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  1. Thanks for the advice... Both SAR requests done. Journal updated. Hmrc conducting internal investigation. Will keep you all posted.
  2. received a letter stating I owe DWP over £2200 ... obvs phoned and said I have no idea about this debt... asked for proof.. they sent a photo copy of a claim type note. .wasn't a claim.. but a document stating i had been working in 1996 whilst claiming family tax credit. .and on the document it said a payment card had been issued for re payment of £700 ish. .they also sent a copy of a letter dated 2003 to say that a £700ish monies that was overpaid to me and my partner ( now ex as of 15yrs) that i would try my best to pay back that £700ish and could they please send me a payment card ..i spoke to hmrc..ermm whats family credit we'll do an internal investigation.. got a letter back stating. .yes there was a debt in 2003 but that was written off ...now i have just spilt up with my partner of 15yrs ..its sad and very raw atm. i have had to make a new claim for uc ..included is my grandson won't go into details but he will be with me until 18 at least ..i noticed a deduction of almost £50. .phoned the number and guess what. .the dwp are deducting monies because of over payment/loan. .they're not sure from 1996/1997..HELP!!!
  3. Family service help needed immediately!!...cannot start thread..working on limited android phone..soz..daughter with bipolar gave birth 10 weeks early..told do not expect baby boy to come home under section 47?..has son aged 5 lives with grandad as she did to until preg again ..same dad..house raided..recently dad accused of intent to supply class a...no drugs found at moms address...social services say tiny baby will not come home! Any redress for grandma please...
  4. Well.. ..we sent in everything required and have had a very satisfactory outcome.. .if anybody needs help let me know and I will try my best to help and advise.. ...What a relief though. ..we were all very stressed out at the time and we did have a lot of help from a very close friend... Try not to worry if you are going through a similar situation.. Thankyou to all of the help received. Much respect to you all
  5. Thankyou guys for your help. All information required by hmrc sent this morning, Special delivery of course. Will let you know the outcome and any further information asap. warm wishes
  6. Thankyou so very much for picking this up My partner was doing some landscaping but as the recession hit so did his business. We had to contact our landlord as our garage door broke. My partner watched as it was repaired and decided to also try that as a means of income. Earnings from this has been added to our self employment assessment. They want proof of clients..i.e work book. Bank statements for nov-jan. Proof of advertising etc. All receipts. Business insurance records. Trade qualifications. (partner cant read or write..a Romany) Vehicle insurance for trade purposes. Business plan. Proof of how much charged. NHS letter states that after 1st May all exemption will cease due to information received from HMRC. 2 adult children with epilepsy live with us. Both get the new PIP after medical examination. We get HB and Council tax help. We are so worried that we will no longer be able to afford our rent! All information needs to be in by 16th...so why have they contacted NHS before? Is this just a mandatory thing they do?
  7. My partner claims WTC for us both,, We have 2 of his adult children living with us. both have had medical assessments and have been awarded PIP... He is a Romany of English birth. He is 62.. He cant read or write. He previously did landscaping but could not keep his prices down in line with other landscapers. We live in a rented house 3 bedrooms. e have now been selected for an examination. We have a very good friend who is helping us to get all the information together but it is a very tight deadline...in fact 16/02/17... We only got the form 3 weeks ago... We are desperate for any help!!! please !!! we also got a letter from NHS to say that the entire family is no longer entitled to NHS prescriptions as our exemption cards will be invalid from 1st May due to information from HMRC... The adult children aged 28 and 27 receive multiple medication...we get a contribution to housing benefit and council tax.... Am tired..worried..cant sleep...eat...and sooooo very worried...please help us,,,
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