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  1. This is what I thought. have called the court and I am waiting for a reply. Have also told police that he has been served, but it seems that they can't be bothered. Must be the paperwork involved. So I have escalated it with them and am now waiting for response from senior officer, along with asking why the information was given to somebody not connected to the case. will updare when I have received a response from them. many thanks for you input.
  2. will be doing that tomorrow. Just wanted to see if I could get any useful info about it.
  3. Happy new year everyone. My daughter was granted a non molestation order against her ex partner in November 2016. The judge read the order to him in court and outlined the penalties for breaching the order. He has since broken the order and the police have been informed. The only problem is the police have said the order has not been served. would the fact that the judge read the order to him constitute it being classed as served? Also the police told somebody not connected to the case about this and they told us . look forward to your thoughts.
  4. Like the idea of " fair hearing " I wish you could see the copy they provided it us criminal that they think this is acceptable! Now I'm a believer in fair play, if you have done something wrong then you pay the price if you are caught. I don't want to sound like a saint but on this occasion I have really been stitched up so far.
  5. Quick update. Guilty as charged! 'An absolute joke written warning to stay on my p file for 12 months. No consideration for missing documents or indeed providing original photo!. Now planning to appeal and see where we go with this. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Yes mate, as I said to king12345 earlier in the thread I briefly saw the photo yester. When I asked for it I was told no, from what I saw it is not anything like a photo of any original document I have ever seen.
  7. Thanks for your reply. Disciplinary has already happened. The copy of photo was used as evidence along with his statement made after informal meeting. There was not any mention of photo before disciplinary meeting. They have also added performance related stuff to the list, there was never any mention of these issues before disciplinary. Surely they would have to hold a fact gathering meeting before including anything else. The performance issues are extremely petty from extra cig breaks to not attending morning huddles which have never been a problem in my 10.5 years there.
  8. Many thanks for your reply King12345, I like the way you think. I actually got a brief look at the photo today The Director showed how arrogant he is by saying " here is the picture I took now you can see it is genuine " I asked him to send it to me and the answer was " no ". What I did manage to see it looks different to the paper copy they presented during the meeting. I already have the minutes from both meetings so no issues on that side. During their fact finding meeting I asked to see the document and it clearly states in the minutes that they don't have it, also there was no mention of
  9. The pic has certainly been photoshopped! As for the piece of paper I have never seen it. I asked to see the photo and the date stamp from his phone but got more chance of hell freezing over. After closer inspection of copy you can definitely see the way it's been manipulated. The document is a store policy document and has to remain on file for 3 months. Also until yesterday there was not any mention that the photo existed. In fact in his statement he states it can' t be found!
  10. As for the breach of Data I am meeting about this tomorrow.
  11. Hi all, had an interesting day today. I had a disciplinary hearing this morning and it looks like King 12345 called it! When I first went in the original boss who took The " informal chat like men do " interview was sat there. I asked why he was there and he said " as the investigating officer " I asked for him to leave as I wasn't happy he was there. After a few minutes and some discussion he left. They laid out their case and started with the questions. After the first few we came to the main subject, the missing signed piece of paper. I was presented with a " copy " of the original which ha
  12. lol, They are his words! I have a feeling he is going down the disciplinary route. I found some stuff from my personnel file on the copier in an open to all room today. He has been copying things from previous assessments. If this happens is he allowed to chair hearing as he was directly involved in original fallout?
  13. The piece of paper does not exist! He has made a rod for his own back.
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