shows my desperate position at the time!) I'd sooner not go to court especially if they have been winning recently so would I stand a better chance if I just asked for the 8% interest? My charges on their own come to around £700 so with the compound interest this makes it a couple of grand but obviously nothing if I lost!
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