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  1. Hi sorry this is quite a long story it started early at the beginning of april . i am a sole trader of property maintenance so really need my van and tools . I have a vauxhall vivaro van that developed a fault , i used to be a mechanic so i diagnosed it to the number one injector. I called a local garage who claim to to be diesel injector specialists . I called up and checked with guy on the phone that they had an hydraulic puller as this is the only way to get them out , he said yes they have and if i dropped it in on tue 9th april they would have it done in a couple of hours at £
  2. I got a letter on the 25/7 and bailiffs letter on the 7/8 adding 2k in charges. If the letter says pay pd kitchens by cheque could I post them one ? But the issue is they are in liquidation so they won’t be able to bank it. I want it changed name as there is money missed and their accountant keeps missing payments I have made this is why I want it correct and then I need to resolve it.
  3. Once a CCJ has been filed can the claimant change there company name and address? I have been sent a CCJ from a company called PD kitchens ltd, they are liquidated now. I called the claimant and said I have never had dealings with pd kitchens Ltd. He said I know we have filled out the CCJ paperwork incorrectly. He said it was meant to say horsham cabinet company ltd. He said he will call the court and change it??? Is that possible for him to do that?? I have been on holiday and missed the court date to prove I have never had dealings with that company. What do I do
  4. Right so what’s happened is from the start I have been been dealing with a company called horsham cabinets company and was buying products from them for about 1 year. And this was all done on a hand shake I never filled in a credit account form or nothing of that sort. Towards the end of that year I had on going arguments about what jobs I had and hadn’t paid for. I told them that I didn’t owe over £3000 and had proff of the payments but they never took them off my statement. What’s ended up happening is they have filed a CCJ in my name but submitted it in a totally differen
  5. No the company that has put a CCJ in my name I have never dealt with. He admitted they filed the wrong name in their paper work to the court. And because I was on holiday I have missed the 14 day deadline
  6. I had a CCJ issued while on holiday the company on the CCJ isn’t the company name I owe money to but the CCJ company name that has is now in liquidation we’re do I stand? I have had a text msg from the owner and he said they have filed the CCJ in the wrong name and it will be more expense change it to the company I owe. I have now had a bailiff letter adding on an additional £2000 This is an ongoing issue due to faulty products
  7. HI not sure if I'm posting in the right place . A friend of mine who has had a hard time with gambling took a signed opt out form with a photo to all the high street bookies 2 years ago asking them not to allow him to gamble in their shops for 5 years so far this year he has spent £71k in William hill the same shop he took his opt out . Is there anything he can do about this , I know the problem is his but they have let him down as well ?.
  8. not been notified what for but im assuming its for a drill that i pay £10 a week for
  9. Received payment from my employer today but they have taken deductions from them is this legal as its a court order ? Thanks
  10. I won the fact that my employers cut my wages illegally .the solicitors for my company did not submit anything they just bought the witness statements and paperwork to the court ! . many thanks for the help of everyone
  11. sent the paperwork to other party solicitor and to the tribunal first thing with no reply's , spent from 9 till 5 calling the tribunal department and never got through .
  12. Im guessing they wont be taking any documents , the only communications with them was ET3 sent from the courts .
  13. Oh dear this is certainly looking like a proper screw up by me and seems like very little chance of success
  14. Does this mean i cannot rely on any evidence at all on friday ??
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