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Found 2 results

  1. Dear All I was hit by a car in the rear and my car bumped into a car in front. Luckily we were not at high speed. The car hit me failed to stop and run away. I was shocked and could not note the reg number. Police could not trace the car either. The car I bumped into claiming against MIB or against my insurance? I am puzzled, insurance company is holding me liable even though it was not my fault? Thank you.
  2. Hi wanted to get some advice, My insurance had recently lapsed due to financial reasons in Aug (before that I have always had insurance on my car). Due to me not realising that the insurance was lapsing (and the new police system in place) my car was impounded within a week. I spoke to ESure they had cancelled my policy and refused to insure my car again, after going thru a couple of more companies i managed to get an insurance out thru eCar Insurance who were the only ones who would insure an impounded car. Using their insurance I got my car out and being silly enough, insured with ESURE again within the month for the remainder of the year to avoid any other problems... .but this is where my problems began! Firstly they cancelled my new policy after 4 weeks because they didnt receive the NCD docs in time (5 years), I called them up and explained that I had been moving houses which is why there was a delay in recieving and then forwardingthe doc but I had been told that the doc would have been with me by my previous insurer asap and i would forward it off. Regardless they cancelled the policy and SURPRISINGLY they offered me a new policy over the phone. So this was the 3rd policy with them in the 2month period. Now started the problems.. .they didnt find any of my NCB document acceptable. ..for the last 6 weeks i have been on the phone to them up and down and i have sent them a 5 year NCB from one insurere and the proof of no claims made from eCar but they didnt accept any of it. Everytime i recieved a letter saying that they are cancelling my policy (and i recieved around 6/7) I called them to talk and the person behind the phone would insure me nothing was needed from my side so i would be relieved and would carry on with my life.. .but then i would recieve another letter saying they are cancelling my policy..so I would call them to ask again what else was required. I think losing my 5 years NCB (which make around a £500/yr difference to my premium) is not so much of an issue as the stress that they have caused me. Everytime I go thru my mail I hope that there isnt a letter from ESURE asking for documents still and threatening to cancel my policy. Last time when this had happened it costed me nearly £600 to get my car back on the road...plus the legal trouble around it! Its when I get a conflicting reassurance over the phone but threatening letters by mail. latest was yesterday when once again I recieved a letter saying they are going to cancel my policy on the 12th because of no acceptable docs recieved (even though I have sent them 3 different PDF's/Emails and additional paper mail docs).. to ADD to this on the 23rd of Nov the guys i spoke to (Tony from ESURE) had told me all was fine and he had made a note on the system confirming nothing else was required as it was acceptable. It ruined another evening of my life trying to resolve this with their trainee operators who couldnt do anything but go thru the book and then saying call back at 9am because thats when anybody helpful will be on. So today I spent from 9am-11am and then 12-2pm going back and forth for them to confirm: - Tony got it wrong...AGAIN - I shouldnt have been offered a 3rd insurance policy because the previous 2 being cancelled. - they will be cancelling the policy on the 12th regardless of what I say. - they will be charging me £65 for admin fee on the 3rd policy..EVEN though I didnt qualify for the policy and it was done over the phone with the agent knowing what they were doing. So not only have they been affecting my home life by causing me stress at home with threatening letters but now I jeaopardised my new job to resolve this just to be pushed into a uninsured oblivion! I dont want a policy thru ESURE because of their customer service till now but I dont want them to get away with the way they have dealt with my policy. They could have just not given me a 3rd policy if it wasnt valid. Their systems played with my stress levels on every account from incompetent evening staff to overassuring morning staff to their threatening admin staff who happily continued sending me mails even though their system had been updated with notes from their customer service agents. If you can help with this then do let me know because kind regards
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