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  1. My partner claims WTC for us both,, We have 2 of his adult children living with us. both have had medical assessments and have been awarded PIP... He is a Romany of English birth. He is 62.. He cant read or write. He previously did landscaping but could not keep his prices down in line with other landscapers. We live in a rented house 3 bedrooms. e have now been selected for an examination. We have a very good friend who is helping us to get all the information together but it is a very tight deadline...in fact 16/02/17... We only got the form 3 weeks ago... We are desperate f
  2. This has nothing to do with my "I think I'm being ofbbed off" thread. That is a completely different matter entirely. In 2012, I ended up with 2 blocked ears and had my ears syringed, which caused my hearing to become really sensitive. I was told by both ENT and Audiology that I should just wear ear plugs. As someone who is visually impaired, I rely a lot on my ears; so that really isn't a good idea. Plus, it makes them more sensitive. Anyway, things settled down mostly and I got to the stage where only some sounds really bothered me. I'm now at the stage where I can't socialise beca
  3. I was under the WP and the lovely INGEUS from Feb-14 until I signed off JSA and moved to ESA (assessment) from August 2014. In the last three days I have had letters about appointments and four missed calls from them. The number still comes up on my phone and although I reject it and block it somehow it still gets through - I never answer and they leave no message. They are annoying me now, whilst on ESA I want NOTHINg to do with them and I presume that is my right? Even when back on JSA I struggle to take them seriously and all they do is make me ill. Should I email their head offic
  4. After booking a holiday on xmas eve, i only paid the deposit. today i wanted to call up the company and pay the remainder. It was an 08444 number so i looked on the internet to find an alternative landline. I found one. yay...but then the guy on the other end gave me another number to call to pay direct.... i called it and it told me to pay online at trulyholidays dot com / pay so i did......… .then when i rang as i hadnt had a new booking confirmation, i realised i was passed pillow to post and had paid money to a company where no holiday existed (
  5. I booked a holiday with holidaynights dot co dot uk and i went to pay the remainder of it but tried to find a cheaper alternative number. i found one on sayno0870 dot com which out me through to a guy, who gave me another more direct number to ring.....so i rang it, and it said automated to pay the remainder of my holiday go to www dot trulyholidays dot com /pay..... so i put my holidaynights booking reference in, paid online....payment successful., when i tried to find out why i hadnt received a new booking confirmation, they told me they told me they couldnt find my booking reference.
  6. I'm seriously hacked off with Vodafone. For the last 2 months or so I've had no signal at all while at home which has led me to missing calls and texts. As I run a business from home alongside my full time employment this is a major hassle. I called Vodafone to report the problem and was told to switch my phone to 2G as there was a known problem with the 3G knocking out the signal. I was told this would be a short term solution until the 3G issue was resolved. After a few days of still suffering this issue I went onto the Vodafone eForum and posted on there about the problem. I compl
  7. Hi all, My daughter called me after work today in floods of tears. I am actually one of her Managers at the her work place. Just recently we have had a few new starters, and to cut a long story short one of them has A problem with taking direction from either myself or my daughter. The problems I have had are nearly all sorted out by the processes in place. I move on to my daughters probs. Over the last couple of months she has had problems with one person who will not do anything she asks him to do, and will even argue with her in front of her direct line manager and even the store m
  8. We purchased a Delonghi Coffee Machine (ESAM6620) from Currys online on 20/2 together with a 5 year care plan at a total cost of £898.99 and this was delivered on 25/2. When we unpacked it, there were numerous scratches on the display screen and we therefore contacted Currys to arrange a replacement. The machine was picked up by courier DPD on 26/2 and we received an email confirming receipt of the machine back at Currys on 27/2. A replacement was sent out on 28/2 which arrived by courier on 29/2. When we unpacked the second machine, to our horror there were similar scratches to the
  9. My OH is always watching docus and reading up on earthquakes, volcanoes and tsumanis - And he been talking about the risk of one starting in the Irish sea for sometime - caused by the "Azores-Gibralter fracture", apparently it's gone before - and it's due to go again, yet our governments are doing little to prepare let alone warn us. They have passed it onto DEFRA - although the original page has gone,it does give you the option to click the archived tsunami documents (I still can't open PDF documents though, so don't know what DEFRA have said about it. Here are two link for you to
  10. Watchdog slams UBS's computer systems which allowed 'junior trader' to take risky trades Kweku Adoboli, 32, jailed last week for seven years Court heard how trader 'was a gamble away from destroying bank' Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2238520/UBS-fined-30million-seriously-defective-controls-allowed-rogue-trader-gamble-away-1-4billion.html#ixzz2DKXzjnev
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