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  1. Hoping for a bit of help on behalf of my mum.... Mum runs a small business maintaining lets and did some work for a woman who owns a house in the UK but now resides in Australia. The woman was invoice for c £2k, paid £100 then ignored the rest. Mum has an address and email for her in Australia and she has chased the debt to not effect. Is it possible/prudent to chase the debt further given she retains property in the UK? Mum could really do with the money and according to Facebook, this woman is rather enjoying a holiday in Bali! Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Guys I've received the particulars of the claim now-they are scant and refer to a letter I never received. I've put together a defence but I'm wondering what to write in box 10 of the N245 form? Should I just give my reasons for asking for the judgement to be set aside or should I include a defence of the claim? Or both? Thanks for any help. I'm afraid I don't have a high enough rating on here to reply to PMs but do have a private address: lillydbsatgmaildotcom Thanks
  3. It's the county court baliffs so I have the claim number and the name of the claimant. I'd be really grateful for any thoughts as to how to fill in this N245 (and do I need to fill in an N244 as well?) Thanks very much.
  4. oh wow, you are so kind, I do appreciate your help. I've ordered a copy of the claim and the judgement which I would hope would arrive early next week. Should I wait for these to arrive before I fill in the N245? I'm not sure of the date of the CCJ or the particulars, I only have what the kind lady at the court told me when she read through the paperwork. Thanks very much, you are really helping me put a rather fraught mind at rest.
  5. First time poster so please be gentle! I've received a warrant of execution from the bailiffs for a debt I have no knowledge of. It's been sent to an address I've never lived at but is in my name-it's only by chance that I've received it. It appears a claim has gone through the county court without my knowledge, instigated by a chap I've had dealings with in the past. This chap harassed me by phone because I wouldn't evict one of my tenants quickly enough for him (he wanted to speed up an eviction making it illegal) and I refused. He threatened to visit me and have it out, even though I informed him I was 9 months pregnant. In the end, I had to call the police to warn him off. It seems he's got the address of the lady I used to do the eviction paperwork for me and made a claim against me for goodness knows what. By default he seems to have won. How on earth do I get this reversed? I've got until Monday when the baliffs act to repossess goods (albeit from an address I've never lived at). I've downloaded an N244 form and applied for the paperwork associated with this claim to be sent to me but any idea what to say on the form? I definitely don't want this guy getting my actual address-he's a lunatic, even the lady at the courts service when reading the paperwork commented that this sounded a bizarre claim. Any kindly folk with experience of filling in an N244 form that could advise? Thanks very much in advance.
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