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  1. dx100uk, thanks for giving me hope that I can submit claim on my own, without a solicitor. Anything I have to be careful about when preparing MIB claim ? Romancey23, It’s still many months till the deadline, but what exactly solicitors needs to investigate when preparing a MIB claim ? Isn’t it that solicitor prepares the claim based on the evidence provided ? As dx100uk said after providing the evidence to MIB they are making their own investigation. Ericsbrother, The car was registered to someone at the time of an accident. Police could easily check who was the owner of the car and if the owner said “I wasn’t driving and I don’t know who was driving my car” would they treat this case as “untraceable” ? Is it really like this ? Thank you
  2. Thank you BankFodder and unclebulgaria67 and dx100uk for your replies. It was approx. 2 years ago but I know that I have 3 years to deal with it. I have plenty of photos that documents my injuries, the scars also speak for them self’s. I was taken to hospital where they stitched me so the hospital should have the documentation as well. I wasn’t insured just like most of the cyclists, that’s why the only option is MIB, I think. Professional solicitors usually charge (up to) 25% of what you receive from MIB which is too much, it’s a big part of my blood and suffering. dx100uk could you please expand a little bit more ? What do you mean saying "Mib doesnt cost you a penny" Is it when you claim for personal injuries on your behalf without a solicitor ? or maybe MIB covers the cost of solicitors services ? Thank you
  3. Dear All, I’m looking for some advice please. Some time ago I had a road traffic accident. When cycling a car cut me off. I didn’t have a chance to break and hit the car, went through my handle bars and hit the ground. The driver drove off from the accident scene but the registration plates were known to the Police because one of the witnesses took photo of that car. I had many injuries and was taken to hospital. After sometime Police sent me a letter and informed me that ..."the driver of the other vehicle registration number XXXXXXX was unable to be traced"... and that I can submit a claim to MIB. I have checked DVLA records and the registration plates numbers are registered in the database and the make and color of the car matches the one that cut me off. I don't know why Police having registration plates numbers informed me that the driver is untraceable. This is a mystery to me. 1. Do you think it’s possible to handle untraced driver/personal injury MIB claim yourself or a solicitor is required ? 2. What kind of challenges will I have to face if I’ll go at it myself ? 3. Is it possible that I could receive less compensation if I go at it myself ? Many thanks for any help.
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