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  1. Very. She said they were still naking initial calls to people. Am hoping they have made a massive miscalculation on mine haha
  2. Just telephoned MBNA and they said that they have not sent any cheques out as yet. I was told that they have recalculated all of the PPI claims that were upheld and the initial call we received was just to check that the contact details, address ect were still the same and they will be sending the cheques out shortly. The lady gave me a direct contact number - 0800 917 6592 and said to ring at any point for a further update. thanks
  3. Hi Debbie. Not received anythhing yet and I also got call beginning of May. I am going to ring them tomorrow if nothing arrives so i will let you know how I get on
  4. ladyh0

    MBNA can I go for PPI

    Deffo will do even a few quid in my (overdrawn account) is better than in theirs 🖒🖒
  5. Hi came across this thread searching for MBNA updates/information out of curiosity as out of the blue today I got a call from them to say my claim payout I received in 2014 had been reviewed and I was due a further payment. Said she couldnt say what amount was but I would receive cheque and breakdown within 28 days. Even 50 quid is better in my bank than theirs so very chuffed
  6. ladyh0

    MBNA can I go for PPI

    After all this time got call out of blue today to say my ppi claim has been reviewd and I am to receive a further payment and should receive chq a d breakdown within 28 days. Exciting surprise
  7. Hi. I have not heard anything since I received order stating that I had to pay lump sum by 19th May. As stated there is no way I can pay this amount in one payment and just wondered what happens now. Should I contact the solicitors and ask to make arrangements to pay in installments.
  8. I now have an update. About 2 weeks ago I received a letter from Lowell solicitors advising that they were now dealing with the matter in place of Bryan Carter and that they were obtaining my file and would contact me again shortly. The following day I received another letter from them enclosing a copy of a letter that Vanquis had apparently sent to me in January enclosing the documentation I had requested and needed for my hearing in March. This letter that Vanquis had apparently sent was addressed to my previous address which I have not lived in for 5 years which was very surprising as they had my new address and had been writing to me there previously and also the Court papers were served at my current address!! at the end of last week having heard nothing else from Lowell's solicitors I received an order from the Court as they had requested judgment in the sum of just under 4k to be paid by 19th May 2016. I have no way at all of paying this so I am wondering what to do. The initial amount was 1K but with the late fees and the PPI which they continued adding it has brought the amount up considerably. I have no argument in paying what I owe but am wondering if I can still make a claim for PPI even though it has gone to judgements. Thanks
  9. Many thanks. The sofa is not part of the inventory and in fact when I moved in the landlord asked if I would mind storing some furniture for a while (he left also 6 dining table chairs which he eventually put in the attic and then collected) The attic is fully boarded with electricity and shelves for storage and the agents keep telling me that they have asked repair man to contact me to sort out a time to come round and they will get on to him again (this has been their excuse since before xmas !!
  10. Yes the matrimonial home rights notice is valid until Decree Absolute is made so it is important that she resolves this issue before divorce is finalised. If she can afford to do so then she should continue to pay the mortgage but if he is not cooperating she will have no option but to issue proceedings. The Court will take into account all of their financial circumstances including income, pensions etc and there are anumber of options that she could ask the Court to consider ie sale of the property, transfer to her etc. Is he paying child support ?
  11. I don't know!!! I have never been served with any paperwork in accordance with the Court Directions i.e all parties have to file any docs they wish to rely on within 21 days of date of hearing. I have requested docs from BC ... nothing . Court are saying file is "archived" that was few days before hearing. Rubbish as I know I have right to appeal so case would never be archived !!
  12. Yes it was online They have sent a copy of my CCA which I have signed online showing my typed signature and underneath there is a "ticked" box showing my agreement to CCA. There is my online signature (which I have no argument with as I signed up to the card and still have and is in credit) But underneath there is another box which I have generically signed but the box next to is not ticked and I cannot read ( the copy they have sent me is a bad photocopy) Ahh it appears that (just checked) that when I signed for the credit agreement I had to tick a box which also signed me into the PPI and underneath I had to put in my name again for only knows what as it cannot be read on the copy I have but I have not ticked the box next to that signature. But it appears from reading what they have sent me that my acceptance (tick) is also (unknown) an acceptance to PPI
  13. I know nobody is here to judge but honestly that was my defence. I had a debt of maybe 1k but they file for nearly 4k. I have had no documents from Lowell (their solicitors were BC) and they wrote to me about 1 month ago saying no longer instructed . I called Court asking for information about defence being struck out she tole me " file has been archived but Lowell had filed some paperwork but she could not say what" I was advised in this thread to ask for a Consent/Tomlin Order and I am happy to pay what I owe but not some inflated amount (extra 3k ) and I have sentt a letter to Lowell so fingers X:| Many thants
  14. OK. not sure how ...but thanks anyway
  15. No I didn't think I did I sent my defence in, I got a mediation referral which they told me that this could not go ahead as I did not have the documentation, because BC or Lowell did not give me what was requested The Court Order came transferring to my local Court and it had usual direction for providing documents relied on etc... ..I had none, Lowell provided nothing, but my defence was struck out ... . Lowell never complied with the disclosure i.e. statement of amount they were claiming, copy CCA etc. I know I missed the "extra Order" but for the life of me cannot understand why that was made. I had filed my defence, had no more documents to add (had none) and Lowells had file bog all.. ....please do not judge me :hail:
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