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  1. Hi All I had put in a grievance against another co-worker for bullying and harassment. the out come was 50 my way and 50 his way. Whatever that meant. while I was being questioned in this grievance I told the panel at the end that I had shot myself in the foot by bringing the grievance. As the company does not want some one who makes trouble. I was pressured by HR to bring the grievance and knew the moment it started it would lead to something else. Well surprise surprise I am off to a disciplinary regarding a total different matter. again being
  2. Hi all In need of some advice. Someone has hit my warrior truck on the passenger side and just drove off and left it. The insurance company are sending me to arnold clark to have it looked at. One garage I called into today said that it would cost £2500 to put the work right as the truck has a double skin. Now my problem is, that they are saying that if arnold clark finds the total amount to fix the truck more that 50% of the trucks value that it will be written off. Can I try and buy the truck back from the insurance company? Do I have the right to refuse any work d
  3. Hi All Basically the investigation has started and my interview was brought forward. I told them everything that been happening to me. In fact I got so stressed and upset that I basically blurred out all the wrong doings that have been going on in our section. They tried to say that was I not reading the actions of my co-worker wrong and I was being over sensitive, which i strongly said no to. Thats was the point when I felt I was trying to prove my point about the co-worker and what his whole attitude was like, stating names of people who could match what I was saying. I came out
  4. Emmzzi Am I right in thinking that you are in HR?
  5. Hi All Well after a meeting with my solicitor, basically he is saying that the company will close ranks on this grievance. I should really start to look for another job, as in time the company will be wanting rid of me. Which in a way I knew I was digging my own grave once the grievance went in. So reality is, if they close ranks I have no chance at all in winning this. I have a meeting on Friday to see about my grievance, but I am the last person they want to speak to. They have already spoken to the person I am accusing and my manager. I did think that I would be first. So in my
  6. Hi All Well HR have finally called and after talking to them the grievance is in place. But they have moved me to another office which is over 40 miles away. They say that if I win the grievance I will have the choice to stay where I am or return to my office. They say that the move is for my own safety.
  7. Hi all Well the head of HR emailed saying as a matter of urgency this will be dealt with. Today while on my holidays a heath and well being officer in HR called and asked for a meeting. While I am still on holiday. Not sure what they want, can anyone shed any light on this one for me.
  8. Hi all Thanks for the replies and advice. There are other departments and roles that I can move to. I would prefer to just move. I believe that after speaking a co worker today that, by sending in this letter to HR that the grievance procedure has started. I know that my line manager knows about the letter, as I had to call him today about something and he answered the phone in a rude matter of "What do you want". Last week I did say to my line manager that if he did not do anything that I will go to HR, he just told me to it. My manager and this co-worker are really good fr
  9. Hi all Some advised needed if possible. Basically I am extremely stressed at work. I work with Service Users and have been attacked twice this year. But I love my job and basically plod on. The past year we have been low on staff to the point where I am the only female in the group. After the second attack on me a male co-worker said the trouble is that I am in a mans world, what do I expect. I complained to my line manager, I said not to say anything just yet as I would like to see if the co-worker says anything else. So we agreed to keep this on my supervision notes.
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