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  1. I have just heard that the account is being returned back to the court. I cannot thank people on here enough for all the help and support that they have given to me. This forum is amazing.
  2. Thank you again it's been a hell of a night. Feel a bit better knowing someone is actually listening to me. Really appreciate it.
  3. Thank you. I actually spoke to head office at marathons and they said they can do nothing as it's in the bailiffs hands. I explained about my mum and brother but they won't budge. I will try again tomorrow first thing but I think she will be here 8am.
  4. Sorry for the confusion the debt is £1,500 The fine was to be paid at £20 per week. I missed the October payment so they sent it to the bailiffs. The 2 subsequent payments made to the court were sent onto marstons!!! I offered to pay marstons £80 per month instead of £20 but they are refusing any payment plan they want the full payment or the goods from my mum's house!!
  5. No they have not turned up although I know they will so now going to spend the night worrying myself sick. I feel bad enough as it's totally unsettled my mum and brother she can't settle has been crying and won't eat. I asked the magistrates to see if I could go back to court to see what could be done but they said we can do nothing as the bailiffs have the warrant. I'm not saying I won't pay I'm offering 4 x the amount I'm supposed to pay but they won't accept it they want the full amount. If they come in the court told me they can only go in the room I'm in and they can't take anyone else's things but I get conflicted advice as the bailiff said she can take what she wants and whoever it belongs to is no concern of hers!! I'm pulling my hair out with worry because I know she will get the court order to get into our home with a locksmith and take everything she can. Thank you for your messages just wish I knew how to stop it all!!
  6. No it has not been brought to the courts attention. My brother has a trachiostomy and has mobility problems my mother is wheelchair bound when out but spends her time in her bedroom in bed because she can't move about. There has been a live in carer for the last 12 years. Is it too late to ask for a reduction??
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