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  1. Evening all, been a while since ive needed your help, hopefully this one is quite straightforward, sorting some paperwork the other day and I found some loan agreements from 1994 onwards with TSB and Natwest various amounts but all seem to have some type of insurance payment on them, do I still need to SAR them to start a PPI claim or can I do it with just the loan agreements? Regards Purp
  2. Latest update, apparently I am now under retail business banking and my dad is under commercial business banking due to differences in turnover, Lloyds apparently no longer have dedicated agricultural managers! Advice from my dads manager was basically to bend over and take it as if I continue to complain and kick up a fuss they may close the business account (wonder if he used to work for Natwest with that level of helpfulness) anyway after spending 15 minutes trying to get through the call centre whilst returning a missed call from the business manager (absolute farce, asking me security que
  3. Hi yes spoken to them about increasing the overdraft and got the "maximum exposure" response despite all the borrowings being secured and the existing loans being paid down enough to leave some leeway on the security, I've had no response to letters sent to them either, it's like dejavu I could be dealing with TSB 20 years ago which is why I took the business account off them before, my fathers business does have a higher turnover but for the last 15 years we have both been under the same relationship manager through north midlands agriculture, agricultural businesses like mine and my fathers
  4. I'm working on a sideways attack at the minute because my father also banks with them and it appears that the North Midlands Agriculture office never was closed as he is still under them with direct contact to his relationship manager who is apparently one of the helpful ones, so I have made a list of the charges and printed off copies of the letters that were'nt responded too and he is going to have a word with him and see if he can sort out whats gone on.
  5. Morning all, I have had ongoing problems with Lloyds since last year since they decided to split things, I was told I would no longer be under one manager who I had direct contact with through the North Midlands Agriculture ofice as this would be closing and I would have to deal with the call centre managers, for the last year I have had no sense out of them when contacting them and not even a letter of acknowledgement when writing to them never mind a reply, anyway to the crux of the matter, things have been tight on the business last couple of months and I have gone over the overdraft
  6. Thanks both we are both getting quite good at arse kicking in these situations due to the time we spent dealing with our other problems over the last few years with help from this forum, the dca are'nt to much of a worry I've managed to get BCW and Wescott to back down in the last year, I shall do some digging re: the information commissioner.
  7. Final update to this as not been on the forum in quite a while, never got as far as sorting it out myself around september last year Lloyds sent me out a form to sign if I wanted to claim PPI in the end they agreed my claim on 5 out of 7 loans I've had over the years and paid be back just over £8000
  8. Afternoon all, been a while but I have a new problem, my wife has cancelled her old contract with Orange as it was too expensive, she had 3 phones on it one for herself and two for the kids, the final settlement figure from Orange came through higher than expected on enquiry she has been told that it was due to charges being added for itemised billing, which she had never agreed to and has taken up with them in the past, sent a SAR to orange which they have sent back and said she has to fill in thier own SAR form, in the meantime they have pas
  9. Latest update we have had contact from Immediate Financial, apologizing for not having settled any debts in the 12 months we have been with them and giving us a figure for monies held for us in our client account which is nearer to what we believed it should be which they have offered to return without complaint, Wescot have backed down although not completely but have a sort of half apologetic letter from them and they are now willing to accept £1 per month from us as they were from IF, Buchanan Clark and Wells however have sent a long rambling letter
  10. Hi fletch, I am doing have written them all down and they will be listed when I reply to Wescot, just working on a suitable reply to their high and mighty I've also got to get my wife to go through her phone as well as they were texting and ringing her too.
  11. Had another letter from Wescot today saying they will not uphold the complaint of harassment as they have only rung 7 times all within thier usual opening hours of 08.00 -21.00 and denying they sent the text message I recieved at 00.51am which woke me up! I've just been through my phone and I have 17 calls which can be attributed to Wescots 3 different phone numbers and also 3 text messages although I know there have been more of those too.
  12. Hi fletch, sent the complaint about a fortnight ago, had a letter saying they have had the letter and are investigating, yes they were making token payments only but based on what we were paying into the client account monthly they have had more than enough money to pay off the smallest debt even without negotiating it down which they reckoned they would do.
  13. Hi Fletch yes IF were not making payments on time to our creditors despite reassuring us everytime we rang them that they were, we are still waiting on a reply from IF regarding our complaints and request for the return of our money from our client account so we can use it to pay some of our creditors.
  14. Thanks for the above, Immediate Financial are dmp providers we were with and were "dealing" using the term in its loosest sense it appears, with our creditors on our behalf although it appears now that they were'nt which has caused some of the above to default and end up with the debt collectors we are now taking matters back in hands ourselves and are in the process of trying to recover the money from our client account with IF.
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