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  1. firstly thank you for reading i thought i would start at the beginning in 2007 when i was not in a good place i remortgaged my commercial property to lancashire mortgages and by releasing £30000 in equity it cost me a extra £50000 in early release from previous lender and fees to broker and lancashire. what i did not realise was that this was interest only and due to receivership fees and charges i now owe then £300,000 from originally borrowing £220,000 and i am paying them £2400 a month. the rent does not even cover the monthly payments i originally put in a inflated salary
  2. thanks for your help my hearing is today is their anyting else i can do
  3. sorry to be a pain cant find the ammendended letter
  4. i thought it was straightfoward i just copied the one from the guidlines on this site, and again thank you
  5. okay i have filled in the n224 asking for a suspension of eviction and written a witness statment
  6. yes it is up to date i agree that those costs seem high but with four kids 2 outings a month and presnts iclude friends parties birthdays x4 and christmas do you still think it still to high and and i allowed to keep some of the money left over for savings for rainy day emergencies ?
  7. yes it my second morgage , she was meant to be paying from her account
  8. she left about 2 weeks ago and is living in india with her parents, please find my budget sheet
  9. Thanks for getting back i had no idea that was a hearing anss she had hid all letters from me i was arrears previously but had clead most of them before a eviction date was set back in 2009 i think. the property is in joint names about 15 years i have no proof except for money being taken out each month in cash from my account
  10. help my wife has left me and my 4 kids and has not paid the morgage in 2 years ( i was giving her the money every month) i only found out this morning when the ballif sent me a letter saying i have 4 weeks before eviction i owe 17,000 and GE mony want the full amount i have about £100,000 in equity in the house and i can afford payments each month plus a bit extra but not full arreas please can anyone help
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