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  1. 2 years ago I had a property in Oxford repossessed. There was a shortfall of 3 months when council tax wasn't paid and the council have been chasing me ever since. I kept them abreast of my financial situation right the way through but they still insisted on setting the bailiffs on me. On 5 occasions I received letters informing me that bailiffs would be turning up at my residence to seize my goods within 24 hours, they never turned up. I took time off work on each occasion.....could I invoice them for not turning up?
  2. Thank you very much, I'll let you know how it goes.
  3. My Dad is 75 years old and in a conversation with him the other day he told me that Nat West were closing his account. He said it was one of those where he paid a monthly fee but never got anything out of it, he said he'd never used any services that it offered and when I asked how long he'd had it and why he'd taken it, he said that he'd had it probably 20 years (although his memory is a little hazy) and he said he hadn't asked for it, they just told him he was getting it.....I want to try to claim back his monthly PBA fees, should I start with a SAR request and take it from there? If so
  4. I have just submitted my request for the full 28 days and disputed the jurisdiction of the Northampton court (On behalf of my Dad, apparently, I am a litigants friend now!)......wish me luck, does anyone know what I do from here?!
  5. It was (according to the court papers) at Wythenshawe, Etrop Court. Rowlandsway, Wythenshawe. M22 5RQ
  6. Thanks Tony P, I've just enrolled online, am I asking for 28 days to submit a defence or should I make a counterclaim of £135 for my costs in dealing with this just to really wind them up?
  7. To cut a long story short, I borrowed my Dad's car to take some stuff to the tip, came back and did some shopping en route, parked over the time limit in a car park run by parking eye by mistake and my Dad started getting invoices. He threw them away because I told him they were fishing, now he has had court papers from the County Court Bulk Centre in Northampton and the total claim is £135! His attitude is to pay it, mine is to fight it... ..any advice would be massively appreciated.
  8. Thanks for the replies, there is no signature or stamp from the lender, or date, anywhere on the credit agreement page.
  9. long story very short... ...Halifax cc taken out in april 2006. Can't now afford it. My credit file is shot so i'm not bothered re-defaults. I asked Robinson Way for a copy of the cca, they got a photocopy from lloyds, the prescribed terms are all there but it is unsigned in the box which requires the lender's signature and date. Can i contest this or should i just offer them a pound a month. The debt is £2500 and i'm currently self emploed, i earned £150 last month £300 this month. My house is charged upto the hilt, £55,000 to the bank £70,
  10. If BOB gave all the truthful information when asked, how could he be guilty of fraud? Surely the onus is on the lender to decide whether BOB is a good bet or not. Should BOB then decide to go bankrupt with £150,000 in an untraceable bank account, what recourse do the thieving PDL's have?.....purely hypothetically, obviously.
  11. OK, I wanted to run a hypothetical scenario past you good people and see what you think...... A hypothetical bloke, let's call him BOB who has a very poor credit rating, a house which he lives in with his wife and two children which the married couple own but which has a whacking 2nd charge in favour of his father who gave them money to pay a chunk of the mortgage off, no tangible assets and a job which pays him £3000 per month which to be honest he hates, decides that he is going to better his situation by going to all 240 payday loan companies and borrow the maximum amount each of them
  12. Hello All, I've just got a bit excited on going through my Buy to let property file and was hoping that someone on here could either tell me if I've got something to be excited about, or, pop my bubble before I make a fool of myself! When I purchased the property, they sent me out a Credit Agreement regulated by the CCA 1974 secured on said property. It then goes on to outline The capital sum involved and the interest payable and when it's payable at a variable rate of 6.3% per annum over 20 years. It then states: "The total charge for credit is £113.50. This is made up of
  13. Hi Stigman, It'll be quicker to type it! "Our client is aware of the difficult financial circumstances that a number of their customers are currently experiencing. As a result, they have authorised us to consider a discounted settlement figure against the above listed debt. We may be able to offer you a substantial discount on your balance and would like to explore this option with you. This offer is available for a period of ten days from the date of this letter. To confirm eligibility and take advantage of this enhanced opportunity to clear this debt, please contact
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