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  1. Hi, I've read many a post on this forum going back a few years and the same thing is still happening. I really want to help stop other people getting sucked into Tigrent Learn UK Rich Dad seminar programs. I'm pursuing my money but at the moment I'm more concerned about making sure Tigrent don't get any more money. If anyone does have any advice or they have actually got money back I'd love to hear. There must be something that can be done about this company but I have only seen disappointed people still waiting for money. I went along to the free seminar in Gatwick last weekend. I've been to this type of thing before so I fully expected to be sold to, I was on my guard at the beginning, I wasn't even interested in property investing, more in stocks and shares, but as the thing went on I got totally sucked into the sucess stories, which is all they tell you. They don't actually give you anything to work on except increasing your credit card limit. At the end of the seminar I jumped up to sign up for the 3 day course, £997. As soon as I got home I thought I better do some reseach and quickly found posts on here and elsewhere. I really wanted to believe it was going to be worth the money as I was so pleased with the rich dad book, that made sense to me. But no, I couldn't find any good reviews and just stories of people going along to the 3 day course, being told to go and up their credit limit and come back in the morning, only to be told that they cant be taught everything in 3 days, but they have to sign up for further courses for 10s of thousands of pounds. I decided that I didn't want to waste my time or money on this course so phoned my credit card company to put a stop on the payment. Tigrent Learn UK had already requested the money from my credit card company. So on Monday I called Tigrent, asked them for a full refund. I explained that I had opened the home study kit but it had not been marked and was still perfectly good to sell. They said that it had to be sealed for the full refund, so they were going to charge £497 plus admin, so out of my £997 I was going to get back £450. Also they wanted me to sign a letter to say I wouldn't discuss this with anyone and this would be the final agreement. Is that even legal? not in the contract that I signed to say that if I requested a refund it would come with a gagging order. I went to their office to personally return the home study kit, but they refused to accept it, saying they couldn't legally take it as it was mine. So I'm now going to my credit card company to raise a dispute. I don't think there is much else I can do? I've set up a twitter account @tigrent_truth I'm posting links to reviews and advice to others to try and help them not get stung. Essentially the lesson is: 1) Don't sign up on the day, go home and think about what you are buying 2) Research the course and compare to other lower cost courses that seem to actually teach you something 3) Don't trust a company that doesn't have course outlines and costs on their website 4) If you do get swept away on the day, DON'T OPEN THE HOME STUDY KIT! You could probably get all of that information from a £14.99 book from amazon and some you-tube videos. Please follow me on twitter and use the hashtag to help me raise awareness. I'd also love to hear if you have got money back for the home study kit. (Although you probably have a gagging order and can't tell me, maybe a knowing wink?) I've learnt an expensive lesson, I hope to get my money back at some point, but at least if I can stop it happening to others that would be good. Thanks
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