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  1. Update...... I have a job start on 4th August. I actually got 2 offers from the 2 interviews I had. You cannot believe what a relief that is and how much it has done for my self confidence. Working for same firm for 20 years and pushing 50 .
  2. So, I have received a letter today from an insolvency practitioner and he has entered into a creditors insolvency liquidation so have applied online today for redundancy via RPS. Hoping it wont be so long before I get settlement.
  3. Oh I will definitely will. As soon as I get my redundancy. You guys have been great, even if you couldn't give legal advice you gave practical advice and, more importantly, lots of support
  4. Or ask him for a job On a more positive note I got an email from ex boss late last night to say that he had been in meetings most of day with advisors who are now putting in place arrangements for our redundancy packages to be paid and we should hear from them in the next few days so fingers and toes crossed
  5. So, ex boss has finally replied after another email sent stating unacceptable that not heard anything and he apologised !! and said he was seeing advisors tomorrow. Have said if dont hear from him by end of week then will go down tribunal route. On a different note, the solicitor that dealt with the intervention has called me on 3 occasions this week asking for "advice" on some of my files ( I deal with family law) re client contacting about updates etc and he wanted me to update him to pass information...stressing me out
  6. Hi guys. Not been back for a few days as I have been trying to get as much information as possible. Firstly, many thanks for all the advice you have taken the time to give me. I did manage to speak to a solicitor I know who gave me some good advice on the different options and said he was happy to help me but at this early stage we would need to know what route had to be taken before he could advise me further. I emailed ex boss mid week basically asking what was happening, details of redundancy package etc and no reply. I have been in regular contact with my co workers and it seems he is only talking to one co worker and has told her he is insolvent and we will here from the insolvency company so at least I can make a claim for redundancy. I have done the government calculation and based on the 20 years service, holiday pay, pay in lieu of notice and unpaid wages I am due quite a bit. The solicitor I spoke to also indicated that as well as redundancy I could make a separate claim against ex boss via tribunal for unfair dimissal so I may look into this. On a positive note I made a claim for UC on Wednesday and London1971 you are right, the application process was very straight forward, i had my phone interview on Thursday, uploaded all documents and got my award notification the following day. Am receiving a payment on Tuesday It also appears that word has got round and I have received a few messages from legal acquaintances asking me to send my CV. I will keep updating but I cannot thank you lovely kind people for all your help and support so far xx
  7. So I have received a bit of legal advice but not much more than I already know as solicitors wanted in the region of £300 for more in depth advice. Not heard anything else from ex boss even after a chase up email was sent to him by co worker. Am extremely stressed as don't know where to turn. I cannot afford legal advice and come the end of the month i won't be able to pay my bills
  8. That was my next job and I am just waiting for a few call backs. Haha No holiday home and he is almost 70 and knowing him as I do am sure he won't do a runner. The Firm does extremely well and hence so does he !! What we all want to find out is if redundancy is paid from Firms account or by him personally.
  9. So SRA have confirmed intervention as of today and co worker who lives near office said there are people there taking out boxes of files. SRA told me ex boss is responsible for pay, references etc and he must contact us to deal with these issues. It also appears that he is intending to appeal the decision !!
  10. Thank you. I have just done the calculation and was pleasantly surprised with the amount of uc I will get. I have also done the redundancy calculation and based on age, length of service, accrued holidays, 3 months notice pay and almost a month of extra days worked while rest of staff on Furlough I will get a fair amount. We are just waiting to hear if boss is going to pay this months salary and redundancy before making any applications
  11. Thank you so much. I am lucky enough to have never been out of work. Boss is being all apologetic and saying he will do all he can for us so I hope he follows through
  12. From what I have found out it is due to breaches of accounting rules dating back a number of years but only discovered on a recent audit. The intervention is today. We are all obviously concerned about redundancy pay. I understand that the firm accounts will be frozen but not sure if he is able to pay us the salary that is owed.
  13. Yes I will call them tomorrow. The date of intervention is tomorrow so hoping they will have some information for me
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